We’re hearing a lot about essential oils these days, right? If you’re not using them, you probably have a friend or family member who is! :) Or, if you’re like me, maybe you are fascinated by them, but just didn’t even know where to begin learning about them! I love to learn about natural ways of health and how I can better my family’s health and home through natural products. But quite frankly, sometimes I’ve been a little overwhelmed about where to start!

A sweet friend, Nicole Neesby, contacted me some time ago as she began her own journey with essential oils, and Young Living brand especially, and I’ve loved to follow along with her precious family (two of the cutest little boys ever) and learn with her! She has a way of making learning fun, and has some great YouTube videos as well about the different oils that are super helpful. And, she’s been so generous and is giving away a bottle of oil to my readers, so stay tuned at the end of this post! :)

Nicole is guest posting for me today, and I know you’ll love her and her excitement too!


Hey sweetest girls!  So have you heard about the essential oil hype that is spreading like wildfire in the mama blogging and Instagram world?!  Ahhh! It’s a little overwhelming, right?

If you are like my husband and I in the beginning, are you asking yourself how one drop of any oil can make any difference?!  To be honest, the more I learn about essential oils and the way they can support our body’s health and wellness, the more I am in awe of such a wonderful Creator.

So let me shoot you with a few bullet points on Young Living’s essential oils before I share why we love them so much.


// Essential oils are the ‘life blood’ of plants.  This is what they use to ward off infection and disease and stay healthy.


// When oils are 100% pure, as Young Living’s are, they have the ability to work with your body to bring about change in your health.


// Young Living has been a pioneer in essential oils for 20 years and they own farms around the world to insure the highest quality control on what goes into each bottle.


// Young Livings oils are ‘beyond organic’ because no pesticides have been used to treat the plants or soil.  You can read more about their Seed To Seal process here.

^^ an amazing seasonal allergy trio that everyone raves about!! ^^

Essential oils can be an intimidating world to step into, but it doesn’t have to be!!  Here are just a few simple ways we incorporate essential oils into our daily life. . .


We love Peace & Calming and Cedarwood for deep, restful sleep at night


Thieves for boosting our immune systems


Stress Away and Joy for helping to balance my postpartum hormones and 


Digize for our little guy’s upset tummy.  

I love that I am able to build a natural medicine cabinet and step away, little by little, from the artificial, chemical-infused culture we live in.  This makes my mama-heart so happy and grateful.

So today, I am really really excited to be here sharing about one of my all time favorite oils, Purification.  This is an essential oil blend of citronella, lemongrass, lavandin, rosemary, tea tree and myrtle essential oils.  It is wonderful for cleansing everything from cuts to facial pores to stinky shoes.  I am going to share 10 simple ways you can use this oil and then you have a chance to win your own bottle over on Clarita’s Instagram feed.

– – –

10 Simple Uses For Purification Essential Oil 

1// Acne: 1 drop rubbed directly onto pimples to help reduce inflammation and pain.

2// Odor Neutralizer: 1-2 drops on a cotton ball to reduce odors in your garbage can, car, or other stinky places.

3// Cuts and Scrapes: 1-2 drops directly onto cuts and scrapes to help sanitize and clean the area.

4// Laundry Freshener: Several drops into your washing machine water or onto a damp cloth thrown in the dryer.


5// Air Freshener: Diffused with lemon essential oil to purify the air in your home.

6// Stinky Feet: 1-2 drops on a cotton ball and wiped onto stinky feet to reduce bad odors.

7// Smelly Shoes: 1-2 drops on a cotton ball and put into smelly shoes.

8// Reduce Itchy Bug Bites: 1 drop applied directly to bug bites to reduce itch.

9// Carpet Freshener: Add 5-10 drops on a cotton ball and place in the canister of your vacuum for a pleasing, clean scent every time you vacuum.

10// Germ Protection While Traveling: Inhale a drop from your hands while traveling to keep you healthy from all the recycled air on airplanes

– – –

Ahh!!  I wish I could give you each a bottle because I literally use this on a daily basis.  But since I can’t, you can always purchase your own here.   Also, if you have been intrigued by essential oils but feel too overwhelmed to know where to begin, I would love to walk alongside you and share what I am learning.  You can visit this page to learn more about essential oils or you can email me directly at nicole.neesby@gmail.com

Either way, I’d love to get to know you better because any friend of Clarita’s is a friend of mine!! xoxo

Nicole Neesby



Isn’t she great?! If you have any questions about any of the oils, Nicole is super helpful and would love to answer!

And to enter the giveaway, here over to my Instagram and look for the picture of the oils for details on how to enter! Thanks so much, Nicole! XOXO

If you already use Young Living oils, I’d love to hear what your favorite oil is in the comments, and how you use it!


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  1. sharon stoltzfus

    I love using Young Living Essential Oils! Right now I am diffusing Citrus Fresh since it is a dreary rainy day. :) I have so many favorites but my latest is Progessence Plus for female hormonal regulation. I apply two drops twice a day on my forearms. It helps tremendously with mood balance and with cramping and bloating during menstrual cycle. I could go on and on. I have dozens of the oils and use them for myriads of issues. There is an app you can get on your phone called Reference Guide for Essential Oils by Young Living. It costs a little bit but it is SO helpful. You can type in any condition and it will tell you what to use and how. You can also type in any oil and it will give you uses for. I must also mention using a diffuser. It is a must in any home in my opinion. Aromatherapy is not a hoax. Okay, I’ll stop before my post gets as long as your blog. :)

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