So. This is where I get all house-wifey on you. :) Because when you have your own home, it becomes actual fun to take care of things and keep it tidy!

This post was borne out of one of those moments when my oven needed to be cleaned. And so I did. Because, anyone who cooks and bakes on a daily basis knows that your oven gets so dirty. And so I cleaned it. And the inside looked great! Oven cleaner is amazing stuff, ya’ll.

But it was AFTER I cleaned it all up, closed the door, and stood back, that I realized that, “What in the world. My door looks terrible! Inside. How does stuff get INSIDE my oven door anyway? Between the glass?”

And so. I googled (Google is my best friend) and searched and figured out how to get between the glass.

And what do you know, but it’s not even rocket science. It’s super easy, and all it takes is a screwdriver. I wondered why I haven’t been doing this for years! (Those who have been doing this all your life, don’t judge. Or at least please tell me why you didn’t let the world know how to do it! We’ve been waiting! :) )

So, just in case anyone else is wanting to not only have a clean oven interior but also an oven door, here you go!

how to clean inside the oven door

Be glad you can do this in your own home without a blog watching. I am blushing beet red as I show you the interior state of my oven. Before. It wasn’t pretty, you guys.

Entitled: The Embarrassing Oven

the embarrassing oven door

A serious cleaning happened and the oven interior was shiny and lovely. Whew. At this point we will by-pass the oven-cleaning instructions, and go directly to the door.

See those big screws on the side?

where to find the screws

 Yes, those. There were three per side on my oven, so six total. Each pair was slightly different in size, so you’ll want to separate them and remember which goes where. Unscrew and remove, and it will come apart like so:

how to open it up

The door will hinge into two pieces, and the handle will probably come off (mine did). Now get busy and start cleaning both of the inside pieces of glass! This is the fun part. :) I just used Windex and a soft cleaning cloth, but you can use any cleaner of your preference. Get that baby sparkly and make sure there are no streaks or smudges!

Re-attach the door, holding the sides and pieces together, then place the screws back in place. It worked best when I held the door against my knees, and held it tightly together. This takes a bit of concentration but it’s not very difficult.

And it’s back together.

the finished product - it's like a mirror!

 It looked brand new. BRAND NEW. If I’d be emotional over household things I might have cried with happiness at this point. But instead, I stood back and just BEAMED. And felt like the Queen of Kitchen Duties.

Time frame: 1/2 hour, at the most.

I just want to sit in a chair, prop up my feet, drink a coke – er, I mean a pink drink – and gaze at my oven. I MEAN, FOR REAL.  Except I better sweep up the crumbs from the floor first. Oops.

the clean oven and door

I’ve done this twice now, because it is super easy, and because when you know it can be clean, why let it be dirty?!

Happy oven-cleaning!

(And if you’ve already doing this forever, just rejoice with those who rejoice :))


16 thoughts on “how to clean INSIDE your oven door

  1. sharon stoltzfus

    I never knew this either and my dirty oven window has always humiliated me. Thank you for this helpful info! :)

  2. Kim

    You mentioned doing this once upon a time. I was hoping you would tell us how this works and now you have. Thanks! Off to clean my oven door. (All of our ovens have looked just as dirty or worse; thank you for being “real.”)

  3. Breana

    Soooo pretty! Aaaaand she said y’all, y’all!! Girl, now you are a Southern Belle! *BIG smile*

  4. Wilma

    Happy for you! Unfortunately our oven door is much more complicated to take apart. I mean, it’s a real PAIN!!! My husband came to the rescue, read the instructions in the manual, and took it apart for me. Then put it back together after I cleaned it.

  5. Gail McNeeley

    Oh, boy. Now that you’ve issued instructions, I HAVE to get this job done! Yippeee!!!

  6. Lauren

    Great tip!! Thank you! That always bugged me, too. And, I’m pretty sure I need to have a regular kitchen appliance cleaning schedule. Wiping counters, that’s easy for me. But the appliances always get neglected….

  7. Marita

    Thanks for sharing! I just recently noticed how dirty my oven window was even after “cleaning” it and was stumped as to how to get that inside clean…this is perfect!

  8. Rhonda

    Wow, Thankyou for this!! I LOVE a gleaming stove, but have somehow put up with water drops between the glass for seven years! That shall come to an end in the very near future! :)

  9. Karen

    Wow, I lived with a dirty glass oven door for years never realizing that I could clean it. Just thought it was old and well… I have a great new oven and will most definitely clean that glass when needed.

  10. Jeanette

    (Confession) I have been staring at the grime between my oven doors wishing it would somehow magically vanish! Thank you for this inspiration!

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