Our computer has been giving us trouble all summer long. Basically, we never know when we will be able to turn it on or off, or when it does turn on everything seems fine until the screen turns off and the whole thing shuts down with no warning.

Along with that has been summer vacation, and with the kids out of school I didn’t want to spend much time on the computer. But all that to say, – lack of computer also equals no pictures or posts! :)

But until we get a new computer, here are a few of my favorite things recently – links for you to follow and check out. Here you go!

Set Apart Motherhood

Leslie Ludy has been an inspiration to me since the time I was first introduced to her books as a single woman. Her heart for the Lord, and for a pure life, influenced me greatly, and when her new book on motherhood came out this summer, I was thrilled! She is now the mother of 4 children with two more adoptive kiddos on the way, and continues to be an encouragement and inspiration!

The new book is called Set Apart Motherhood, which I read and highly recommend (purchase it here), and there is a beautiful coffee table-style magazine available as well.

Leslie Ludy is also hosting a Set Apart Motherhood conference in Colorado in October. While I’m not able to attend that, I am signing up for the simulcast and hosting a small version in my home for some women from church. I am so excited about that! Be sure to check out that option too.

Amazon Smile

Did you know that if you log into Amazon, instead of amazon.com, go through smile.amazon.com, and you will be able to choose a charity to donate to? Just go to smile.amazon.com and go under your ‘account’ settings, and select ‘choose charity’.

A portion of the proceeds of many items will be donated to the charity of your choice through Amazon. Just remember to choose one (one I recommend is International Justice Mission, also known as IJM, who works for the spreading of the Gospel and for the freedom of both slaves & sex slaves across the world .  I highly highly recommend their ministry. If you want an inside scoop of some of the things they’ve done, read ‘Terrify No More’ and you will want to join their mission as fast as possible), and log in through smile.amazon.com. If you are already an amazon member, your information and login info will pop up the same as through amazon.com.

Not all items are eligible for donation, but those that are will have a little tab marked for it.

We have an amazon prime account, and use it ALL the time. I order anything from toothpaste for the kids to an iron to sock monkeys to fedora hats. Seriously, it’s great. And to be able to shop from home as well as support a mission I love so much? It’s such a win.

Aimee Weaver Designs

I “met” Aimee through our blogs several years ago, and loved the creativity and heart that flowed from this beautiful woman. We were able to meet in person a few times, which made me love her all the more. :) When I learned that she and her husband are adopting a little boy from China, and that her Etsy shop proceeds go directly toward the adoption, I was thrilled that I could help out in a very small way!

Aimee designed some adorable T-shirts that I love so much – they are super comfortable and soft, and they fit perfectly, and they support a wonderful cause!

Here are two:
Micah 6:8 with arrows

Women's, SIZE LARGE, white, Micah 6:8, arrow, adoption t shirt

‘Free Indeed’ Bike T-shirt

Women's, SIZE SMALL, gray, free indeed, bike, adoption t shirt

[both pictures courtesy of Aimee Weaver Designs on Etsy]

So if you’re wanting a new piece or two to add to your wardrobe, AND a great place to buy them, look here! Her typography and artwork are stunning as well, if you are wanting something new for your home.

These German Animals

Some of my kids favorite toys are these high-quality Schleich German-made animals. Zulily has them on bigtime SALE right now until September 11, and with more animals than I’ve ever seen in stores. I am trying to decide which of them to purchase for Christmas gifts for the kids!

She Reads Truth


This is a Bible Study I learned about through Instagram, and you can choose to study either via a free app on Instagram (I think right now it’s available only to Iphones) or online via shereadstruth.com. Some of the Instagram studies cost $1.99 to go through, while all the ones online are free.

There is a group of 8-10 godly women who study and write, and you can choose different things from Ruth, Hebrews, James, Nehemiah, Titus, and more, with new studies always coming up.

There is a Bible passage to read each day, as well as a brief study/explanation on that passage. There is a current study all the time, with new studies beginning every 2-3 weeks. you have the option of receiving the devotionals through email too, if you like that. This is not an intensive study, like Beth Moore or Kay Arthur have done that takes 1/2 hour or more a day, but if you are wanting a few minutes of study more than just Bible reading, I do recommend this for the way the Gospel is shown throughout the various studies.

Here is a statement of what they believe.

My NEW Etsy shop:
My Faire Lady Designs

 Yes, this is a shameless plug. :)
I’ve had a Facebook page for my little home business for the past 4 years or so, but just this summer have begun the process of transferring everything over to an Etsy Shop. It makes ordering SO much easier for my customers, which I am thrilled about! I will still update the Facebook page (randomly, as in the past :)) but with new items and news and sales, but will direct you over to the new shop.

I’ve added many new patterns of fabric to the burp cloths recently, including some black & white choices, an organic retro fabric, and pink bikes!

And a completely new item are these bandana style bibs, that are super adorable and practical all at one!

Modern Baby Burp Cloths, Set of Three, in Black and White Hipster Zebra, Vintage Camera, and Modern Triangle Fabric

ORGANIC Modern Baby Burp Cloths, Set of Three, in campers, multi-colored dot, and elephant family

Gold Anchor Onesie for Baby Girl, Bodysuit

Reversible Bandana Bib for Baby, Aqua Floral and Polka Dot, Turquoise



Plexus is a product I was introduced to several months ago through my friend Shelly. It’s an all-natural health product that at first I was admittedly a bit skeptical about, because it seemed to help so many different health issues! And how could one product help so many different things, from weight loss to fibromyalgia to adrenal fatigue to candida to diabetes to so many other things??

But I tried it, because I have had low-grade adrenal fatigue for years, and I was just so tired of being tired, all the time. And a few months later, guess what? I’m a believer in this stuff, this Pink Drink, as it’s becoming known as. My energy is increasing, my brain fog is lifting! I am just so thrilled, and I want other people to be helped as well!

The reason it works for so many different things is because rather than treating symtoms, it works at healing on a cellular level, which is the core of our health. If our cells are healthy, we will be healthy people. It is an all natural product, and there is also 60-day money-back guarantee, which is awesome.

If you’d like more information or want to try it out, here is a link. :)
I’m still learning about the product, but feel free to message me with any questions and I’ll try to answer them.

This song:
I Shall Not Want

You know how sometimes a song can speak more deeply to your heart than any words by themselves? Audrey Assad is a favorite artist of mine, and her song ‘I Shall Not Want’ from her recent album spoke so deeply to my heart. Jesus, Jesus, is enough for all I need; for my loneliness, my sadness, my fears, my wounds, my joy ~ when I taste His goodness, there is nothing more I need.

Her entire albums are so worth purchasing, I love them so much! Find them on ITunes.

I  hope you enjoyed the links! :)

Happy Thursday, Lovelies!




11 thoughts on “Favorite Things [Links to Follow]

  1. Kristen

    Thanks for posting about all these missions and outlets to help! I love IJM. Ive been eyeing those Aimee Weaver t-shirts for a long time and just bought one! Happy week to you! Kristen

  2. Rach

    Great post & thanks for sharing your favorites.. It’s always good to hear about new things!! ;) (I’m tempting myself with the t-shirts & I will be checking out your etsy store!!)

  3. Elizabeth

    Such fun links! Thanks for sharing.
    I ordered so much off amazon today….wish I would have seen that link earlier!
    Love Audrey Assad..she has such a pretty voice.
    Hope you are able to get a new computer soon…I miss you posting! Glad you’re on instagram though. ;)

    Happy {almost} Weekend.

  4. Shana

    Those bibs!! EEEKKK! I hate bibs with a passion, but wow, that is so cute!!! I saw something similar online at ToysRus that has a small teether at the bottom corner that seemed very user friendly for a baby. In case you would consider adding something, I thought I would mention it. :) Enjoyed the post!

  5. shellynissley

    I love your favorite things list! Your etsy shop is TOO cute and I wish you WELL with that endeavor!! Bought those shirts myself {and ended up giving them as gifts because I got the wrong size~oops! and haven’t had a chance to get others . . . }, and YES to the amazon donations~ so neat! And I like to know someone “in person” who likes She Reads Truth. I happened upon it somewhere too, but never pursued it further. Might have to look into it now. As for Plexus, well you know how happy I am about your health improving and you joining me in spreading the word! :) {{hugs}}

  6. Jill

    I hope you get your computer issues figured out soon because I do love your posts and photos! Thank you for providing an inspiring, uplifting and beautiful place to come and read. =)

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