I’m ever so excited, because in a few days we leave for a much anticipated trip: not only is it time with my family, but it’s a family wedding!!

My youngest sister, Claudia, is getting married!

Our household is all a-bustle with preparations and getting ready to leave… but first, here are a few pictures we took back in April. We fast ran out of daylight, but here are a few that my sister and I shot together.

Meet the future Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Beiler!


enagagement 268

engagement pic

engagement 247engagement 318

As you’ll notice, both of them have quite a lot of personality and this was no bashful photo shoot!

I almost did a series of pictures entitled “The Many Faces of Claudia” but for her sake I refrained. :)

engagement 177

family 215 engagement190


engagement 344

engagement 452 engagement 414

The sky and tree-line framed this picture so beautifully.

engagement 367 engagement 171

engagment 155

The location was in the middle of a large nursery, but I loved this ~ it reminded me of something Italian (not that I’ve ever been to Italy or anything. :))

engagement 131

engagement 108

A celebrity shot. ha!


engagement 051

engagement 033 engagement 029 engagement 019

engagment 078

They are a perfect fit for each other, and I really don’t know which one is the luckiest ~ I am so proud to know both of them, and so happy to welcome Chris into our family!

I may be the over-protective older sister, but when there is a good man who loves my sister so well, it makes my heart swell so big.

Both of them are first of all committed to Jesus Christ and to His glory, and when that is present in a relationship, it cannot help but thrive and be a blessing to all who they come in contact with. I love them so!



10 thoughts on “Christopher & Claudia {engagement photo session}

  1. Jennifer from Chesapeake, VA

    you know you have awesome pictures when………you can SEE their personalities reflected within each shot. Beautiful job!!

  2. Shelly

    So happy for them . . . and yes, what great personalities shining through! I have looked on and admired them both for, well almost seven years now, and its so fun to see them together now. Can’t wait to see and hear about the wedding. The invitations and other peeks into it insure that it will be fun and beautiful without being like any wedding before it. :) safe and happy travels to you as you come!!

  3. Beth

    I love these, Clarita! And how well I understand the over-protective sister thing that you talked about. I can’t wait to see wedding pics! Your family has a history of beautiful weddings & I’m sure this one will not disappoint. :)

  4. Elizabeth

    Gorgeous pictures. Your entire family is so beautiful.
    I bet you are SO excited for her wedding! My sister is getting married in about 5 weeks. I can’t wait. :) It’s going to be so much fun. and I am also excited for her to experience the gift of marriage.

  5. Rebecca (Becky) McCarty

    All of the pictures that you have taken that I have seen have been awesome. The “non-posing” was so natural and the settings just right. Of course when you have beautiful people doing the posing how can you go wrong. It makes one feel like they know them. Let the creativity keep flowing. Enjoy your work. Becky

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