Down here in the Deep South, we are rather in amazement at all the arctic weather we hear about and see pictures of, all within a day’s drive due north.

Here? We just spent a happy weekend at the coast with friends, and are having weather in the 70’s and 80’s. It’s… nice. :)

But I would be lying if I’d say I don’t miss the snow. I spent the first few years of my life in the tropics of Central America, and after that, in the Northeast United States. Some of my favorite childhood winter memories include snowfalls and winter wonderlands and hot chocolate warming frozen fingers and making snow forts and snow tunnels and snow men with my dad and sisters and all kinds of things involving SNOW!

faux snow day

kiss the boy


I have to admit to a bit of wrestling with contentment this winter. It’s very probable that if you’re a “transplant” of any kind, you may feel as though your kids miss out on what you knew as a kid, to a certain degree. I’m not mad I live where I do… It’s just that it makes me sad that my kids don’t know what a real snowfall is like, or what it’s like to be snowed in! [Yes, I’m a real snow-lover, with no shame at all about it. :)]

And if you’re a transplant yourself, you may feel similar feelings, only with your particular memories in mind. If you experienced a happy childhood, you just want your kids to have a similar experience. Funny thing is, if we ever moved north, my southern husband would probably think his kids are missing out on southern things! :)

faux snow day with kids

blowing faux snow

holding faux snow

Olivia - blowing faux snow

Sometimes, the grass looks greener somewhere else.
Or, in my case, sometimes the snow looks more appealing than 70 degrees. :)
And sometimes, I just have to CHOOSE joy, no matter what the circumstances are.
I don’t know about you, but joy isn’t something that necessarily comes hunting me down:
it’s a perspective I must choose, even in the midst of what I think are less-than-perfect circumstances.

For me, joy is a trust that God’s ways are perfect, that He is good, and His heart for me is kind; and that even when things don’t make sense, I can still trust HIM. Out of that spills joy – the knowledge that God knows best [for me and my kids, and they’re not missing out!] and He sees the bigger picture.

It’s a lesson I only have to learn, well, every day. :)

a faux snow day

Faux Snowday

So, just for fun this year, on one particular day when my family [who lives in the arctic weather] was having yet another 8 inches of snow, I declared a snow day here. Yep, right here in the Deep South. There was nary a flurry in sight, or even the hopes of one, but thankfully it was cool enough to build a fire in the hearth,  so I gathered the kiddos around and told them snow stories of when I was a little girl. And I told my wide-eyed children that some people get to have snow days, when it snows so much they can’t even go to school or to the store, and they stay home and have fun. [Right, northerners-with-cabin-fever? :) ] And we had ourselves a snow day! *insert cheers and hurrays*

We read stories, like The Long Winter, the kids played and colored pictures and couldn’t believe the great idea of their mother, and we pretended we were in a blizzard. :) It was just the most fun ever!

So where does this “faux snow” come from, you may wonder? Well, places like Target or Michaels sell a generous bag of faux snow  [‘faux’ rhymes with ‘snow’] for $1.99, so we opened up a bag leftover from Christmas and had us a little snow fall. :) The pictures were taken on Christmas Eve, our snow day was two weeks ago, and I’m just now writing about it. :) – thus the Christmas décor (which is still up on my front porch, actually: I just cannot bear to take it down).

I absolutely loved the kids faces on these pictures ~ Zoe especially. When she’s thrilled out of her mind, she laughs. And she was laughing and laughing during this little snow play. ♥

it's snow fun

happy snow fun

faux snow fun

And they were having faux-snow much fun, I had to join them! This little spur-of-the-moment snow fun will be one of the best things of the Winter of 2014 for us! It really IS the little things. :)

just snow fun

take time to play in the snow

on a faux snow day

And what do you know, we made [faux] snow memories, even in the south! :)

May your day be sweet, as you choose joy this day.


Postscript: Just a reminder that this is the last day of the Chalk Shop giveaway! The winner will be chosen and notified tomorrow.



19 thoughts on “A Faux Snow Day.

  1. Lorraine Roggie

    Love your snow day:) I need that reminder that God does see the bigger picture I just got to trust Him!!

  2. Camille

    You have the most adorable family. Those sweet children need a trip to a ski resort in the mtns. of North Carolina ( Banner Elk area). Best chance of snow in the south!

  3. Shelley Smucker

    I have trouble identifying as I would do almost anything for those 70-80 degrees!!!! But I think you’re right, the grass is always greener on the other side. The sun DID shine today, (even though it was freezing) and for that, I am grateful. Lovely, lovely pictures!

  4. Rach

    I have the exact seem feelings as you.. Even tho I feel Lucky to live in Colorado- we still don’t get as much snow as I grew up with & so I LONG for snow days with Real true, blizzards that keep you at home for a whole day!!! I felt like a little girl again during our Christmas holidays as I sat by my mum’s fire place & drank hot drinks while outside the wind howled & the snow blew around the corners… & then the next few days my boys got to build a real snow fort with their Papa!! Awe. I loved that.
    By The Way- your blog is my favorite!!

  5. Elizabeth

    Just in the month of January alone our snow fall total was 33.7 inches.
    This has been the snowiest and coldest year I can remember. I love it…but I know very soon I am going to be looking forward to spring. Especially when you start posting beach pictures! ;)

    I love your faux snow…it’s sparkly and pretty! I bet your girls had a blast.
    Such a fun memory you made.
    Happy Winter. ;)

  6. Linda

    Fun fun time and gorgeous photos! We are deep in snow and I am a southern girl who forgets to wait until the heat warms up to squirt my dirty windshield. My Yankee husband laughs at me as it ices up!

  7. Audrey R

    We were just in GA over the weekend and it was only in the 50s and rather rainy- but I would take that almost any day over the snow and cold! I grew up where there was plenty of snow and cold, but I don’t think I would miss it very much if we lived in the south! We came home tonight to 5 or more inches of snow- pretty yes, but it chills ya to the bone!!

    How fun to have a faux snow day!

  8. Aimee Weaver

    As usual your photos are just beautiful! What a fun memory for your kids!! I’m feeling rather housebound with week with all the snow and ice, but I remind myself that it makes the warm breezes of spring time all the sweeter!

  9. Chelsea

    Oh Clarita! This is just the best! Look at their happy faces! I have to be honest, I’m in the opposite boat. I’m so stir crazy from being stuck inside with a toddler and an infant I can hardly stand it! We’re trying to get creative. Today we played T Ball and have some bubble fun planned for later. Come quickly, Spring!

  10. Jenn

    I wish I could send you some of our three-feet drifts. :) I can identify with your feelings as a transplant. Just the other day I was thinking how I never imagined my children will grow up knowing how to skate, sled, and play hockey as part of their winter fun–but not spend four or five months of the year in the pool like I did growing up! It makes me sad that they won’t have those memories of water play, but I know they’ll have good memories of fun in the snow. Maybe a lot of it is in what you’re used to. I love how pretty the snow makes our winter up here, but right now I’d love to experiencing some of those balmy temperatures y’all have! Enjoy! And good for you for making a faux snow day; it looks like the kids loved it.

  11. amber@gracetobe

    love everything about this!!
    and how fun is it to say, “faux snow!!!”

    i wish snow would mail cause i would so send y’all a big ole box of some of ours. :))

    happy thursday to you and those sweetheart babies. xo

  12. Joleen

    What a great idea! Maybe I’ll have to do the opposite…you know, whip out a tanning bed and pretend it’s a day at the beach! Haha! :) As tired as I am of the snow, I cannot imagine a winter without it. Somehow it makes winter worth it’s while. So I can imagine how you would miss the snow. It is all kinds of glorious one foot deep sparkling white outside my windows today.

  13. Shannon

    Well it looks like I need to get busy and start choosing JOY because at the moment, I would take 70 and sunshine any day over these white mountains! :) Lovely little people you have!

  14. Ginger @dwellinginthehouse

    As a flatlander now in the mountains, I can identify with the “transplant” feeling; I think we long for what we associate with our childhood and happy memories–though as a child I wished with all my might to live where it snowed! After having car-rider duty in the sub-zero wind chills, I wouldn’t mind a few mild days. It’s not good when Southerners are saying things like, “It’s 23 degrees, but the wind isn’t blowing, so it doesn’t feel too bad out here!”

  15. Ervina

    This is just so, so fun! I love that a snow day in the south doesn’t make sense but you do it anyway. :) And I can just hear Zoe’s laugh. Wish so badly I could share our lovely snow with you…

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