June truly is the month of brides. The past three years we’ve had family weddings in June. Two of them my sisters, and two of them my husband’s siblings. Plus, we got married in June 9 years ago!

I adore weddings. The music, the décor, the dressing up, the ceremony, the pledging of lives together until death parts them… it’s just all so wonderful.

And it’s a small glimpse of a much bigger reality! I am so passionate about marriage, because it either reflects the glory of God or it is a mockery to the image He has created. Marriage is so sacred! I could talk all day about marriage. :)

But this is about a particular wedding: my husband’s sister, and her husband Chad.

Pennsylvania in June 113

There have been many nights, over many years, when I heard my husband pray for his sister, that God would bring her a husband. And not just any husband, but one that fears the Lord, and is a man of character and integrity.

His prayers, and the prayers of many other people, have been answered. Our dear friends, Shelly and her husband, have been praying for years for a wife for his brother, Chad. She writes so beautifully about that here. Little did we know how the Lord would answer our prayers!

There is an indescribable beauty to a marriage that has been built on a relationship of purity and integrity. And even more so when a couple has waited for many years before marriage, choosing to believe in the goodness of God, even when single and waiting.

This was a wedding of such incredible JOY – because of the waiting, because of how God provided marriage, because of how He cared for them through their singleness, because they didn’t compromise and give up hope in God in the waiting, because God is so trustworthy.  Bethany and Chad – we are so proud of you guys, and of the Jesus we see in you!

The wedding was absolutely beautiful, and the outdoor reception could not have had more perfect weather! It was such a lovely day.

 The day began in a stunning old church…

  Pennsylvania in June 034
Pennsylvania in June 070

Pennsylvania in June 082

Pennsylvania in June 092

  Pennsylvania in June 093

Pennsylvania in June 118

 The bell girls were so beautiful.

  Pennsylvania in June 183

 Bethany grew up in the south, so there were some darling little southern flairs in the wedding. Including this adorable little guy wearing the “She’s fixin’ to marry you!” sign.

Pennsylvania in June 108

The soft colors of the bridesmaids’ dresses were stunning against the lush green of summertime.

Pennsylvania in June 217

{four of the five lovely sisters}

Pennsylvania in June 098
{with the beautiful bride, all five together}

Pennsylvania in June 133

 Bethany was so happy, so radiant, and just beaming all day. I loved this casual picture with her bridesmaids – so engaged and happy!

Pennsylvania in June 186 Pennsylvania in June 168 Pennsylvania in June 196
Pennsylvania in June 159
I don’t have a good picture of the whole family
{it’s a big family, and my lens wasn’t wide enough: true story! :) },
but here is [a blurry] one of my husband’s siblings.

Pennsylvania in June 138
A rare picture of my husband and I. I love him so much.

Pennsylvania in June 148
And one with we. I {{heart}} them.

Pennsylvania in June 234

Pennsylvania in June 207

{cousin love}

Pennsylvania in June 293 the old car intriguing the kids
A bestie, whom I mentioned before. It was so fun to spend so much time with her over this weekend – and it was a family wedding for both of us [our husband’s siblings got married]. Crazy awesome. :) my bestie Shelly

 The reception was under a big white tent, in the most idyllic setting ever. A stream ran by the side, a lovely terrace of immaculate landscaping… It was like a scene from Pride & Prejudice or something incredibly beautiful. :)

The name cards/place settings were so fun. A friend was in charge of a polaroid camera, and after the guests found their name on the door, they replaced it with an instant polaroid of themselves. I loved this!

Pennsylvania in June 295

polaroid camera and name tags
Bethany asked if I’d do some writing for the wedding, and I was honored to do it! I love this kind of thing.

Pennsylvania in June 383
{name tags}

Pennsylvania in June 006

{name board}

Pennsylvania in June 302

{menu board}

wooden chalkboard menu

{pie bar sign}

Pennsylvania in June 367
This was fabulous ~ having a pie bar for dessert!
wedding pie bar

The table centerpieces were vases filled with white and green flowers, a few old books, candles and a table number.

Pennsylvania in June 356

Annnnnnd, who says the bride can’t make her own cake? Bethany and Mary Jo (her sister) made the cake. It was so beautiful.

Pennsylvania in June 329

Best groom’s cake ever. With fun humor too. :)

best groom's cake ever! mr & mrs chairs

Pennsylvania in June 347 - Copy

Pennsylvania in June 376
The kids loved the stream.

Pennsylvania in June 370

[My little boy crush.]

he's my little boy crush

 There was an area set up for outdoor games for the guests to enjoy, which was so fun. Bethany asked if we’d make a set of cornhole game with a Mr. & Mrs. theme for that area. She showed us a picture, then my husband built it and I painted it. It was a fun project we did together.

mr & mrs cornhole wedding game

And there are so many pictures I realized later that I missed. Details I loved and enjoyed but forgot to capture on camera. Some people in the family I missed altogether. But that’s okay. That’s why she has a real photographer. :)

Bethany and Chad – we’re so excited for you guys, and bless your marriage! May your love only ever grow, and always reflect the image of Christ. We love you!


20 thoughts on “A June Wedding {Chad & Bethany}

  1. Rebecca

    Aww this is simply gorgeous- and I love that you shared the blessing that accompanies waiting on the Lord’s timing and the answer to thousands of prayers!! Such an encouragement to this single lady!!! And I agree with the comment above- love the little touches like his shoes!! :) Thank you for sharing sweet lady!
    :) Rebecca

    1. The Cottage at 341 South Post author

      Awww, yes! That waiting is always worth it. Jesus has promised to never disappoint those who wait on HIM, He is worth the wait, however He answers the prayers! RICH blessings on you, sweet Rebecca! You are such a joy to His heart. xo

  2. Alicia Lapp

    What a GORGEOUS day + bride + reception + everything! I was so sad to miss this big day for Beth, but thanks for sharing the photos so I could get a little sample. :)

  3. Rachel Helmuth

    THanks so much Clarita! I totally soaked these up and what a divine event it was. Loved her details and colors AND loved seeing some of my very own blood family too.
    I LOVE the way God brought them together and the beauty of life happening in HIS time.

  4. tessfull2

    Beautiful wedding. I loved the board with the polaroids where the guest signed in. Great idea! So many little touches. I also loved the pie bar. It did have that bit of Southern feel to it.

  5. Freida

    Loved loved these pictures. What a beautiful wedding… I loved all the “Beth” touches. :) So happy for her.

  6. Elizabeth

    How absolutely BeAuTiFuL!!! and what an incredible story. How sweet they ended up together.
    You captured the day so nicely Clarita.
    I too love marriage…it’s probably my favorite part of life. The deepest relationship in life..{besides with God of course!}
    You look gorgeous..I love your outfit! and your little man is growing up. He’s so cute.
    Happy Thursday to you.

  7. Ruby Showalter

    What a beautiful wedding with so many sweet details…that door with the guests’ photos especially! And you did a fabulous job with the lettering!!

  8. Christy

    Oh, such a pretty wedding!! I especially loved the Polaroid guest record, the chairs at the bridal table and the wedding. Everything was beautiful. I think it’s so neat that you and Shelley share in-laws. :)

  9. Jill

    I never tire of seeing wedding photos and you share them beautifully. Your lettering is so pretty too! Do you have special pens or markers you like to use? Thank you!

    1. The Cottage at 341 South Post author

      Thanks so much, Jill! I love wedding photos too! For hand-lettering I love to use the Pilot P-500 pens (found on amazon or ebay), which comes in several different thicknesses. I prefer the .5 unless I’m wanting to do a fake calligraphy look and want to add thickness to my letters. For chalk, I’ve used a chalk paint pen which gives a smooth creamy finish, or I just dip a piece of regular chalk in water to give it the bright shiny look. Best!

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