Okay, so I am really really excited about this post.
Probably more excited than I’ve ever been about a post on my blog.
Probably because I didn’t write it. :)

It’s not every day that two lovely ladies call you up and ask to do a guest post on your blog.
Sure made me feel special that they thought my blog was cool enough.
Or maybe they thought it needed some help?? :)

I’m thrilled to introduce you to…
… my first guest post by two of my sisters!


Modest is Hottest….

Or… New Ideas for the Practical Woman

IMG_2809 Radio
Together, I, Claudia, with my sister, Ervina Barkman-soon-to-be-Yoder, have combined our love for photography, our fascination with unique clothing combinations, and a deep gratitude for our sisterhood, to bring you the highly anticipated and most delightful post.
Of course, I had to take this opportunity to use the cheesy and bestest title ever. Hence… The title.

It was June 8. 2011. And We Committed.
On a plane enroute to Bangkok, Thailand, Ervina and I, made a most momentous decision… to cut off all communication with the Shopping-for-super-cute-and-fashionable-clothes-World.
Seeing as how I am a five year thrift-shop veteran, and Ervina a 10 year H&M veteran, this decision was not made lightly.
However, I convinced her that this was a pivotal decision for our lives, and so we decided on a One Year Clothing Fast. YAY!!

However, It only took a few months before Ervina realized I had pulled a fast one on her. “I’m sorry, But a wedding dress….” I regretfully told her, “ ….is not even an option.”
Of course, she found plan B, and planned her wedding for June 8, 2012, claiming that her dress was on a payment plan.

IMG_2778 IMG_2843

Ok. Ok. I’m Lying. It was I, Claudia, who Heroically and quite alone(elly) committed to the 1-year clothing fasting plan. With the exception of:
A. Using Gift Cards (Not gonna lie. I thought about buying myself gift cards, so I had to add on:) …that have been given to me as gifts (Not gonna lie. Again, I thought about buying myself gift cards as gifts, so I had to add on:) FROM FRIENDS (Not gonna lie. I have pondered the question, “Am I my own Friend?”).
B. Clothing bought as a gift for Dear BoyFriend.
C. Maid of Honor dress for June, Bridesmaid dress for March.
D. 12 DIY projects

Since June 8, I have been having quite the fun wearing the same articles of clothing in as many different ways as is possibly possible. I have especially enjoyed bringing periodic heart attacks to Mother as I come downstairs in another t-shirt hacked into a vest or an old sweater made into a cardigan. Many thanks to Ervina, who has gone along with my swell inventions.
So. Today, we bring you Mother’s latest heart attack, in the form of a Scarf.

In Ervina’s Words: It all started with one of those decisions to stop shopping for clothes and begin exploring new ways to wear what’s in our closet. Naturally, you can mix and match and layer in lovely ways but our most recent [and fun] discovery was finding out how versatile a scarf can be. First of all, make sure it’s one that’s fairly large and either rectangular or square in size (triangular could become a bit scandalous). When worn as a skirt or tucked-in top, secure with a dramatic belt.

The Church Service


The Bridal Shower


It’s simple to create these outfits, really. Just brush up on your kindergarden shoelace knot and you just might be good to go. And If that doesn’t work, just pull out your HDDP (Handy Dandy Diaper Pin) for some added security. 

For the Scarf: Wrap once, twice, or thrice around neck. 

For the Skirt: Simply wrap the scarf completely around your body. Making sure that it is adjusted so that the bottom layers are even all around. Tie the two ends tightly together and tuck securely underneath a rad hipster belt. (If in a pickle. Resort to the HDDP for help) This can also be worn as a high-wasted skirt. 

For the Shirt:
Wrap the scarf evenly around the upper body, tying or HDDP-ing securely. This outfit can be completed by tucking in the scarf, wearing a big buckle belt, and finishing it off with a cardigan.

Even if none of these are exactly your idea of style, perhaps they’ll inspire you to reevaluate your wardrobe and have fun experimenting with unusual combinations of accessories — and save a few pennies while you’re at it.


[ brought to you by the sisters ]




I loved this. I think because I learned so much from it. They are some of the most creative, unique but lovely dressers I know. I call them my fashion consultants. :)

When they told me their ideas, I was thinking, “A scarf as a skirt? What??”
But I sure wanted to see it. :) I think it’s fabulous.
And with two kids tugging at my skirts, I will most certainly be using the HDDP. :)

And I didn’t even realize until I read this that Claudia was on a one-year clothing fast. She definitely doesn’t take a martyr’s stance on it, but makes it a fun challenge.

So let them know how much you enjoyed this and maybe we can convince them to come back for re-runs. :)


p.s. i’m still hoping for emails/pictures/messages with organizing tips from you all! or else there will be no second edition to the Second Edition. :)


29 thoughts on “Guest Post by the Sisters

  1. appalolly

    This was really good!  I would never have thought to wear a scarf either as a shirt or as a skirt. And its kind of funny…I started my clothing fast within about a week of your sister’s.  Except that mine was only until the end of the year.  And now I am back to buying, baby!!

  2. Aggey

    My sis did a 1 yr no clothes buying fast last yr and really inspired me. She is also a unique dresser n helps me too when I need it with clothes. This post has inspired me to try more things with the clothes I have in my wardrobe. Thank you n your sisters for posting this:)

  3. Elizabethmarie_1

    This was so fun!!!  Your family is adorable, all of you girls so beautiful.
    WOW…I have done a shopping fast, but only for one season..summer.
    A year, hmmm…I wonder if I could do it.  I certainly have enough clothing in my closet, I don’t NEED new clothes! One of my sisters hardly buys clothes..only from resale stores.
    This post was inspiring…I am really going to consider doing this. I would have to plan it to begin after a really big shopping spree! Haha!
    Hopefully we’ll see the sisters again. =)
    Happy Tuesday to you.

    P.S. I am so excited to meet you irl!!! =)

  4. writersblock02

    Claudia & Ervina, you could totally do a series of fashion posts. Very cute.  Although the thought of me wearing one of my scarves as a skirt has me breaking out in a sweat as I wonder when its going to unravel, and trail down my legs.

  5. ABAHM

    Thanks gals! So fun to see you and be challenged by you. I will definitely take another look at the closet, and maybe use those scarves more creatively!

  6. redladybug18

    definitely I think they need to write again! I love their ideas! I can definitely relate to giving the mom a heart attack on trying out new clothing combos. In fact I think I would do this if I wore any of these styles except the around.the.neck one. It’s fun though!
    I need some lessons on layering and your sisters are so good at it. I just never know if it looks good or odd. Are there “rules” to go by for layering?

  7. lin789

    your sisters rocked this fashion post! and you guys are all SO cute. with style beside.
    but i’m in Andrea and Thelma’s camp. i would spend the entire church service in a state of panic over how to get out to the van without the scarf abandoning me…BUT. i am thinking outside the box now….can’t wait for second edition.

  8. grace_to_be

    very cool. love the idea of a scarf as a skirt.
    you and your sisters are beautiful~
    for sure would like another edition.

    wanted to tell you guys too that earlier i read through, but didn’t get time to comment. tonight i went to our youth group and we’ve been going through the book, Radical~ this wk was on money, and as we talked in our small group i suddenly had the thought how great it would be to have something very practical these girls could do to learn more to be content w/ what they have, and learn to spend less on themselves to give to others.

    so. i thought of your “fasting from shopping for a year.” i presented the idea to the other leaders in our group and they got super excited about it – – we’re doing a month, not a year. ;) and each time we’re ready to buy something, or feel tempted to, we’re going to put that money aside and at the end of the month bring what we would have spent on ourselves to give to a mission project!

    our youth pastor even said he’d like to see all the small groups doing the same! ~so. thanks to your fashion post.. you’re inspiring young people all the way up in Canada!! :) :)

    the family of God is amazing that way.

    love your blog, clarita.
    excited to meet you for real, SOON. :)

  9. inanorchard

    What a fun post! Gorgeous photos and what a treat to meet your sisters! I see they share you sense of humor and love of thrift store bargains :) That’s a very interesting challenge, a yearlong clothes fast. I’m sure my husband wishes I would take a similar challenge ;) But they are being so creative with ways to make the same outfit look different. I love scarfs! What great ideas, fun post! I’m really liking this series Clarita :)

  10. SC_girl

    Simply Loved this post. I was on a clothing fast for a few months last year. Its fun to know that other people do the same thing. I am in desperate need of clothes. It seems as if my sweaters are unraveling and bally, skirt elastic is stretching, etc etc. I always love coming up with new ways to wear things. And i’ll definitely give this a shot. :)

  11. marpeachey

    Awww. I absolutely loved this post. My oldest daughter, who is also my fashion adviser, is on a clothes fast this year. She really challenges me. Gotta show her this post. :) Aren’t sisters –and daughters–the best??

  12. zanyzeal

    What a fun post! I am take serious notes because next month I am beginning my “7” experiment (based on Jen Hatmaker’s book to rid yourself of excess) One of the months is to wear only 7 items of clothing for a month. After reading this I am convinced I must find a scarf that works as above. INSPIRING!

  13. down_onthefarm

    you girls are so FUN! when i think of having a sister and what kind of relationship i’d want that to be…YOU and yours come to mind! :)

    great ideas and photos btw!

  14. lifeisadance

    @grace_to_be – that is so exciting about your youth group!! i love the idea to not just go on a clothing fast, but to use that money for missions then instead. THAT is really awesome. and yes, i am super super excited about  meeting you too. :)

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