Happy Things…

… The first glimpse of spring on the maples!
The weather here has been divine – and coming from me, that’s saying a lot. :)


… Being involved a bit in a Widow’s Banquet our church did for ladies in the community.
These roses made me nostalgic for my former days at a florist shop…


… making some lace scarves. I just love the feminine lace & ruffles this spring!

… Finding strawberries on sale – fresh from Florida! – for seventy-five cents a quart.
I made 75 chocolate covered strawberries for the Widow’s Banquet, a few for ourselves, and made our year’s supply of strawberry jam!



… Friday night bike rides through the neighborhood. Chasing down an ice-cream truck we heard somewhere off in the distance, blaring “Yankee Doodle” until the poor driver must go batty, and finding the “truck” was actually a hippie van with ice cream pictures on the outside and a huge horn in the front. To say I found this amusing it putting it very lightly. :)


… The anticipation of tomorrow.
I’m going to be gone for a little while, because…


I get to spend an entire week with some of my favorite people in the world…

My three beautiful sisters and mother and grandmother [and my two daughters]!

I live almost a thousand miles away from all of them, and rarely am able to spend more than just a lunch or breakfast with all of us together. So to be able to together for a week, in the sun, with all of them, is just beyond exciting.

My heart beats wildly just thinking about this!

Florida, here we come!

My sisters, my best friends.



And after that high excitement, I’ll be back. :)



22 thoughts on “Happy Spring Things

  1. mytoesareblue

    wow clarita. looks like you have been busy. so excited for you that you get to spend time with your sisters. sounds like a wonderful time for all of you.

    I was interested to know what a Widow’s Banquet was. I’ve never heard of that before.


    We both posted “happy things” today . . . but your list is *divine* while mine is still “hoping” for spring . . . and florida? not this year, I guess. :) Oh, and as I sit here, one child on my lap and the other beside me, D gasped and told me to scroll back up as I was looking at your pics. I was impressed that he wanted a closer look at your beautiful maple blossoms, only to discover that he was pointing to the airplane in the ad in your sidebar. Sorry to burst your bubble AND mine. :) But boys will probably almost always want a closer look at planes vs.flowers, right?? Have a wonderful week with your sisters . . . and in the sun! Ooo la la! Won’t say that I’m jealous. Nope. Not one bit!

  3. Carsonsmom2

    Sounds like an amazing week! Family/sister/mom time is just the best!!! Love your happy music. :)
    And wow, you and your sisters look so much like your dad. Beautiful family. The love of Jesus shines.

  4. foreveranoatneygirl_n2Hisown

    oh this is just happiness OVERLOAD!
    i wish you the Best of times with your family…gonna be having some of my own family time in this next week too, and i’m sooo looking forward to BEing with those i love most!
    safe travels, and EnJoY!!

  5. justcallmeM

    Love that first picture!!! And those strawberries looked so lovely and delicious! Too bad we didn’t have enough for all of us to taste. You wouldn’t have minded making 125, would’ve you. :) :) The decor was lovely at the banquet. And I hope you have a wonderful time in Florida. We were down exactly a year ago and it was so chilly. So here’s wishing you a week of lovely weather with your family!!

  6. clearlyhis

    YES!  HaPpY things indeed!!  Here’s wishes for a heavenly time in FLwith your family!  I’m sure it will be.  Please post pictures  when you get back. =)


    Hee! I’m back after reading your comment to me. :) Just had to look at your LOVELY photos again and realized I hadn’t said that they are so lovely. Of course you know that already . . . but the trees, strawberries, and scarf esp. caught my attention. And the bike ride through town chasing after ice cream . . . sounds like fun and reminded me of being in Taiwan when I thot I heard a cute little ice cream truck tune, only to discover that it was the garbage truck coming down the street. Upon hearing it, folks were supposed to run out into the street to dump their trash into the truck. F.u.n.n.y! And *any* time you want a amazon lesson on scoring diaper deals, I am here to help! Call me if you wish. :) And did I mention that I’m NOT jealous of Florida and family time? I thot not.

  8. appalolly

    I am SOO ready for some warm weather around here.
    and jealous of various aspects of your life right now.
    The strawberries for 75 cents a quart AND the trip to Florida with your family.

    But very happy for YOU! Have an awesome time. I am sure you will!

  9. baileyandme

    first 4 pictures just “got” me. loveliness!
    have fun with sisters– can`t wait to see your shots after. i always love to see the modest/beautiful way you all dress.

  10. Elizabethmarie_1

    YAY!!!  That is a Very HaPpY thing, to be with your Family!
    Your scarf is so pretty. Your strawberries look so good! I can’t wait for strawberries!
    I used to work at a flower shop too! It was a loooong time ago, but it was a fun job.
    Have a wonderful trip!


    Thanks for calling yesterday! And sorry for the abrupt end. Suddenly everyone was awake, Phil came home, and the neighbor girl was at my door, so that I could go on my walk/run. So happy for the confirmation on your happy news!! And, hey, we can talk again soon . . . whenever either of us gets up enough nerve to call. :) Have a lovely day! I’m off to pack now . . . leaving tomorrow morning.

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