June truly is the month of brides. The past three years we’ve had family weddings in June. Two of them my sisters, and two of them my husband’s siblings. Plus, we got married in June 9 years ago! I adore weddings. The music, the décor, the dressing up, the ceremony, the pledging of lives together until death parts them… it’s just all so wonderful. And it’s a small glimpse of a much bigger reality! I am so passionate about marriage,… Read more »

Oh, that’s right. It was actually, let’s see, a week and a half ago? You’ve got to be kidding me. Someone has turned time on fast-speed and I cannot keep up with life these days. So we’ll just enjoy life twice, even if it’s 10 days late. :) Who all loved that July 4th fell on a Friday?? *RAISES BOTH HANDS* I mean, seriously. Not only was it a holiday, but it was also a 3-day weekend. How much better… Read more »

  It’s been almost three weeks now, since I became an auntie to the most beautiful, perfect little baby boy. My first nephew. Not a one of us ever even had an idea of what these weeks would hold ~ weeks we thought would be brimming full of joy, and excitement, and wonder at a new little life, turned into weeks overflowing of tears and sorrow and how can this be true. They have been weeks when the grief washes… Read more »

In November, one of my sisters came to spend a week with me. Her husband was gone for the week, and he so kindly said she can go somewhere too. I was so honored when Ervina picked me to spend her time with! We had the most wonderful days together, and got to spend time with our sister Jana too. Sisters are the best thing that ever happened. :) And not only did she come, but she brought along a… Read more »

Hello all! I feel a bit shy coming back to this little white space. It’s been a month since I last wrote here? How can time pass so quickly! This blogging break was really not even intentional, but with traveling out-of-state over the holidays, and exhaustion catching up with us from the busyness it all, and a tree falling on our internet line, and the cold days of January… well, it all turned into a little break that was actually very needed…. Read more »

We started out on Thanksgiving afternoon, everyone arriving from various parts of the East Coast. Ben’s family only gets together once a year, so it’s a looked-forward to time. Here are some pictures of the weekend together. The Thanksgiving meal: just because it’s at a camp doesn’t mean it can’t be pretty. :)  The Deep South: where sweet tea abounds. :)  Ben and I made this Festive Autumn Salad ~ I love the English cucumber serving as a bowl. Cute… Read more »

It all started here. Two people, in love with Jesus, met on the mission field in Belize, Central America. Meet Mr. & Mrs. Barkman. Marriage and 31 years later, they’ve expanded the family. They began with four daughters. They loved the girls, but decided they’d try for sons as well. They had two, and everyone was so happy. Meanwhile the children had children, and the family grew and grew. [where does that line come from? I’m having a deja’ vu!] At this point it’s… Read more »