My son – our son – had his first birthday yesterday.

// Yes, he has killer blue eyes, just like his daddy. :) //

Hudson is One! 069

I don’t know HOW it is possible for a year to go by so quickly, for a little person to become so intricately interwined in our lives, for our love to grow so deeply, for our hearts to swell with love for a new little person in our family…

I tried not to cry, but I kept swallowing tears all day. I don’t want my kids to remember me as the mom who always cried on birthdays!! I mean, seriously! But I guess I am that very person. I just try to do it in private instead of in front of everyone. :)

I remember his birth, the excitement of a new baby, the thrill of a BOY, the tiny bit of ohmygoodnessit’saboy, i don’t know anything about boys!

I had thought three girls would be perfect; now, I see that, for our little family, the order of two girls and then a boy is what is perfect. So very perfect.

Hudson is One! 063

I never expected that Zoe and Olivia would be so thrilled with a brother. I thought it would be the parents who would be so excited about a new baby in the family; but it’s the girls who multiply the joy.

I never expected to love a little boy so much! It’s not more than my girls, but it’s a different kind of love. I can’t really explain it, other than I am hopelessly SMITTEN with him. He completely melts me.

I didn’t expect a boiy to be so sweet, so snuggly. He’s the kind that loves to play hard and make tractor noises, but he can also give the best kisses and loves some good snuggles. ♥

Hudson is One! 032

Having a son has given me a bigger vision for godly manhood than I had before. Not that I can or will do this perfectly, but by God’s grace we want to raise a son for the glory of God. Not a pansy, not a man who always takes the easy route, but a man who follows God and obeys Him and loves Him no matter what, a man who is a leader in the Kingdom of God, however God should chose to use him and place him. Leaders are not always out-front kind of men, but leaders are always influencers of other people; sometimes quietly, sometimes more strongly.

I get excited about Hudson being taught by his daddy, about being a servant-leader as his daddy so clearly lives out, about respecting the women in his life and treating them with honor, about having a heart for the weak and helpless, about rescuing the defenseless…

I don’t know the plans that the Lord has for this little man, but his father and I will do our utmost to raise him in kingdom ways, in the fear of God, and then to release him to fly. That may be scary, we just talked about that a few days ago. The “safe” men are easier to raise, easier to release. It’s the daring ones, the adventurous men, the ones willing to take risks that are more challenging – as boys, as men. But what this world needs is real men! I have seen them, I am married to one, and I am excited about the plans of God for this little one!

We had a little party for Hudson, with emphasis on the little. :) A person turning one does not understand what is happening, and much money and time spent on that particular birthday will not necessarily go down in the annuls of ‘feeling loved by mommy and daddy.’  But, there are two big sisters around here who are wildly excited about birthdays and parties, so it was more for their sakes than for Hudson’s that we spent time preparing and crafting and baking and sewing [tie shirt and ‘1’ bib]. But, in the words of Zoe, “It sure is a lot of work getting ready for a party!” :)

Hudson is One! 078

The Tomkat Studio is a more recent-found favorite go-to place for party ideas and such. It was a great save for this last-minute party planner! :) Hudson was a Cinco de Mayo baby, but I wasn’t really into the whole Latin theme party, so we went with a bit of mustache and color – something that was on his birth announcements and I’ve made shirts for him with mustaches and it just seems to fit him.

We crafted paper medallions, which were ever so much fun. I was going to do a tutorial on them, and then after we were finished I realized there are many other sites with super great tutorials and pictures, here and here, for instance.


The cake was going to be for Hudson to dive into, but for the sake of our dinner guests, we allowed him a cupcake to demolish instead. :) He loved it!

Hudson is One! 025 Hudson is One! 030

Little Man, how we {{{ LOVE }}} you!  I’m so glad I get to celebrate the gift of your life!


19 thoughts on “Hudson is One!

  1. Linda Yoder

    I can hardly get over the fact that he’s one, and how super adorable he really is!! What a fun birthday theme and colors! Loved your thoughts on manhood too. Could not agree more!

  2. Audrey R

    i agree, he went through his first year so fast! and he’s so lucky to have you for his mom!

  3. shelly

    You’re right. He does have killer eyes! I always notice them first on his pictures. The eyes and then the mischievous grin. :) You do a great job with parties . . . *and* I love how you talked about raising him, the plans God has for him. teaching him to be a real man, etc. So good and true and right! Love you all!

  4. Shannon

    Ohhh he is so adorable. He’s only 9 months older then Kennedy, plenty close enough for an arranged marriage I think!! :)

  5. twomenandtheirlady

    You’ve got a handsome one year old! =)
    Happy birthday, Hudson!
    May you, and us all, always live to God’s glory.

  6. amber~.

    to think, last time i saw you he was still inside and now! ohmyword.. where has a WHOLE ENTIRE YEAR gone??
    makes me miss you and want to meet this little guy in person. happy birthday to him and you and the whole sweet gang there who get to celebrate the gift of his life each and every day!! xo.

  7. aliza

    The first birthday always makes me want to cry too! Leaving the baby stage behind is so bittersweet.
    Love the new blog!

  8. Ervina

    Oh I wish we could have been there for his partay. It looks like ever so much fun, and I’m sure he could have used another shower of kisses. I’m so proud of my nephew.

  9. Elizabeth

    HaPpY Birthday to Hudson!!! I can’t believe he is already a year old, wow! I love all your party decor, you are SO creative Clarita! My sister named her baby Hudson….he is three months old now. I just love, love that name.

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