I had such a fun day yesterday! I packed up the three kiddos, drove 3 hours, and spent the day with my sister!

I love to see her house ~ we are both thrift store/junk store lovers, but our styles are different and unique. She has the ‘Southern Shabby & Chic’ look that is so pretty!

It was a perfect spring day, wonderfully warm for a pool day. And a pool day is great entertainment for the kiddos while sisters can talk and talk and catch up on all kinds of  things. :)

Of course, driving one way three hours means turning around and driving that same distance home, so after arriving home around 11pm last night we have been sleepy today and feeling no guilt in taking a lazy day. :)

But before we left we did a little photo shoot to celebrate one year of marriage for Jana and Anthony!

It was an absolutely perfect evening. Jana wanted pictures in a pecan grove, so we drove down a dirt road to some huge ancient trees. It was a magical setting! I’m no real photographer, but it sure was fun to act like one with my sister and brother-in-love. :)

I’m the one who hopes for just ONE nice picture; I look at my sister’s pictures and think Can you please not look so gorgeous on every single one?! Can one of you at least blink or something? Can there be at least one picture where both of you don’t look like magazine-cover models? :) But really, I’m super proud.

My friends, meet my beautiful sister and her handsome husband!

Anthony & Jana - 1 year 023

Anthony & Jana - 1 year 036 Anthony & Jana - 1 year 039

Anthony & Jana - 1 year 032

One of my favorites – I love the laughing, not-posing-for-camera look.

Anthony & Jana - 1 year 013

Anthony & Jana - 1 year 025

Anthony & Jana - 1 year 065 Anthony & Jana - 1 year 051

Anthony & Jana - 1 year 058

Seriously, if she wasn’t my sister I might be jealous of her beauty. Well, maybe sometimes I am anyway.

Anthony & Jana - 1 year 068

And then a few that were sun-kissed. Or sun-drenched. Or something. :)

Anthony & Jana - 1 year 097

Anthony & Jana - 1 year 105

Anthony & Jana - 1 year 095 Anthony & Jana - 1 year 134

Anthony & Jana - 1 year 133

Anthony & Jana - 1 year 114

It was a pleasure, you two!
I wish you a marriage that only grows deeper and sweeter with time.





16 thoughts on “Anthony & Jana {one year photoshoot}

  1. Janel Andrews

    “I’m no photographer”…UM, this is sooo not true. While you might not see the beauty that you continue to share with us, photographer AND creative are both words that can describe things you love and you do. God has blessed you with an eye for the delectable…continue to share your love of beauty in a photo with us dear Clarita. And such amazing and beautiful people to photograph. I know how dear your sisters and family are to you, I’m glad that you two could visit and catch up. And those trees…STUNNING>

  2. Chels

    clarita, you ARE an amazing photographer! With pictures like that…you should go into professional business!!
    and they are such a STUNNING couple. beautiful…
    love love love!

  3. shelly

    1. Yes, you are a photographer!! 2. I’m booking with you in June for my 7th anniversary photo shoot (pretty please??) 3. Jana *is* lovely. 4. You are *just* as beautiful (so don’t ever be jealous) . . . :) 5. The pecan trees and the lighting are perfect! 6. What more can I say?? I think it’s all been said. ;)

    1. The Cottage at 341 South Post author

      oh please, i wasn’t asking for compliments on my photography!! i think the more i learn the more i realize i don’t know… and i see the pictures from people like thelma and char photography and YOU and other places, and THAT’S why i say i’m no real photographer because i don’t compare at all!! but it’s at least fun to play around. :)

  4. Thelma

    love these:-) southern living seems to suit your sister well:-) I think my favorite one is that one zoomed out where you can see the huge trees. Love it. And of course, the ones with the dreamy light. Dreamy light gets me every time.

    1. The Cottage at 341 South Post author

      southern life DOES seem to suit her well. :) oh my goodness, you would LOVE those pecan groves for photography! and i would LOVE to learn from you about how to do it right! i’m very much a trial & error kind of picture girl. :)

  5. Jennifer from Chesapeake, VA

    Absolutely beautiful….my favorite might be the one where they are laughing as well………I love when husband and wife laugh together!

  6. Krissy

    Okay. So I only wish I had someone half as good as you to do some pictures for my husband and I. True story. ;) Do you by any chance know where she got her dress? I LOVE it.

  7. Jana Swartz

    Clarita, you did an absolutely amazing job on the photos!! You are so profesh & talented. I am so so happy we could do a photoshoot–you are such a dear for staying late! There’s just nothing like having a sister around to do fun stuff with! *Love you*
    Ps: I got the dress at Bealls (a southern store) for $19.95 or something like that.

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