Olivia Caroline celebrated her first birthday a few weeks ago. Actually, more like a month ago. I’m still trying to play catchup from the past half year so there are no birthday pictures yet. Actually, not sure if there will be.

But I had been wanting to take her one year pictures sometime. You know how that is – always thinking the next day will be a better time, etc. etc. etc.  I really didn’t know when I was going to do it, since I’ve hardly taken pictures all year and all. And I just got done telling a friend that I’m coming to terms with my amateur photography-ness, and realizing that while I enjoy taking pictures, I sure can’t go professional with it.

[At the same time, I have a lot of PROFESSIONAL photographer friends on xanga and elsewhere, which is somewhat intimidating. But not really. Because if I do it for fun, surely you all are okay with that, right? Me not pretending to be that great and all. And me knowing that you guys really ARE. :) But if you ever have any tips for me, like if I do too much editing, or not enough, or too much sharpening, or too much coloring, blah blah blah,  I REALLYwould like to have your input. I really won’t be offended. :)]

And on top of it all lately, God has really been convicting me of taking TIME with my kids.

The quote, “GOOD IS ALWAYS THE ENEMY OF THE BEST” keeps running through my mind.

Because right now, there are a million good things that I can be doing.

Things like fixing up my little house and making it cozy… Projects, projects, projects. I have an endless list of ideas that I would love to do.

But in just the 3 weeks that we’ve been living here in what was a bare-bones house, I already have found myself short-tempered with my children and soooo exhausted when my husband comes home that I don’t feel like I have energy left for him. NOT GOOD.

I’m trying to learn when those good things are okay (I’m talking projects & doing things) and when I just need to let it go and spend time with my family. Maybe it even means taking a rest in the afternoon so I have more energy for Husband… Today it meant staying home from the pool when a lot of my friends were going. :( That was sad, and I reeeeeeally wanted to go, but I knew my girls needed this afternoon at home because of how our week is planned out after this…

Anyway, all that to say, these pictures were taken on an evening when I was sooooo tempted to stay inside and work on a sewing project – panels for my dining room windows. But it was one of those choices where I knew I had to decide between my family or my projects. And because this has been such a big battle for me lately, I decided to go outside with my girlies and husband.

Was I ever glad I did! These pictures are priceless now. I’ll always have them. And I wouldn’t have remembered the evening if I would have stayed inside with my sewing machine. What kind of companionship is a sewing machine anyway?

The photo-shoot was spontaneously done because of the lovely evening light…

And here is Miss Blueberry Eyes herself… such a precious Lovey.

Olivia - age 1, edited
Does she have killer eyes or what?!

Olivia - age 1, edit 10

Olivia - age 1, edit 5

Olivia - age 1 edited 3

The blue chair wasn’t exactly the prop I was thinking inititally. I was thinking “girly-victorian-y” sort of look. But I don’t have anything like that, and this chair fits her personality much better.

Very girl, loves playing with her baby doll and giving it a little bottle, hugs and kisses,  but loves to tear around and be such a monkey. She is a tease, and loves to have a good time. Perhaps more of a tom-boy, as was her mother?

Olivia - age 1, edit 2

Olivia - age 1, Zoe & Daddy 093

Olivia - age 1, Zoe & Daddy 100

[Yes, I am aware of the grass on her mouth. But tell me, what one-year old does not put grass in their mouth?]

Olivia - age 1, edit 14

At one:

-still crawling, although walking comfortably around furniture

-has 3 teeth

-can still fit into size 1 shoes (!!!!!!!)

-on her birthday she weighed 17 pounds, 15 ounces. She is our petite little one!

-talks a little bit: mama, dada, bye-bye, all duh (all done), da-doo (thank you) tee-ta (kitty cat). Started this darling little thing: “Maaaaaa-ma! Mama! sadfkdhlgk asdnhlkj asldkfjlkdfjd fa GA GA GA.” Calls my attention, jabbers in an unknown tongue for a while, then always ends, “GA GA GA.” I just want to eat her up when she does that. :)

Olivia - age 1, edit 13

Olivia - age 1, edit 12

Olivia - age 1, edit 11

Olivia - age 1, edit 7

Olivia - age 1, edit 9

Olivia - age 1, edit 8
Blueberry Eyes for sure… Both girls have blue eyes, but Olivia’s are much darker blue than Zoe’s.

Olivia - age 1, edit 6

Olivia - age 1, edit 4

And there is our Sweet Baby. How we do love her!


You  may wonder why there are no pictures of Big Sister. Like I was ignoring her or something mean like that.

Well, there are Reasons. Yes, there are.

I thought  she was doing this:

[We have a huge dirt pile in the front yard for beautifying purposes to the yard. Not to the child.]

Olivia - age 1, Zoe & Daddy 233

When in fact, she was doing this. IN THE FRONT YARD. Did I ever mention we live in town? Well, now I mentioned it. Busy mother so engrossed in Baby #2 that she is completely unaware of Baby #1.

Olivia - age 1, Zoe & Daddy 066

Yes, the picture is small ON PURPOSE. Blurring is not intentional although photo quality is not the point in this picture. This mother is still mortified. WHAT must the neighbors have thought??

I can just see the headlines in their mind:

“New family moves to town! Mother sprints about the yard that is mostly dirt –  not grass (notes that grass is VERY unmowed as well) –  taking pictures of one child from strange angles while her other necked child races up and down the dirt pile, making sliding boards and jumping gleefully from top of it to the grass below. Make sure to keep a close eye on this new family…”


But goodness, how I laughed after I got over some of the embarrassment… MY CHILD  – doing this in the city?? OMW….

Oh, the life with two kids two and under… :))))))

How I love it
[most days at least!]

Happy Monday!



23 thoughts on “Blueberry Eyes Turns One

  1. Elizabethmarie_1

    I know exactly what you mean about making a choice….family/project, or what I am doing right now, reading BLOGS!!!!!  I should be washing dishes so we can take a walk! : / Anyway, Happy Birthday to your little Miss Blueberry Eyes, she is adorable!  And being a very, very unproffesional photographer with a point and shoot sony, I think your photos are just fabulous!  Sharpening, editing, coloring and all! =) 

  2. appalolly

    I can totally see why you call her “blueberry eyes.”   She has such DEEP blue eyes.  What a little cutie!  But yeah, I was thinking, I just want to get a wet wipe and clean her mouth.  That grass was distracting me a little!

    I can so identify with choosing whether to do “project” or “family” stuff.  Its just the curse of some people’s personality, I think. We’ll have to talk more about that!


    I love this post [and your other recent one too~don’t think I commented on it]. Makes me miss you and your little family!! Life can get busy and complicated if we allow it to, but when I hear “national averages” of how crazy busy people are: not having time for family meal times, racing from job to job, madly dashing around trying to get their kids to the right activity at the right time, I just have to shake my head in disbelief and purpose a little more in my heart that it just DOESN’T have to be like that!!

    And yet, even the “simple things” of canning/freezing garden things, house cleaning, laundry, etc. can get in the way of sitting with my children, reading stories, etc. And so, like you wrote, it is just a matter of CHOOSING the most IMPORTANT things . . .  sometimes choices like only freezing 20 quarts of something instead of 50!! ‘Cause we DO have a grocery store near by if we happen to run out of food come the end of next winter, right? I like your thots.

    And it’s different for everyone. While you chose to NOT go swimming for the sake of home time with your girls today, I DID take my children to the pool ’cause that seemed to be the best use of my time with them this morning.

    On a different subject: just WHERE did you order your phone that it’s taking such an AGE to get to you?? Can’t wait til it comes. =)

  4. foreveranoatneygirl_n2Hisown

    first of all…I completely hear you on the whole ‘letting go of the good for the best’ thing. It is so HARD sometimes…my agenda, my projects, my schedule…me, me, me…yuck. And, like you said, those times when I make the most conscience of efforts and choices to do that thing that is really the Best, I am so very glad in the long run that I chose that way! like your precious pictures! she is such the little doll! and those Eyes! good lands, they are blue! oh, your girls daddy is going to need a big stick someday! :O)

    and Zoe…what a little squirt! even tho’ it had to have been terribly embarrassing for you, I’m so glad you took the pictures! those kind of memories are the best to look back on!

    happy Monday back to you! and here’s to a productive week along with lots of Best times with your family!!


  5. baileyandme

    the 4th to the last picture just took my breath AWAY!! it was too fun to check and see TWo new posts from you. you always make my day when you blog with your pretty pictures and wisdom. :) see you in a few!!

  6. WasabiBek

    loved this! our little girls are really growing up:)

    and i need to go… the kids woke up while i was on the computer and i need to go get them breakfast. but just wanted to leave a quick comment and let you know that i really enjoyed these pictures of Olivia. it’s been so long since i’ve seen her!!!
    hope you have a wonderful day!

  7. dreamstillcometrue

    I. am. in. love. Oh sweet baby, I can’t wait to squish you. And can I just say that Zoe is looking ruther scandalous? And you know I don’t do scandalous. She better not pull that one when we’re down. I already have to politely monitor our phone conversations. “Um, baby? Don’t tell me that, baby, go tell mommy.” :) Oh how I love you guys.

  8. smilesbymiles

    Miss Blueberry Eyes is just darling! I like the sun-drenched ones about halfway down the post. And her dress is just way too cute. Sometime I really want a little girl and all the cutesy stuff to go with it. I hear you, too, on the making choices thing. My dad wanted to set me up / pay for a tour with what I think would be a very fun children’s book opportunity and I had to say, no. The good thing is that this summer especially I want find myself wanting to say no and that makes it so much easier. I really hate not having time to do fun stuff.

  9. justcallmeM

    Such darling pics of a little sweetheart! And as for the oldest child, well, those really gave me a chuckle! What kids don’t come up with! Missed you at the pool today. I actually got to be there for a change. :) Took an extended lunch break.

  10. dilafila

    ha ha ha ha… this made me laugh so hard. i love how you write about your life. really good pictures too. i have no tips as far as too much editing, sharpening, etc. but i know what you mean.the whole photo world can be so very intimidating. you did a superb job.

  11. tonyajgood

    Loved this post…a couple of months ago we had cell group at our house and Jill came running out in the middle of the group completely naked. Everyone laughed at her and she couldn’t figure out why they were laughing. Bless their hearts! Two year old’s keep life interesting.
    Your baby’s eyes are beautiful!

  12. lifeisadance

    @appalolly – I think I should have kept a wet wipe with me!!

    @FOREVERLANE – going through an undisclosed 3rd party to get our new phones. Can you say ‘frustrating’!!!! Ben has his new phone, but I don’t. I was using his old phone, until it started dialing the #4 whenever it’s flipped open….. Grrrrrr.

    @foreveranoatneygirl – Ben already talks about his gun. :) Beware all little boys!!!

    @baileyandme – In a few – can it really be that close! I am getting really excited… but I just hope ticket prices go down soon…. Yikes.

    @dreamstillcometrue – I thought of you when I wrote this. And knew you would be just mortified. Honey, what ARE you going to do when you have scandalous children of your own?? :)

    @smilesbymiles – Girls are just so fun. Feels like I’m playing dolly all the time. Well, except that these dollies sure can be naughty sometimes. Whew… But I do hope you get your little girl sometime. And I that I get my little boy. :)

    @dilafila – *I* think YOUR photography is superb!! I’ve often been wowed!

    @tonyajgood – They sure DO keep life interesting! I’m trying to learn how to handle it with humor and a good attitude rather than flipping out – I think I have far to go on that one!

  13. deansgal

    even though i don’t even know you, i just love reading your posts.  i have two lil girls the same ages as yours and that makes it so interesting to hear about your life/mommy stuff.  i can totally relate to lots of your thoughts.  just had to tell you that the pics of your 2 yr. old made me laugh and laugh:)  your little girls are beautiful. 


    Oh yeah, forgot to say what I way thinking about Olivia’s lovely eyes (although most others already mentioned it)~ they are LOVELY. And I’m glad you don’t have a victorian chair just yet, ’cause I think I’d like the blue one better any day. =) And Zoe cracks me up. Very much. And I think it’s funny that you were so embarrassed, ’cause sometimes I find myself just laughing to myself over stuff like this instead of really getting embarrassed with the things my children have done so far (maybe it’s not good to be too relaxed??). Don’t know if it’s been anything *this* extreme tho. ;)

    And til *other* communication issues are resolved, I guess I’ll keep coming back here to “say” things to you as I think of them. =)

  15. RICHK1200

    I really can relate to this post – yesterday I sat down and wrote out 2 pages of lists of things that need to be done – from photography to decorating to remodeling to just projects I want to do with my kids. We have lived here a month now and still have no curtains in the windows and lots of boxes around the edges that I’m not sure what to do with.It is always a struggle for me to put aside my projects of stuff that genuinely need to get done and just relax with my family. One small step I took in that direction is to pretty much always quit working at supper time, to try to make evenings a time to relax or if we are working on a project to have it be something that we’re all doing together as a family. Certainly do not have all the answers here and this is probably one of my biggest struggles as a mother.

  16. Anonymous

    Oh my goodness, your kids are just ADORABLE!! And that white dress!! You did a great job with the photos! I always have a struggle between working on projects and my family, too. Definitely know what that’s like!

  17. cupajava

    beautiful pictures of a beautiful girl!  …….. at least zoe was entertaining herself good while you were taking pictures! :)  :)

  18. Hutch5

    what beautiful girls! and i think your pictures are awesome – they look professional to me! ;)

    I know what you mean about always searching for that balance b/tween projects and family.

    Sure wish I could have met ya this weekend.. it was a sweet time! Can’t wait for the next one – and hoping then we’ll finally meet face to face.

    until then, I enJOY knowing ya through your posts. You’re a sweetheart.

    hope your week is off to a good start~


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