spring fever quote

Ahhh, yes, hello Spring!
We’ve been seeing hints of your arrival for the past month, but this week especially we knew you were near.

This morning we woke up to beautiful warm sunshine, and it was the perfect start to springtime. All winter I was jealous of the snow in the north. But now? The north can have their snow. I’m happy to take Spring. :)

This little southern town is simply wreathed in dogwoods and Bradford pear trees and azaleas.  It is the most beautiful time of the year here, and I always anticipate all the lovely blossoms everywhere.

There are little bursts of sunshine all over the house, and little touches that say,
“I’m happy spring is here!”

// In the kitchen //

Tulips in silver pitchers – I do the same thing every year, just cheap grocery store tulips in a an elegant thrifted pitcher. I love it so.

spring in the kitchen


// Dining Room //

First blooming Dogwood branches! They are my very very favorite springtime blossoms.
I just cannot get enough of them! They are dainty and soft, they are elegant and beautiful, they are unique and dazzling.

spring world

lovely spring

// Living Room //

Springtime mantel. It’s done very simply this year, with an oversized chalkboard with my favorite quote at present. It’s something I saw online, and I wish I could remember where, but I knew it must be in our home. Truly, the Gospel is all I have. Without it, I am nothing, and have nothing.

the gospel is all I have

spring mantel with fresh blossoms


//  first bouquet //

Zoe is a little flower girl, always bringing in little weeds blooms and blossoms she finds. Then she carefully arranges them in vases and bottles of her choice. I love this about her. I found these two sitting right here on the patio table.

Zoe's first bouquet

// gardening //

Perhaps it’s more rightly called, “hopes of gardening” because there is no garden at present.
But, husband buys lots of tomato plants anyway. :)
And I am excited right along with him.
This post has me dreaming and planning… at least in my mind.

young tomatoes


// new discoveries //

On one of the first 80 degree days we had, we abandoned the house and spend the whole afternoon outside. It was glorious! Fresh sunshine does wonders for a human soul!

This little guy discovered the water hose, and I spent at least an hour just giggling at him. He was being such a little BOY, turning the hose on his sisters and hearing them shriek, and then he’d had to stop and LAUGH and laugh to himself at how much fun it all was.
Oh goodness, he just melts me in a puddle!

my darling son

hello spring!

spring beauties

// twirl //

There is something about little girls, sunshine, and twirly skirts that speak of innocence and delight, of how the world was meant to be.

One night after supper, when the evenings were getting longer and daylight stayed close to bedtime, Zoe and Olivia were running about the yard. They had chosen matching dresses earlier in the day “Because we want people to think we’re twins!!”. I looked out the window to see them laughing and twirling, arms stretched out wide, spinning until they tumbled, and then back up again, doing it all over.

I was mesmerized. It was so carefree, so uninhibited.
It was living fully in the moment, simply delighted with sunshine and each other and skirts that spin wide.

It was worship.
I want to live like that.

spring twirlers innocent happiness


Happy Spring, my friends!

Let yourself be loved of God today, and twirl.

26 thoughts on “Hello Spring!

  1. Claude

    OH MAN
    I can’t take this post. It makes me want to hug and squish you all really really really tight.
    See you next week!!!

  2. Drusilla

    Aww, Springtime in the South…YUM!! Those purple flowers bring back so many memories!:)As a little girl I use to LOVE to pluck the little buds off~weird I know ha:)

  3. Shannon

    I am oh so oh so jealous of your spring. I almost can’t wait for it to happen here. Dogwoods are my favorite too! We used to have a tree in our front lawn at home and I loved when they bloomed. –This whole posts just speaks beauty!

  4. Cheryl

    Sweet post. I especially love the part about the girls. Made my day to read this as many children today don’t play and enjoy being outdoors like that anymore. Technology has taken over.
    I am also loving your sweet, simple Spring mantel.
    Happy Spring!

  5. Rebecca

    absolutely beautiful in EVERY way! :) I love what you said about living free with abandon! Amen!! :) Happy first day of Spring!! Thank you for sharing your warm days with us via technology as I am shivering here in the north! *smiles*
    :) Rebecca

  6. parla

    isn’t amy’s post just absolutely inspiring! w/ at least 4 ft. of snow still on the ground and a muddy mess to be sure when it does finally melt, i have little hope of gardening at this point in my life! but hopefully someday!
    such sweet sweet captures of childhood wonder and beauty!
    your posts too always inspire :)

  7. Jenny

    Such lovely spring! I especially love that big laugh from your little man, and the girls in their twirly skirts. Oh, and I want to recommend the film “Back to Eden”. You can watch it online from here http://www.backtoedenfilm.com/ Paul is so wise and Godly it is a pleasure to watch and learn. His method of using whole branches and leaves mulch makes it easier, few weeds and less water.

  8. Sheila Peachey

    Tis’ LOVELY today in our part of the state too.
    ~ The most favorite time of the yr. SPRING! I so enjoy soaking up the warmth of the sun n watching bulbs push forth from the earth n new leaves n petals break forth with such rich COLOR.
    The simplicity of God’s beautiful flowers in our homes, gives a sense of pleasure n delight :)
    This post is so sweet. I too have the giggles of a 2 yr old, which loves to get his sissy squealing. I just sit and soak it in. The stages come and go so fast :( I treasure each!
    Thanks for sharing.

  9. shellynissley

    I sometimes think the “calendar makers” lived in the South when they made March 20th the first day of spring. :) Yes, you certainly have got it “over” us now in the weather department! Oh your blooms and sweater-less children and sunshine are just BEAUTIFUL!! Thanks for reminding me of what should be coming to us soon~and giving us hope! :) My children were outside for several hours today, so it certainly is *warmer* than it’s been, but when I attempted a little walk with baby, I realized just how chilly the breeze still blows! We’ll try again at a later date!

  10. Chelsea

    I am absolutely elated that Spring is finally here! Although, Oklahoma is notorious for getting just one more snow storm in after the season has changed. Maybe mother nature will change her mind this year :) Lovely flowers too!

  11. Rachel

    Your little man with his bare feet and his hose adventure is just too c.u.t.e! 100% boy, for sure. Someone in our house rediscovered her dress up clothes this week and has been twirly-whirling (apparently it’s more fun if you say that over and over and over, while you do it) all over the house. I don’t feel very twirl-y these days, it’s hard to spin when you’re wrapped in a blanket. =) Spring WILL come here too, eventually!

  12. Zebe

    I needed to see this today. Found out I couldn’t get back to the farm til Monday and was feeling so sad. I hope you and the kids can come visit. I need your help bringing my own Springtime inside. I will play with the kids and you can make my house look as magical as yours.

  13. tessfull2

    I love the twirly, sunshiny delish vibes of this post. All the beauty of spring… all the celebration of it in your home. Love it! I got a card table full of growing plants in my living room. My husband grows his own plants so my living room is part green house all through March. :-P

  14. peaceatthelake

    I love this post! Springtime is just starting here in Ohio and I can’t wait! Normally I’m not so eager for spring, but I think having a daughter has changed things. I want to be outside with her and soon her little sister enjoying the fresh air and the flowers.

    I’m so glad that spring has arrived for you.

  15. Elizabeth

    Twirly skirts! How fun. They do actually look a lot like twins.
    And little Hudson…oh my goodness is he so adorable. One of the cutest little boys I have ever seen!
    You have no idea how jealous I am of your 80 degrees…I know exactly how you feel at Christmas time when it’s snowing here. We still have big piles of snow on the ground and not a bloom to be seen anywhere. But soon! :)
    For now I’ll just come over here and dream and watch you post about tulips and sunshine and glorious tomato plants.
    Happy Weekend Clarita! XxOo

  16. Gail McNeeley

    SO much beauty…I love it. I’m dying to garden and stuff, but the juniper pollen is killing me.

  17. jennymarrsphotography

    Beautiful!! I love the photos and want to jump through the screen to capture a little spring here too!!!:)

  18. amber

    all so lovely~ and peaceful. i’m aching for spring.. especially since getting a taste of it down your way last week.

    continuing to think of you, friend, during this time. love to you dear.

  19. Ginger

    I grew up with dogwoods and azaleas and tiny purple “weeds” :) in March and admit that I miss it terribly this time of year when there’s little in bloom around here. You have a lovely home and family! I’d love to copy your mantel quote for Easter!

  20. Lyndsi

    Clarita… I’ve been wanting to come back here and comment for several weeks now. The verse on your chalk board grabbed me the first time I read it, and then several Sunday school discussions kept pointing me back to it. I ended up putting it up on my own chalkboard in the kitchen. It became a daily prayer of mine that the Gospel would transform my love for Michael… the way I serve my children… the way I see people… I look at this verse so often when I’m in the middle of teaching and training and am reminded that all I have to give is the Gospel Then when my Grandpa passed away this verse became even sweeter still. Because I’m pretty sure he would’ve reminded us as we said our last good byes to cling to the Gospel, and in a little while, our faith too, will be made sight! Thank you so much for sharing!

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