I am so happy and honored to have a post by my friend Candy today!

She and I met at a girls’ school when we were teenagers, and there was an almost immediate bond between us. She has a deep heart for God and her life has pressed me to Jesus so many times!

Candy Dalton and her husband, Josh, and two beautiful children are missionaries in the Philippines. Josh is a pilot, and they have dedicated their lives for the sake of the Gospel being known. I love them so much, and my only wish is that our lives could interact more often!

Candy blogs at The Ramblings of a Missionary Wife and recently posted ‘From A Quiet One.’ I thought the words were beautiful and challenging ~ and I have found myself on both sides of the spectrum. Thanks, Candy, for writing, and for allowing me to repost! xo


From a Quiet One


So, I don’t think anyone who knows me would say that I am a quiet person. I talk a lot & am pretty comfortable around people. But there is a part of me & a lot of others like me that is quiet.


Do you ever find yourself telling someone or wanting to tell someone, “Just because you scream the loudest doesn’t mean you’ll get the most attention.” Sometimes I really wish that were true. Because if you think about it, which one of your kids or friends get the most attention? The one who screams the loudest. Who in your extended family or workplace gets the most attention? The one who causes the most drama. It’s so true. The people who cause problems and make drama are the one who get the spotlight and attention.


And then, there are the quiet ones. The ones who say, “I’m find,” when you ask how they are doing. The ones who never make a big stink about anything. The ones who always seem to have everything together. The ones that people often go to for counsel. The friend you always call to unload on. The child who outwardly is always obedient and hardly ever gets in trouble. The people who work behind the scenes without being told or noticed.


The ones inside who have just as many problems, hurts & dramas as the others, you just never know about it. Most of the time, we are wearing the “fine and put together” mask, where the others just have the boldness and honesty not to put one on at all. Sometimes I want to scream and fall apart just so someone will notice I’m really not fine. Sometimes I would like someone who really cares to unload on. Sometimes I wish someone would notice the things I do behind the scenes.


I do not normally write things of this nature, but I felt really strongly that this was a God thought & not a Candy one. I am not writing this for people to tell me I’m doing a good job or to feel sorry for me, but on behalf of all the other quiet ones out there who need a little attention. Some encouragement. A thank-you.


Quiet ones – Take heart. The King of all Kings notices & He cares even when you feel taken advantage of. Be honest. Take off your mask. Bear your soul. Learn from the screamers. Maybe you should scream a little. :) Encourage another quiet one.


Screamers – Thanks for being honest. Thanks for not wearing a mask. But maybe learn to scream a little less. God hears whispers too. Take notice of the quiet ones. Go find one. Tell them you notice & give them some attention.



Happiness is neither within us; nor without us;
it is the union of ourselves with God.





8 thoughts on “{Guest Post} From A Quiet One

  1. Sarah D

    Absolutely beautiful! Clarita, thank you for sharing! and Candy, thank you for being brave enough to write what was in your heart. I know it’s not always easy!

  2. downonthefarm2indy

    hello to your friend candy! and thanks for sharing her heart words clarita.
    we just plain NEED each other, don’t we? our vertical relationship first of course…
    and then the horizontal ones that HE designed for us as well.
    i was startled to realize as i read that i am BOTH the loud AND quiet one.
    i have quiet places, even when i’m noisy.

    i was also startled to read that you met a a girls school! tell me more!!! :)

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