We started out on Thanksgiving afternoon, everyone arriving from various parts of the East Coast. Ben’s family only gets together once a year, so it’s a looked-forward to time.
Here are some pictures of the weekend together.

The Thanksgiving meal:
just because it’s at a camp doesn’t mean it can’t be pretty. :)

Thanksgiving with the Yoders 040

Thanksgiving with the Yoders 042

 The Deep South: where sweet tea abounds. :)

Thanksgiving with the Yoders 066

 Ben and I made this Festive Autumn Salad ~
I love the English cucumber serving as a bowl.

Thanksgiving with the Yoders 069

Cute kids were in abundance. :)

Thanksgiving with the Yoders 076

Thanksgiving with the Yoders 112

During the day, the weather was lovely for hiking and fisbee football.

In the evening and when it got chilly it was a bit challenging to keep the smaller grandkids occupied – without them roaring around. :) We  made play dough for all of the little ones and that was a great quiet diversion!

Thanksgiving with the Yoders 155

Thanksgiving with the Yoders 157

My sister-in-law threw a surprise party for the November birthdays one night!

Thanksgiving with the Yoders 130

Thanksgiving with the Yoders 141

And she made a Red Velvet Cheesecake that rivaled the Cheesecake Factory itself!
And, it was one of the prettiest cakes I’ve ever seen.

Thanksgiving with the Yoders 136

We snapped a few family pictures before everyone headed out.

Ben’s mother and aunt.

Thanksgiving with the Yoders 285

Ben’s dad and sister Beth.

Thanksgiving with the Yoders 163

The grandkids…

Thanksgiving with the Yoders 169-1

… with Grandpa and Grandma.

Thanksgiving with the Yoders 186-1

The Five Lovely Sisters.

Thanksgiving with the Yoders 228-1

Thanksgiving with the Yoders 225-1

Thanksgiving with the Yoders 234-1

Thanksgiving with the Yoders 250-1

The Four Brothers, and the Father.

Thanksgiving with the Yoders 271

The Whole Family. :)

Thanksgiving with the Yoders 200-1

And that concludes Thanksgiving, Twenty-Thirteen!


20 thoughts on “A State Park Thanksgiving.

  1. KristenRyan Lehman

    odd questions. does the couple on the right side of your mom live in pa? if so, do they go to ECC church in ephrata? i’m positive i know them! we attend that church and im sure they are who i’m thinking they are. just curious. kristen
    p.s. i love your thanksgiving creations. always creative.

  2. shelly nissley

    That old camp building with all those windows is awesome!! And I love how you make things beautiful wherever you are ’cause that certainly was NOT a camp thanksgiving table~and I see your decor and touches all over the place. :) Beautiful pictures all around~especially of the whole family. And I can’t get over how much MaryJo and Bethany look alike in the sister pictures! Oh yes, and that SALAD! I want to make/eat that!

    1. The Cottage at 341 South Post author

      I think the building looks much better in pictures than in real life. Ha! But all those windows ARE amazing, with that old wood all around! So there was potential there, but our church camps there every year and it’s just not generally a pretty place. :) So it was fun to dress it up and make it festive! And yes, I think Mary Jo and Bethany look so much alike too – out of all the sisters, they are definitely the most alike in looks and personality. I’m kinda jealous of you all today. :) xoxo

  3. Zebe Schmitt

    I love seeing the photos of Thanksgiving with the family. I especially love the photo of the girls and Mary Lois. Since I didn’t get to see everyone, this was the next best thing. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Elizabeth

    What a beautiful, beautiful celebration!
    How fun to see Ben’s family too. It’s great you were all able to be together…and to have such a beautiful family photo.
    Happy Weekend Clarita!

  5. Rach

    ^^ THAT comment!! ^^ Your inlaws must love having you around to decorate!!! ;)- Your touches are everywhere you go!! I love seeing your happy family times!

  6. Kassie

    Everything looks so pretty! But I wouldn’t expect anything less from all I see on your blog! Glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. When is your bday? I’m a November baby, too. The 13th.

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