I am so excited to introduce the first of the sisters’ Christmas home tours! My heart was thumping with excitement as I pulled in the lovely images Ervina sent over. You’ll soon see why. :) First off, click over here to have a bit of lovely Christmas music as you scroll through the pictures. This is her favorite holiday station. [Phil Coulter Holiday on Pandora if the link doesn’t work] [As I said in the previous post, the intention of… Read more »

  I found this quote today, and loved it! Too often this time of year can be a busy flurry of decor & planning & food preparation, which is all fine and good and even necessary; but if not accompanied by a HEART that is grateful and at rest, what true good is all that preparation?     The truest Thanksgiving is not just those words we speak, but the life we live. And not just in November, but the… Read more »

Merry Christmas! It’s the week before Christmas! How did this happen, time going so fast? A year ago we were just leaving Colorado, seven months ago our first son was born; this year ~ WHERE has it gone? Is it having three children that makes time nearly a blur? I don’t like a life that feels busy. I like it full, in a positive sense of the word, but not busy. I like time to sit, to enjoy, to rest,… Read more »

This week marks two weeks that we’ve been back in the south and in our own little house. Back to the balmy 70′ days, although I don’t expect this to last all winter. I’m just thankful for all the cold and snow we had in Colorado, so now I don’t mind the warmth this time of year. As much. :) It’s quiet time in the household. One down for a nap, another quite content with paper, scissors, and glue stick…. Read more »