It’s Springtime!

There are few other seasons so looked forward to here in the south,
maybe with the exception of Autumn.

There is such a freshness, a newness, to life.

I love the signs of spring outside and around our little cottage…

// kitchen mantel, with prism reflection //

I love the Holy Week, the Easter celebration…
I’m in awe of all the Jesus Christ has done.
What a precious Savior!
And everything we are and have is not too much to offer Him.
Nothing could be too much, in light of all HE is and what HE has done.

I’m pondering this quote from Randy Alcorn:

Holiness was once a central component of following Christ.
But for many today, the Christian life is little more
than a celebration of cheap grace and pseudo-liberty,

with a high tolerance for sin.”

And this one, by Kevin DeYoung:

Worldliness is whatever makes sin look normal
and righteousness look strange.”

I’m reading a book by DeYoung,
with the thought of holiness being not a legalistic endeavour,
but a grateful response to a Holy, Precious Savior.
It’s moving…

// a few hours of solo time //

// the little raised bed garden //

There is such a feeling of life in the air,
a feeling of hope.

There is such inspiration, such motivation.
Spring cleaning & Mrs. Meyers may be in full swing one of these days!

Those who have read this [small, irregular] blog – thank you!

This began as a place for family to keep up with our lives far away,
and it has grown a bit from that.

Those who read and comment – I loved loved meeting new friends, and hope it continues!
It’s not so much the comments themselves, but the feeling of friendship and community that they give that I have loved here.

Those who read without commenting – that’s so okay, because this is a public spot and you are under no obligation to comment. ;)

But you all have made this such a fun, enjoyable, happy place for me.

To one and all ~ Happy Springtime!

~ clarita

44 thoughts on “Hello Spring!

  1. ascultafili

    You’re in the south? I grew up in Atlanta and remember what the spring was like. I love autumn the best, though. Nothing like the NFL:) Nice post. Have a great day.

  2. grandpas_gurl

    Where do you get your blossoms? Do you plummage people’s bushes cuz i can’t figure out where in the Sam Henry to get some and i WANT!! Ha! :) Love the decor…i’ve been enjoying Spring soo much too, it gives me hope that Georgia can actually look half decent some months! :) It makes me feel like i can breath when i see such beauty around here! Oh & what is the name of your new blog?? I am so curious…So happy you could have solo time in Savannah. XO

  3. JessicaThisBlessedLife

    Can’t wait to see your new look! Thank you so much for the tip about etsy – I found a design that I love and hope to switch in the next month. Just saving up my money! :) It’s funny because the design was exactly what I was looking for!

    Your house looks so pretty! I have little blue eggs in a nest, too. Great minds think alike! ;)

  4. southernyankees5

    I enjoy your blog… a lot! I don’t think I ever commented before, but I would love to read your new blog, too! I know your sister Jana ( live in her area) I am on facebook more than xanga:) Keep on enjoying your lil family, kids are teenagers before you know it:) Denise Stauffer

  5. grace_to_be

    i’m wanting that first pic to frame and put in my living room – it’s my colors.
    doesn’t look like spring much in these parts. but i was here last year and know it’s coming!! :))
    already love your new blog. i keep stealing on to have a peek to inspire me on..
    but wordpress as of the moment is killing my brain. popeonastick and hosting sites and waa!!
    just hop on a plane and come explain it all to me. :))
    or just hop on a plane and come stay w/ me for a week…
    we’ll drink tea and talk and shop and think nothing of blogs the whole time. ;))

    love you girl~

  6. oneblessedwoman

    While this news makes me kinda sad, cause I love to come here and see that you have posted yet another lovely post. I do understand and hope the new blog spot is a huge success. Because I am so computer STUPID I am afraid I will miss your posts. That has happened with a few of my other friends. Ok so this post is not about me or what I want, just thought I would say. But more important than all that is, once again you have been an inspiration with your words, pics and your positive attitude. Thank You. I LOVE SPRING TOO, but I think I say that about Autumn and Christmas too:).

  7. down_onthefarm

    those quotes really grabbed me. the pseudo-liberty? whoa. sobering.
    and your words about comments nailed something too, “… the feeling of friendship and community that they give that I have loved here.”
    so true. and one reason exactly why i blog—to hang out with friends. :)
    your new blog is lovely. i thought of you and it again today when “the love of God” was on the radio!
    the best of wishes and happy hugs about your new address.
    <3 <3 <3

  8. Anonymous

    I so enjoy your writting, and am glad to hear you will continue, just at a new location! Indeed, Happy Springtime! [we are still waiting the arrival of warmer weather, here in VA.]

    xoxo, Amelia

  9. tigergal01

    I thought, too, maybe you were moving from the cottage…glad to see it’s just your blog home…please let us have your new address unless you’ve arranged for mail forwarding!


    ~eunice b

  10. MaeIBeSunny

    i’ll def be moving with you, LOVE your blog, the way you write and your dreamy cottage and it’s decor (and the sweet lil kidders). Thanks for the inspiration!!!!


    It *is* bittersweet to move . . . whether to a new house or a new domain name and host. But hopefully all the benefits will outweigh the things you might miss . . . and you will write on happily ever after. {I think it’s beautiful . . . and another thing that I hadn’t mentioned earlier was a “subscribe by email” thingamajigger that you might want to include so that all the people ^^^ can keep in touch that way and never miss a post.}

    Like I told you this morning, we’re still waiting on our spring to pop through, but it’s so refreshing and hopeful to look at your spring beauty while we wait. I love your moss greens and that first picture too. It’d fit with my decor as well (as a previous person mentioned). ;) Just bought some moss at Blueball warehouse last week {and it feels like a tragedy that just now that I’ve really “discovered” them, they are now closing!!), but I still want to make a moss wreath for my mudroom. I love all your beautiful touches as always! xo

  12. Elizabethmarie_1

    Your pictures are gorgeous! Your blog looks like a magazine, and I am looking forward to follow you in your new little spot. Hope you have a wonderful weekend! XxOo

  13. chulya

    you are a great blogger in every way. your style, fashion, view of life, and GODLINESS have sucked me in….wanting more. maybe i missed it, but….may i be invited to join you at your new site? please? i, too, have left xanga. it has been hard….as i’ve been blogging on there for about 7 years. i haven’t decided where to go yet. <3 BLESSINGS!

  14. Anonymous

    I found your blog through a friend and have loved reading through your blog! I also thought it was high time I told you home much I have appreciated it. ;) Your creativity, humor, honesty, love for life and your family, and most of all your love and givenness to our Savior have blessed me so much! I am so glad that you are not done blogging, but only changing directions. Thank you for inspiring me to keep pressing hard into Him and living life to the fullest!

    What will happen to the content of this blog?

    In Him,

  15. smilesbymiles

    Xanga is annoying me and not letting me sign in, but I still wanted to say, I love your signs of Spring because it gives me hope that SOMEDAY the grass will turn green here, too. At this rate, it feels like it might not be til July. ;) Your spring wreath is darling! So excited about the new blog, too. I hope it will soon feel like home there. :) Michelle

      1. Clarita Post author

        The blue eggs came in a pack of eggs/nest from Kmart, I think! A friend gave some to me, and I can’t remember where I picked up the rest! I’m always on the lookout for cute spring decor! :) Thanks for stpping by!

  16. lifeisadance

    @grace_to_be – oh my goodness, would that ever be FUN to just have a week to just have fun together!! oh wow, that makes me smile so big, it’s such a happy thought. :) and i don’t know everything about importing/changing over, but I’ll help you if I can!!

  17. lifeisadance

    @oneblessedwoman – I know, Rochelle, I’ve had those same feelings when someone moves!! I don’t mind you saying that at all! But I’m going to try to make it easy for people to still subscribe if they want to, so hopefully it won’t be too hard…. I love when you comment! :) And I love how you love every season! ♥

  18. lifeisadance

    @down_onthefarm – I blog to hang out with friends – you got it, girlfriend! :) What a lonely world it would be without friendships, and it’s so interesting how technology can be for good or bad, but the friendships that have been formed via technology that have been REAL friends? They are SO special! You know what I mean, right? :)

  19. lifeisadance

    @tigergal01 – Hi Eunice! Thanks for stopping by, and nope, the cottage itself is staying put! You’re not the first to think it’s moving – I must have worded it in a confusing way! :) Yes, I will let you know the new address when it’s ready!

  20. lifeisadance

    @FOREVERLANE – I think because I’ve given myself lots of time to move over to the new blog it’s already feeling comfortable over there. I’m excited! :) You have been a huge part of me moving – the encouragement and you-can-do-it stuff that I don’t know if I would have had the guts for! :) Thank you!! ♥

  21. lifeisadance

    @chulya – You are too kind, and I am so blessed by your words! But it’s all Jesus – I’m just an ordinary little girl! :) And yes, I will let you all know the new name and address when it’s all ready – hopefully very soon! And I know what you mean about leaving xanga…. there is such a community here, and it may take a while for a new place to have that same feeling of friendship. Let me know if/when you move too!

  22. lifeisadance

    @Hannah – Hi Hannah! Thank you so much for stopping by and for the encouraging words! I do appreciate them so much! It it all for the glory of Jesus!
    I’m moving the contents of this blog to my new one, so hopefully the new one will still feel familiar and cozy. :) Have a lovely day!

  23. lifeisadance

    @smilesbymiles – All the more reason that we’re moving, right? :) So far I have really really liked wordpress – it takes a bit to learn my way around, but after that, it’s been professional and easy. I’m glad you’re in my “new community”! :) And spring took a long time to reach the south too – we had a recent freeze which killed all the Bradford pear blossoms, some of my favorite trees in the spring… It seems to be a widespread cold spring!

  24. zanyzeal

    Love all your Easter loveliness…. gorgeous spring… I love the season… Been enjoying the sunshine so much. The quotes on holiness were really good. I think I must add that book to my growing list. It sounds like my kind of read.

    Well be following you on your new blog hopefully!

  25. purpleamethyst76

    @lifeisadance – I’m so happy you wanted to meet me!  I’m back at home, though.  I would have loved to meet you, too.  I had a lovely time down your way and hope to visit the area again someday.  So, maybe next time! 

  26. down_onthefarm

    i DO know what you mean. :) So very special. and i’m grateful AND thrilled that you are one of them. xo

    you know how i mentioned that pseudo-liberty quote? i have thought alot about that since then and partly because the whole pseudo thing was already on my mind. particularly pseudo-power. and the underneath layers that cause and contribute to it. disturbing if i stop there. but really way cool when HE moves you on through, from all “pseudos” to authenticity. again, thanks for sharing that, because i love when He brings the same things to me from different directions.

  27. Sarah

    I absolutely love your blog. Your home is gorgeous and your kitchen exactly what I always picture as ideal. But mostly I love how you praise God! :)

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