So my husband planned a sponteous family getaway, in the mountains of the northern part of the state. He googled ‘best state parks’ and this was the top in our state. It boasted beautiful scenery, great hiking trails, and waterfalls. AND it had cottages, which was a huge plus for me. It’s not that I don’t do tent camping – it’s just that tent camping and three kids and six hours away and making all your own food seems… Read more »

So it’s the evening of my daughter’s birthday and she is out on a date with her daddy (tradition) and got to pick where she wanted to go: The Park. So they just skipped across the street and took Zoe along, and the baby is sleeping and I had pictures ready for the blog, so here we go – still trying to catch up from a few weeks ago! The postings are all out-of-order here, and there are so many… Read more »

[since this blog also serves as a family journal of sorts, i’m playing catchup from the past few weeks…] “Just ONE nice picture!” I begged my sisters, “that’s all I want! Just ONE!” It had been nearly three years since we last had an official photo shoot with all of us. A new member of the family and three years make a big difference in the appearance of a younger family. Sure, we’ve had lots of pictures, lots of them…. Read more »

My son – our son – had his first birthday yesterday. // Yes, he has killer blue eyes, just like his daddy. :) // I don’t know HOW it is possible for a year to go by so quickly, for a little person to become so intricately interwined in our lives, for our love to grow so deeply, for our hearts to swell with love for a new little person in our family… I tried not to cry, but I… Read more »

There are some moments in life when your breath is taken away by the sheer beauty of it. The little taste of heaven. The feeling that earth is as it should be. And there are other moments when it’s the sheer pain of life that takes your breath away. That phone call, hearing words that make your heart pound with fear. That bit of news that you think just can’t be true. Most of us have had those moments. I’ve… Read more »

  Once upon a time, there was a girl. Actually, a mom. A mom and her three  little kiddos. Uh, yes, three kiddos. One didn’t make it on the picture. And she had a friend. A very dear friend, whom she had made so many memories with in Pennsylvania and Ohio and all across Asia. This same friend invited her to Florida for several days. The mom deliberated. It sure sounded fun. This friend is so dear indeed. And there… Read more »

  1. {Bed-head and a daddy who loves her} 2. {Sorry games on Sunday nights. } It’s becoming tradition. 3. {Giveaway} Some of you were asking what all was included in the giveaway package. At the time, I didn’t know. :) I took a few pictures before the package was sent out. 4. {Food Food Food!} {Quiche} Tomato, Feta, & Spinach Quiche, to be exact. All credit goes to my friend Rochelle, who made it, and I declared it THE… Read more »