About two weeks ago, my two sisters who live locally hosted a beautiful luncheon for me, in honor of my baby arriving soon. It was hosted at Claudia’s house, which is a gorgeous venue for anything, particularly an event that requires food. :)

Baby Shower at Claudia's House kiddos in the kitchen

The luncheon was Yogurt Parfaits that were perfection, with every kind of wonderful topping imaginable, and the best Chocolate Chip Scones made by Liz, and Macaroons (that were eaten so fast by the kiddos present it was a little embarrassing). ;) And hot coffee and tea, and a Mocha Punch. It was a pregnant woman’s heaven!

Baby Shower at Claudia's House lovely lunch details Baby Shower at Claudia's House - parfait details

Baby Shower at Claudia's House - yougurt parfait perfection

Baby Shower at Claudia's House - chocolate chip scones

Baby Shower at Claudia's House - punch corner

It was a small group of us, as I really enjoy smaller groups of people for some things, and so my two sisters, three sisters-in-law, and two dear old (as in long-time-ago, not as in age-old :)) friends were present. It was such a special time! Maybe because of moving in the past year, and missing the friends I left in the south – times like this make me so grateful for the friendships that I do have here!

Baby Shower at Claudia's House sisters in law Baby Shower at Claudia's House silly SILs

My sister-in-laws and I – they are so much fun! And cracking us up by making the over-used heart on my baby bump. :)

Somehow I don’t have pictures with any of the other lovely women or my sisters? I know they were taken, but must have been on different people’s phones instead of my camera. Which is SAD.

I said NO GIFTS, but these ladies wouldn’t listen. :) I mean, by the 4th baby, I don’t really I neeeed anything. Our house is small, I have baby things from my other kiddos, and I’m trying to be super minimalistic. But, it is really fun to have some darling new things. :)

These three little guys are Ben’s and my nephews, and all of them were born 11 months ago within 2 weeks of each other! I love them so much, these little cuties!!

Canon // Harrison // Benson (their names sound like they could be triplets)

Baby Shower at Claudia's House - three darling nephews

The dining room deserves its own blog post – it’s truly that lovely. Chris & Claudia remodeled this old house about a year ago, completely transforming it from a dingy dark city home into one that is simply stunning and bursting with light and uniqueness. Exposed wooden beams on the ceiling, exposed brick on the walls, beautiful wide trim…  and then decorating touches like vintage snowshoes and chairs that hang from the ceiling?! happy sigh. They are an amazing team. And they have their own remodeling/design company if you live locally. :)

Baby Shower at Claudia's House brunch time

Thank you, sweet women, for the most lovely time. Your love and friendship is so special to me!

And the anticipation continues! hashtag 40weeksand4days







10 thoughts on “A Baby Luncheon

  1. Julie

    Welcome back Clarita! What wonderful news .. a new little one to join your family. Have missed your blogs, but hey, life is full and with so many things going on in your family lately time is best spent with those who are precious to us. Our little ones aren’t little for very long. Great to see you looking so well. Your baby shower looked like so much fun. You have inspired me to do something like that for our next family celebration. Looking forward to hearing baby news soon. May God continue to bless you and your family and the ministry of your words to so many who follow your blog. xx

  2. Polly House

    How I love reading your blog! I am always so blessed to hear how God is using you & your family for His honor & glory!! I never did adequately thank you for allowing me & Meliisa to see the love & renovations that you & Ben had done on our cottage at 341!!What a joy to know that you loved that little house as I did but that you & Ben were able to do the. very changes I had wanted to do & then ones I had not thought of — Well done & in such a short time! God blessed us in that house & so many precious memories were made there! Today my middle daughter is 36-Stephanie- we had so many ‘home’ birthday parties along with family & friend gatherings— I always felt that God’s love enveloped us there & I know you sensed it too– God bless you Clarita as you & Ben welcome this precious baby — you will remain special in my heart💕

  3. Thelms

    this looks so fun. I totally feel like i could just move right into that house and love every bit of it. I love the quirky style.
    And all these food photos are also amazing. yummy.

  4. tessfull2

    So beautiful :-) Though the house is lovely – the food pix were my favorite. Ha ha! So excited for you as the days grow closer to your new arrival.

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