I’m thrilled to introduce you yet again to… …my second guest post by my sister! Enjoy!


Modest is Hottest Part 11 [or…. New Ideas for the Practical Woman]

I, Claudia, have combined my love for photography with a fascination for unique clothing combinations, and am excited to be introducing a new and improved and most delightful post.

I am now in the official tenth month of my One Year Clothing/Shopping Fast.
YAY! If you need a brief history of this decision, you may read our previous post: Modest is Hottest Part 1.

Since last June when I made the decision to discontinue shopping trips,
revamping my style and coming up with creative ways to wear what I already have in my closet
has become my new personal favorite. So, without further ado, here’s my latest addiction.

Skirts as Dresses


I can barely get over it.
I usually try not to over-style a new style, but I can barely pull myself away from this one.
It’s, like, two for the price of one… or something.


Since I wore this outfit on our last outing before the second-to-eldest sister got married,
I just had to include them. I do adore sister pictures.)


(Remind me why no one ever told me about this before? Like I said… SO FUN!)


Where my clothes came from:

1. If your family is nice like mine, you can mix and match from different closets. Last week I raided mother’s closet and found that cool skirt labeled #1… It makes a good dress on me and a lovely skirt on mother.

2. Skirt #2 was an old project of mine last year. I sewed it all up, in and around, and actually liked it.

3. From a pile of clothes a friend was getting rid of. So kind of her.

4. The black dress is actually my official Honey Brook Girls Choir Skirt. I don’t own it, but at least I can break the unspoken rule that choir uniforms have to be ugly.

Accessories: One of my belts comes from a sister closet raid. One comes from the kind heart of a cousin. The purple cardigan will go back to its hanger in mother’s closet and my favorite cream colored cardigan was a Christmas gift from Ervina. Double YAY!

How to Rock the Skirt-turned-Dress Look:

Find the right skirt: It really helps if it’s a wide-mouthed skirt, has elastic around the waist line, or has a fold-over flap. Just saying, I don’t usually have a problem with it, but it’s a big bonus if I wear it as a dress and it actually stays up. :) Wear a belt: Otherwise you are quite prone to become acquainted with the unflattering wispy-willow tree look (see below)…


Wear fun shoes:

Shoes have the power to complete an outfit.

Skirt #1 gets worn best with [puss-in-]boots from my mother

Skirt #2: Plain ol’ flips given to me in Cambodia by a dear friend

With Skirt #3 I get to wear awesomely fun black heels from sister’s wedding

Skirt #4 was worn with my flats from the Official Jana Barkman-Swartz Wedding Reception

Leggings: Basically. I just always wear leggings. Yup. Even in the sweltering heat of a Cambodian summer. Even in sub degree weather. I’ve worn them ever since my grammy handed me my first totally-uncool pair (she called them “snugglies”… or something strange like that). I think I’ll keep wearing them even when the world kicks them out of style (God Forbid).

Do something fun with your hair:

This is just the funnest thing ever. Braids as headbands, feathers in hair or flowers that add great character. Just do it. Please, it makes life (and pictures) so much better.

And that’s that. Experiment with it. Forthcoming: we will demonstrate how we love to layer dresses on dresses and leggings on leggings and…. ok. ok.

Just kidding. Maybe.