Will someone please tell me, what is it about this autumn that is absolutely intoxicating nearly everyone I know??

delicious autumn 1

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I mean, autumn has always been a lovely season. But this year? People everywhere are crushing all over again on Autumn and its beauty.

Autumn is such a gloriously regal time. Sometimes showy and flashy and shockingly beautiful [at least, in the northern areas], and other times it’s the weather that is a great reprieve from the high temperatures of summer and we just want to live outdoors [here in the south].

We don’t have breathtaking maples or any leaf change, for that matter, and I really do miss that part of living in the north. But there are still pumpkin things to make and bake and eat, and decor that I putter around with and arrange, and we can at least pretend it’s cold!
I adore this season, more than ever before.

Our little cottage has been in autumn attire for about a month now, but just put on the final accessories. She’ll remain like this until after Thanksgiving, and I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed seasonal touches like I have this year. It ranks up there real close to Christmas decor, which is saying a lot, folks!

In decorating I am passionate about homemaking – not to be confused with housekeeping. I want to create an atmosphere of warmth, of love, of rest. I want anyone to be able to walk into our home and know that Jesus is Lord here, by the beauty and purity that reflect Him.

So here’s a little look into the cottage.

the kitchen

The kitchen gets just a little touch, next to my faaaaavorite sign by Aimee Weaver.

autumn kitchen

[silver urn: thrifted]

dining room

The dining room gets a simple display as well.

This quote came from Sally Clarkson’s blog, I’m quite certain.
I love having this written in my dining room chalkboard, with the giant fork beside it :)
~ reminding me that nourishing my family is more than just with food.

autumn chalkboard

[a little fyi i recently learned: if you dip your chalk in water before writing, the finished product is a brilliant white, not a muted chalky look. i like both looks, but it’s nice to know different ways]

For the first time in seven years, I found heirloom pumpkins in my area!
My excitement was so high. :)

autumn dining room

[silver tray: thrifted
giant fork: yard sale
linen runner: my sister’s wedding
glittery gold pumpkins: fun little paint]

living room

The living room receives the most seasonal change in any decor of the cottage.
It’s a challenge to keep it fresh and new, without just repeating last year’s design!
But I do love how a new look on only the mantel can change the entire look of the room.

Also, the living room is very neutral in color, so the mantel can handle a fun pop that isn’t throughout the entire room.

Delicious Autumn 091


We have very high ceilings, so sometimes it can be hard to do justice to the space.
This year I pulled out the paper flowers from last year – they add texture & create height well.

And I searched throughout the house and found glass candlesticks & little jars with small openings, and twisted taper candles into them. It gives a bit of a primitive look, but I like the collective look of them all together.

autumn mantel 4

Because of the number of things on the left side, I kept it very simple on the right side.

I’m not normally a fan of fake foliage, but ya know, I was a little bit desperate for autumn leaves!! :) Hobby Lobby had these springs of autumn-looking-somethings on sale, so for $15 I had my leaves. Other than real pumpkins, it was the only purchase I made for decor.

autumn mantel

[old frame: thrifted & dry-brushed
chalkboard: canvas, chalkboard painted
tall white vase: clearance at Target
collection of vases & jars: thrifted & gifted
fire place: yes, um, we are hoping for a cold day, and until then, pretending]

autumn mantel 3


Delicious Autumn 051 autumn mantel 4

“Gratitude turns what we have into enough”

autumn mantel 2

I put a few little pumpkins on the coffee table, which makes my 17-month old son shout
“Ba(ll)!” and he fires away at his big sisters. One day ball-throwing will be off-limits in the house, but for now, he’s just too cute.

Delicious Autumn 104

master bedroom

Just a little touch of autumn. A mixture of real and fake spray-painted-white pumpkins.

Delicious Autumn 034


I’m kind of into candles this fall. And silver trays [this one thrifted also].

autumn hallway

the front porch

These pictures I showed before, but not much has changed since then. :)

The chair was marked “free!” at a yard sale because of a busted seat [which I thought I’d get fixed and never did] and I loved the design and thought I’d paint it white [and never did] and it’s sat up in our attic for 3 years.

I very nearly sold it gave it away at our yard sale this fall, but wanted a change for the front porch and it worked perfectly.

First White Pumpkin

Delicious Autumn 094

I love Anne’s quote from L.M. Montgomery, and I’m just a little sad to see it end.

I'm so glad I live in a world where there are octobers - anne of green gables

Thanks for visiting, and enjoy the last little sip of October!


40 thoughts on “Delicious Autumn!

  1. Audrey

    for some reason october let me down this year! i usually love it, and we did have some amazing colors, but i think it rained too much or something. there just weren’t many glorious days- i think the nicest days were when we were gone for a long weekend! and there weren’t a lot of warm days, either. oh well, as wet as it was most of this year, surely we can look forward to next year having the best weather :)

    and as always, your cottage looks so delightful and inviting!

  2. June DeLighte Wilbur

    My red burning bush, by the house..is beautiful red.. I find, it amazing, foliage, can get so red or gold or orange, whatever colors, they change.. to it’s amazing, what God, can do..EH? of course, we are n the middle of Iowa…Be careful, with candles..I don’t do a much, as used, but, get the timed LED, ones anymore..as,so afraid of fires..with them.. Thanks for sharing ..May you & yours, be blessed..

  3. Christy

    I am learning to enjoy fall, and it’s definitely getting better every year. Hearing from people like you who love it so much helps me to notice the beauty of it. :) Of of course pumpkin pie helps a little, too. :) Your house looks cozy.

    1. The Cottage at 341 South Post author

      Oh yes, all the wonderful pumpkin-flavored things definitely help with autumn transition. :) I think that’s part of the reason I like it so much ~ there are just so many delicious things to make & eat!!

  4. Sarah Dahl

    I’m almost positive that if I lived in your house I would never get anything accomplished. I would simply sit and gaze and the beauty around me. :) You have great taste! Thanks for sharing!

  5. April

    I loved looking at every dreamy picture! Your home is more than lovely it is welcoming and friendly and everything a home should be! California falls leave a little to be desired, not near as much colorful splendor as other parts of the country. But we do have heirloom pumpkins! Lots and lots!

    I’m still laughing at the mental picture of Hudson throwing tiny pumpkins around the living room :) Gotta love those boys!

  6. Laura

    Love everything; is your bittersweet on the front porch real or fake? I can’t find bittersweet around here and would love to find something like that!

  7. Breana

    *sigh* I adore how every season your cottage dons a new, cheerful face! I hope when I have a home of my own it looks just like yours! Oh, just a thought, you could put pillar candles in the fireplace and have the ambiance of a fire…. ;)
    Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  8. timnrach

    Autumn is absolutely my favorite! everything about it.
    your home is beautiful in it’s autumn decor. and, any decor for that matter!
    happy weekend to you!

  9. Aimee Weaver

    So beautiful Clarita! I love the branches from Hobby Lobby – they really do look real! I think I need to make a trip to HL very soon. Oh, and the chair on your porch is just perfect for fall. Love it all! :)

  10. shelly

    Eeeeee! I love all the autumn inside your house! First, I don’t care if they’re fake or not, I neeeed that foilage from Hobby Lobby ’cause it sounds nice and all to collect pretty leaves on branches like my little clan and I did on our walk yesterday, but they’ll only be pretty for a bit, and then we’re back to square one with most of November left to celebrate. Those look absolutely real~at least in the pictures! Second, I feel so pleased to “know” your house from experience now and to see when you’ve moved something from one spot to another. That gives me more courage to play around with my things! Pretty things look so fresh when you switch them around now and then, I guess! Third, the Sally Clarkson quote~It really spoke to me when I read it recently as well . . . and what a great idea to put it on your DR chalkboard. Ok, now I just want to come and eat another piece of pumpkin cake at your table . . . and this tour would be complete! :) xoxo

    1. The Cottage at 341 South Post author

      I am so pleased with the foliage from Hobby Lobby too! I don’t like a lot of fake things to store away until next year, but this is one I don’t mind at all. :) And yes, I sure do switch things around. Even since this post, in fact. Ha ha! And I DO wish we could invite ourselves over to each other’s houses for pumpkin cake or pumpkin spice lattes. :) xoxo

  11. Oie

    Clarita – My absolute favourite season is Autumn, apart from the colours, feel of crisp leaves under your feet, cold clear air – the metaphor is inspiring (the colour the leaves turn is actually them dying, and giving all their nutrients back to the tree), a beautiful picture of our lives in Christ don’t you think? Anyway, such is my love of the Autumn tones, that a large part of our house are those colours all the time – Copper glass splashback in the Kitchen, peach tones couch in our family room….. Of course in Australia – pumpkins are not big a decorating item, but your pumpkins could lead me a-stray…! Have a happy Autumn.

    1. The Cottage at 341 South Post author

      I love that metaphor ~ and yes, so true! More life in Christ only comes through death to ourselves. Not always easy, for sure, but true. It seems so strange that you are experiencing springtime while we are headed toward winter. :) And yes, pumpkins are a big part of autumn decor here! What would be the Australian substitution? Happy Spring to you! :)

  12. Shanda

    Beautiful arrangements and decorating, Clarita! I love Autumn and always have.
    We carved pumpkins about a week ago and they are now moldy and soft, I started gingerly taking them off the porch and throwing them into the bushes…….
    I’m so glad we still have another month or so to keep with the fall décor. Then, Christmas!

  13. Kellie

    Everything is just so beautiful, Clarita!
    I remember those fall days when we lived in Valdosta. Those palm trees and 80 degree temps just didn’t make it seem very “fallish”! :)

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