Yes, I DO realize that I’m about exactly two months behind the rest of the world in the festivities of painting autumnal pumpkins. BUT, there is a reason for it! A very good reason. You see, my sister Ervina was coming to visit and we wanted to wait until she was here with us. [It’s been a childhood dream of hers, never before accomplished, and we wanted to be there for the Big Day]. So, she arrived, we were having heaps of… Read more »

Will someone please tell me, what is it about this autumn that is absolutely intoxicating nearly everyone I know?? [via pinterest] I mean, autumn has always been a lovely season. But this year? People everywhere are crushing all over again on Autumn and its beauty. Autumn is such a gloriously regal time. Sometimes showy and flashy and shockingly beautiful [at least, in the northern areas], and other times it’s the weather that is a great reprieve from the high temperatures of… Read more »

    About three years ago I was on a silhouette-kick. Now I’m back on it. :) In the form of personalized shirts! This was a fun little afternoon project. I love quick and easy projects, and this was one. I made a shirt for each of my daughters, but with a few changes it could be boy-friendly as well. Here’s a little tutorial.   Supplies needed: ~ white t-shirts ~ black felt ( as used in example) or your… Read more »

  The Project Bug has bit me. I hear other women happily say that they’ve just finished their spring cleaning, and I think, “Oh goodness! I forgot all about that!” I’m just crafting. Priorities, priorities. I’ll at least try to fall clean. :) One of the latest projects has been an oversized measuring stick. To measure the children’s growth and all that. We’ve just been pencil-marking on a wall, and that doesn’t look so great, so this is something that… Read more »

[ sorry for those of you who received this twice: i was having technical difficulties! ] So, there are periods of time when I go about my days in my little cottage without the thought of a new addition or project. Maybe I’m busy with My Faire Lady Designs orders and don’t have time for it. Maybe it’s other things in the schedule. Or maybe it’s that I just don’t even have a project in mind. And THEN there are… Read more »

For quite some time I have thought to myself, “I have GOT to learn how to make those pinwheels! But they seem really hard…” Pinwheels look so fun and festive and happy, but they seemed very tricky to me. I had no idea how they worked, until one day, not very long ago, I went online and researched all the pinwheel-making sites I could find. And what do you know, but I thought to myself, “That’s it?! I can make… Read more »