June truly is the month of brides. The past three years we’ve had family weddings in June. Two of them my sisters, and two of them my husband’s siblings. Plus, we got married in June 9 years ago! I adore weddings. The music, the décor, the dressing up, the ceremony, the pledging of lives together until death parts them… it’s just all so wonderful. And it’s a small glimpse of a much bigger reality! I am so passionate about marriage,… Read more »

  This little blog has been very quiet of late. The circumstances surrounding these days have been such as need no apology for the quiet, and the thoughts and feelings such as are difficult to translate into words. Pen to paper, or words to computer page, are normally how I can easily express myself. These days, articulation is difficult at best in any form. It is not a question of my faith, or a shaking of what I believe. It is… Read more »

“Rejoice, O sinners, everywhere for the restorer of the castaways, the Savior of the fallen is born. Join in the joy, ye saints, for he is the preserver of the saved ones, delivering them from innumerable perils, and he is the sure perfecter of such as he preserves. Jesus is no partial Savior, beginning a work and not concluding it; but, restoring and upholding, he also prefects and presents the saved ones without spot or wrinkle, or any such thing… Read more »

It’s the second of the Sister Christmas Tours today, and I’m enjoying this so much! After these two, there really is no reason in the world for me to do one ~ these two have done it so perfectly! One thing that has been so fun as sisters is our similarities as well as our differences in décor. We all enjoy creativity and beauty, and yet we vary in style from minimalistic to shabby chic to industrial to some other… Read more »

  I found this quote today, and loved it! Too often this time of year can be a busy flurry of decor & planning & food preparation, which is all fine and good and even necessary; but if not accompanied by a HEART that is grateful and at rest, what true good is all that preparation?     The truest Thanksgiving is not just those words we speak, but the life we live. And not just in November, but the… Read more »

  Yes, I DO realize that I’m about exactly two months behind the rest of the world in the festivities of painting autumnal pumpkins. BUT, there is a reason for it! A very good reason. You see, my sister Ervina was coming to visit and we wanted to wait until she was here with us. [It’s been a childhood dream of hers, never before accomplished, and we wanted to be there for the Big Day]. So, she arrived, we were having heaps of… Read more »

Will someone please tell me, what is it about this autumn that is absolutely intoxicating nearly everyone I know?? [via pinterest] I mean, autumn has always been a lovely season. But this year? People everywhere are crushing all over again on Autumn and its beauty. Autumn is such a gloriously regal time. Sometimes showy and flashy and shockingly beautiful [at least, in the northern areas], and other times it’s the weather that is a great reprieve from the high temperatures of… Read more »