Some time ago I had a giveaway that included A Farmer’s Daughter cookbook. And let me tell you, this cookbook has quickly become one of my favorites! Each time I try a new recipe from there, I know it will be good. Because Dawn is just a fabulous cook, that’s why! Here is a new favorite from there, called Farmer’s Skillet. It’s in the breakfast section of the cookbook, but I’ve made it for breakfast, for lunch, for supper… It’s filling… Read more »

A week ago I was part of a little cooking demonstration with ladies from our church. It was a fun, informal event, and the basic gist of the evening was that different women were asked to show how to make particular dishes. One woman showed how to make THE pie crust (which I am so excited about trying, because all my pie crusts have been epic fails!), another how to decorate a cake using various tips, and still others on… Read more »

So the first time I ever had biscotti, I had no idea what it was. I remember picking it up because it looked so pretty, but I took one bite and thought, “Whoever overbaked this thing??” and threw the rest of it away! I had to learn a bit about biscotti: Biscotti is meant to be very crisp, and dunked in coffee to soften it. Let me just tell you, it’s some pretty amazing goodness! I made this Chocolate Chip Biscotti… Read more »

The giveaway packages are in the mail and en route to Amy and Nancy ~ the two winners of A Farmer’s Daughter cookbook and giveaway! Congratulations again, you two! Thanks to all of you who entered, and for making this a fun event for both Dawn and me! __________________________________________________ So for those who didn’t win but still want some cooking inspiration, you can either buy Dawn’s cookbook :) or follow some of the links here. I’ve been trying a few new recipes lately, so here’s… Read more »

  We’ve been on a birthday marathon around here lately. Four of our five birthdays are in the summer, and coming from the 4th birthday just this week, I’m a little birthday-ed out! :) However, with birthdays come cooking and food and cakes and such, and since two of the four birthdays requested cheesecake, I tried a new recipe for one. We’re white chocolate fans ~ in mochas, in drinks, in cookies, and especially in cheesecakes. When I found this… Read more »