a peek in the room


So when the attic renovations were completed, and a bedroom was made upstairs for the little girls, a little boy suddenly had his own room. For the first time in his nearly-three years! We won’t really discuss whether or not he especially liked this idea, but we can mention that because of having only two bedrooms for all of his life, until now sleeping alone wasn’t an option for him. Now that it IS an option, I’ll venture to say that “fun” and “exciting” wouldn’t really be the vocabulary of choice to describe his feelings on sleeping alone, although he is so proud of his room. Perhaps he spends more time playing in this space than actually sleeping? Who knows. :)

Last fall I showed a few pictures of this room when all three kiddos were sharing. And now it’s a space just for Hudson. Yes, it is completely possible for three children to share a bedroom, AND to be organized [mostofthetime] meanwhile. However! I have been so amazed at how two extra bedrooms really do give so much breathing room, and how things can feel so much more organized!! And I’m all the more grateful now for the extra space, rather than just taking it for granted.

So this space for Hudson is simple, and I don’t have a lot of pictures.  I wanted a neutral and understated theme, with room on the floor for Legos and train tracks and those boy toys that we now have. :) I also wanted items that I could use in various ways in the future, not just “baby boy room” accessories.

Hudson’s bed was a toddler-size bed we found at an antique shop when Zoe was a baby, and it has been a treasure ever since! Why don’t they make things as awesome anymore, I have no idea.

It took a bit of effort to make it look boy-ish in that corner, but a few little touches and it came together.

  an antique toddler bed

the old bed

special friends

decor with oars

cross blanket

Opposite of the bed is a large wall map and a teepee – and yes, the kids play that they are Indians [just as I had hoped they would use their imagination]. But Hudson has been found to take naps in there as well, and it’s a fun little hide-out too.


teepees and big maps

the fireplace wall

a little teepee

teepees and big maps

teepee and map art
And a little pail of tennis rackets sits in the corner as well.

a collection of tennis rackets

And that’s our little boy’s room. Sometimes the most simple is the best of all. Or maybe it’s the more kids I have, the more I like things simple (i.e. less clutter)? Either way, there it is! :)

Happy Tuesday, friends!



Bed: antique store
Light fixture: yard sale
Swiss Cross Blanket: amazon
Black and White Aztec pillow: IKEA
Teepee: made by us
Black and White Wall Map: Urban Outfitters
Black and White Cross Rug: Urban Outfitters
Cardboard Deer Mount: Little Wanderers (out of stock) but similar found here


12 thoughts on “A Little Boy’s Bedroom

  1. amber

    love it! i’ve wanted that map but forgot where it was from :))
    every little touch is so perfect and homey and soft.
    i know i’ve said it before but i’ll say it again – –
    a home’s decor reflects it’s owner and this is so true of you.
    more than beautiful things, it’s a beautiful spirit that shines through too.

  2. Kim

    S-P-E-C-T-A-C-U-L-A-R! as usual! You have a gift, dear friend. Your interiors are a pleasure to see!

  3. Lauren

    Love it! We have three sharing a bedroom right now, and I agree that it can happen, although I’d love to hear your tricks on organizing! I can’t seem to get a handle on that…Our little boy has his own space and I love having a more masculine decor for him. You’ve done such a good job with this room!

  4. Jill

    I love your style Clarita and get excited every time I see a new post from you. That teepee you made is so cool! We have three sharing a room also, soon to be four, so it’s encouraging to hear from others in similar situations. Thanks for sharing your talent with us. :)

  5. Elizabeth

    Absolutely the best boy’s bedroom I have ever seen! I L.O.V.E. that bed and all the special touches. This will be all over the WWW, I am sure.

  6. downonthefarm2

    I love when i get to peak into your lovely home, it looks so beautiful and yet I still feel like I could be all comfy and flop on a chair… or in a tee pee. :) Jacob and Sarah shared a room until we bought bunk beds a few years ago. That put all three boys in one small room. It’s an effort to stay organized, but like you said, it totally works. Has to. :) We call it The Dorm. lol. I am thinking that Jacob won’t be excited this August when the two older ones go away to college this fall… I can’t believe what i just wrote!

    Which is why I wonder, for me, if my love of simple and less is more is partly because of the “clutter,” the intensity, in my life, the milestones are getting checked off faster than my heart can process them. Keeping my home simple feels soul soothing, seriously. :)

    I LOVE maps… and am trying to remember where I saw yours?! Thanks for sharing the fun changes, love it. xo

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