So! I am over the top excited to show some pictures of our renovation process! Last fall felt like a whirlwind of action and work as we began the attic renovation and completed it in 10 weeks, just in time for the Christmas Tour of Homes we were scheduled for.

We thought our following two months would be slow(er), but they’ve also been filled up with some unexpected events, bringing us almost to March and I still haven’t shown the attic reveal!

There are several rooms that have been changed around here at the Cottage as a result of two additional rooms upstairs, but today we’ll begin with the attic, and the Office Studio on one side.

attic office


I have told people that if someone would bring me food and water, I could literally live in these two rooms upstairs. I absolutely love it!

I (I saw “I” because my husband very kindly let me choose the colors and style up here, but he did 99% of the work) went with whites – white on the walls, white on the floor, painted white wood on the end wall… A lot of white.

I was inspired by Swedish and Norwegian homes of much white space, and therefore minimalistic décor. I wanted a very simple look with clean lines. I couldn’t be happier with how this space turned out!

But first! A before shot. No windows, no insulation, not even a floor. Just dark.

We were working with a small-ish space, with very steep roof lines, and so wanted to use the fullest potential of this area.

bedroom #1 before
And the same space, after:

a white attic office


I know!!!!! Can you even believe it’s the same space?! I feel like I’m walking into a dream every time I come up here.

Our basic game plan for this room was to add a dormer window toward the front of the house, a big double window out the side, add electric and A/C, add knee-walls and then dry wall on the walls and ceiling, add flooring, add wood to the end wall. It was a LOT OF WORK. My husband did most of the work himself, along with working a full-time job. He put in so much time and hard work! And the way he transforms a place is simply amazing. His German work-horse roots come out in full force during something like this. :) I am simply in amazement of his vision and then the way he reaches his goal. There’s a reason he is wanted in the construction business!

The ceiling is high, about 13 feet at the peak. And this room is sized about 10 X 12, so we weren’t looking at a huge area, but because we only have two bedrooms on the lower level of the house, having this additional space was going to be wonderful! This room could be a bedroom, but we are using it as an office studio for now.

Ben and I share this office space. It’s simple, it’s white, it’s clean. I LOVE IT! Long-term our set-up probably wouldn’t be ideal, but for now we have a table for a desk, some filing cabinets hidden to the side, and a closet which holds any extras for us.

There were two brick fireplaces going up through the attic, due to two double fireplaces (that equals four) in the four front rooms of the house. I was so thankful we were able to place the rooms so we could save one of the chimneys going through the roof. I love the warmth it brings to this attic space, and gives it such a studio feel.

He also MADE (insert a million heart eyes) this sliding barn door, or actually three of them, for the upstairs. The closet uses one of them.

sliding door in the office


This table I found for super cheap at a thrift store, and my husband thought it was so ugly and couldn’t believe I would pay money for it. So he added the reclaimed lumber to the top and it turned into a gorgeous piece!

farmhouse style desk for the office


The sofa (which I found for $35 dollars on craigslist (and now I a.d.o.r.e. craigslist all the more) adds the perfect touch of warmth and texture to the room.

tufted sofa for the office

vintage sofa with modern pillows


The décor is minimal, but this little area is a favorite of mine:

floating shelves

floating shelves with simple decor


I’m learning, when having a palate of white, that texture is essential. So while most of the décor is white, here are a few ways I’ve added texture:

– the Eiffel chairs add a modern element [wooden legs, smooth chair]
-the table [white painted legs, top made of reclaimed lumber – thank you, dear Husband!]
– the shelves [floating style, shiny finish]
– wood boards on the end wall, and painted
– wooden floor, also painted but slightly different color than the walls
– metal pendant lights, painted black for contrast
-metal distressed ampersand

Each thing is a slightly different material, or color, or texture. And putting it all together with the slight differences but similarities are what give it a clean but warm feel.

an attic office


I think the work of restoration is so amazing. And such a picture of the redemption of Christ in the life of a person! He takes what we think is ugly, useless, beyond hope, and turns it into a masterpiece. If we as humans can do physical repair, how much more can the Great Restorer work on a deep soul level! I love that picture.

Be blessed because of the work of the Restorer in your life today!


Wall and Ceiling Color: Dove White, Sherwin Williams, eggshell finish
Floor: White Exterior Grade Paint
Eiffel Chairs: Amazon, similar here
Floor Lamp: Target, found here (and they are 10% off now!)
Floating Shelves: Lowe’s, found here
Metal Pendant Lights: we found them free!
Swiss Cross/Plus Sign Rug: Urban Outfitters, here
Table: thrifted, and Ben added the reclaimed lumber to the top


37 thoughts on “Before & After – Attic Office Studio

  1. Ruth! This is absolutely beautiful!❤️ It’s so dreamy & I love all the white! Great job!!

  2. Kim

    I love your vision for your entire home………………and this new project does not disappoint! What an intense amount of labor……………..aren’t hard working husbands a blessing!!!!!!!! Your photos are great teaching tools! Things are simple, clean, tastefully styled……………..very, very well done!!! I am so delighted that you share your ideas………….I am very inspired!
    A member of your fan club,

  3. Rach

    I absolutely LOVE it all!!!! Especially the wooden barn doors!! I think I might just take a nap on that couch!! ;)- ..and I might steal some of your awesome decorating ideas!!

  4. Breana

    I’m sooooo very much in love with this area!! I l-o-v-e the white color palate! It’s so light and airy, yet makes such a bold statement. Simply stunning. *BIG smile*

  5. April W.

    Clarita I think this is quite possibly the sweetest attic in the history of attics! Love every little detail. The pillows on the couch are dreamy! The couch is dreamy too…

  6. Rebecca

    UMMMM WOW. ABSOLUTELY WOW. I LOVE this room and I love those barn doors!! Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful and welcoming space with us!! SO LOVELY!! And that last paragraph was absolutely encouraging to my little heart today!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!
    :) Rebecca

  7. Rachel H.

    This is just so great… I adore it. And yes and yes to your last paragraph. I also just loved chatting with you on Sunday. Wish I could’ve had time to stretch it to many more minutes.

  8. Karyn

    I am absolutely loving this renovation and, as I said before, so inspired to do something similar in my attic! It’s interesting that you compared it to the work of Christ in our lives because that is precisely what I’ve seen too. It’s a beautiful life when Jesus is the Master Restorer!

    1. The Cottage at 341 South Post author

      Thank you so much! And your home is so lovely too, I would love to see how you would transform your attic! And yes, the work of the Jesus as a Restorer is the best work of all! I love such visual analogies…

  9. Sharon

    So beautiful! I love all the white mixed with brick and natural wood. I have always wanted a garret for reading or just escaping. I saw one in the movie a Little a Women when I was young and loved the idea. Your space reminds me of that. :)

  10. Kathryn Allen

    It’s so amazing! It gives me hope for my little home. Your words regarding Our Lord are so fitting. With God ALL things are possible (Matt 19:26).
    I love your ideas and I hope my beloved will one day be as helpful and inspired as yours. My beloved has the skills but not the interest (at this time) but God can change that)

  11. Amy

    I was juuust looking at chairs like this wondering if I could possibly make them work somewhere in our mill. They look so good here!! Everything you do looks amazing. Your ability to see potential in every corner, esp here, is so inspiring. It’s already been said many times, but wowwwweee!! that couch with the Katie Daisy pillow makes it so cozy!

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