We have been so enjoying the renovated attic for almost four months now, and I’m excited to share this last part of it! As I’ve talked about before, all three kids shared a bedroom until this attic renovation, which worked (you do what you have to, right?), but it has been SO wonderful to have a bit more space and be more organized now! The two girls have moved upstairs to the new bedroom. I did tell them that I… Read more »

So! I am over the top excited to show some pictures of our renovation process! Last fall felt like a whirlwind of action and work as we began the attic renovation and completed it in 10 weeks, just in time for the Christmas Tour of Homes we were scheduled for. We thought our following two months would be slow(er), but they’ve also been filled up with some unexpected events, bringing us almost to March and I still haven’t shown the… Read more »

The attic renovation is literally just minutes away from being completely finished!! It is so exciting, and both Husband and I are nearly in shock that everything is actually coming together. :) It has been a huge project, but now is the fun part – the “painting of the canvas” that we’ve created, making it into a home. I don’t have time for a detailed post, but I’m just so excited I want to show a quick picture. ;) Everything… Read more »

It has been an eventful past five days. Beginning with a large tree falling in our yard and missing our house by inches, and a trip to the emergency room the very same night (in a completely unrelated incident) when Zoe gashed her head open from her eyebrow to halfway up her forehead and needed stitches… to our vehicle not starting when we got in to go to the ER, to several other smaller incidents. It was quite a day! But… Read more »

So I’m trying to catch up on some of the before & afters here at the Cottage, before some more changes happen. Next week, hopefully, we begin renovations to turn the upstairs attic space into two new bedrooms. We are EXCITED! At the moment, we have two bedrooms. One for the parents, one for the three kids. This post could more properly be titled: How to Fit Three Kids in One Bedroom. As you can imagine, it works! :) Also,… Read more »

Today is a celebration of one year in the Cottage! When we bought this bungalow in January of 2010, this is how is looked. I was depressed for three days after going through this house! It had great bones, and so much character in this hundred year old house, but it needed SO MUCH WORK. After four months of working on it full-time, we moved in on May 31, 2010. It still needed quite a bit of work. :) The landscaping… Read more »