… that will be in exactly one week from now, in lovely Pennsylvania.

It’s my second sister’s wedding!

I’m beyond excited.
We leave tomorrow to spend some time with the family before the wedding.
And to help as much as possible, of course.

Without giving away too many secretive details,
it’s going to be a church ceremony and garden reception.
The evening reception is what I’m dreaming of ~ the candles, the magical lighting at dusk,
the festive celebration of the Two becoming One.
Such a beautiful mystery, and even more amazing to be able to represent a much greater Picture,
that of Christ and His bride.

I think weddings are a foretaste of Heaven.
The forever of a marriage.
The celebration and excitement.

Zoe and Olivia will be flower girls once again, and they are thrilled.
This time they know what to expect, and they are rather proud of their little role. :)

They’ll be wearing little lace dresses…

Ervina, the bride, is as sweet as ever a woman could be. I adore her.
She’s thoughtful and sentimental, which I love about her.
Her Christmas gift to me was this:

ervina 004  ervina 007

ervina 009

Is that not the sweetest, most creative idea?

I was ever so delighted to accept!

The bridesmaids will each be wearing something different. I think that makes it so fun and unique.
The only stipulation was “lace and ivory/cream/blush colors.”

There were quite a few lovely lovely dreses to be found.
Namely, Downeast Basics [shown first] and Shabby Apple.

The following is a bit of fashion eye candy to me…

MAY12_laceyafternoon2_amberlight7612 APR12_timepiece_pastelrose2560 MAY12_forsyth_cream2556

 1420 1293 837

I bought from neither, but received inspiration from both stores and [said nervously] made my dress.
[from a goodwill sheet and yards of lace from a junk shop, she whispers with a red face.
husband was so embarassed, we’re not that poor, he said.”]
My dress is a combination of the two center dresses.

My belt arrived just today, not day to lose, before leaving the next morning early.
And I ordered both, because I wasn’t sure which one would look the best.
The other will be given as a gift, I suppose!


Triple Flower Belt 

And shoes! We’re to wear flats, of whatever we like. Colorful or not. I’m going with a nuetral look.
But oh, just look at the parade of shoes available!

[target and payless online]

targetrhinestone ballet
jewel ballet glitter ballet flats
crocheted ballet
[these also came in a nude color, i think they’re lovely]

I’m been making some of these as well…

2012-05-31 Ervina's pillows

And little Hudson needed a shirt f.or the wedding
Whoever said you can’t dress boys cute? I’m having loads of fun.
Well, he’s only been out of a sleeper once, but still. :)

ervina 016

Have a lovely weekend, this first of June!

~ clarita

21 thoughts on “I’m Thinking of a Wedding…

  1. mlt10202002

    you may not be that poor, but you are THAT INCREDIBLY CREATIVE!!
    loved all the “pretty” in this post.
    hudson’s shirt made me die of cute.

  2. inanorchard

    I love it all Clarita! You have been a busy girl these last few month. Having a baby, standing up in two weddings!! You are amazing my friend :) Have a wonderful time with your family and I can’t wait to see another gorgeous wedding post!

    Love Hudson’s outfit <3

  3. thegrabertribe

    Awesome post, Clarita. I simply can’t fathom having the energy to do all of this, plus having a newborn. And you even had time to blog about it. Love that you shared this with us! I can’t wait to see pics of this wedding! I’m seeing that your family is so good at creative & I am sure that Ervina’s wedding will be so lovely. Enjoy your week!

  4. chulya

    clarita…you seem like a clone of me. seriously. my favorite clothes are ones i make from sheets, vintage table cloths, etc. (we’re not THAT poor.) HAHAHA ! i love everything about the above wedding you described! especially the way you and your sisters all pour every bit of love, time, and personality into escorting your own special touches on everything! the dresses look BEAUTIFUL! and….that BELT! oh my! i want to make one like it. i know you will ENJOY the day more than anyone….because that’s how it is when you express yourself so much in your work! XOXOX

  5. everydaymoments

    And I sigh as you remind me again how cookie cutter weddings were before the days of pintrest. So many fun ideas that we missed out on.

    That shirt for the little man….a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e.

  6. twofus_1

    You know how to build anticipation. :) The Christmas gift is so creative and personal. I so often see ideas and want to do them but don’t…so I really admire people who actually put them into action. :) I hope you have a pre-wedding week that is lovely and mostly relaxing. :)

  7. seekinHISwisdom

    I am excited too, to see more pictures. I KNOW it will all be beautiful!! The book idea, so precious!

    Have fun spending time with your sisters and family, preparing for another exciting wedding day……


    Building anticipation is exactly what you’re doing here! I can’t wait to see more. AND to see you! If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it {or thot it} at least 500 times, I wish you’d be my own personal dresser and home decorator. I love your style and ability to recreate what you see. You are DEAR.

  9. Izzysgal

    Clarita, just stopping by to say hi~what a beautiful baby boy, just darling!

    My sister gets married this weekend, so we’re on the major countdown. Little girls get their hair cuts today, I’m dreaming of a pedicure, need to find the allusive shoes for Misty, and then it’s set up day tomorrow!

    Hope your travels to PA. go smoothly, I can’t wait to see your dress ;). I made Easter dresses for my girls last year out of sheets…but I’m sure your’s is way more impressive.

    Squeeze that baby for me~I love me a newborn.

  10. smilesbymiles

    Oh, Clarita, where to even start? I just spent a few minutes (ok, maybe more than a few!) catching up on your blog. So much goodness! That adorable baby!!!!!! He is just a doll (and nope, me saying that won’t turn him into a pansy. I promise to quit before he hears me.) :) So grateful your labor went so much easier than the other time. I was so curious how it would go, remembering your last experience and car birth and hoping that somehow things would be easier this time! And the wedding! How exciting! But goodness, girl, you are going to be exhausted when it’s all over! I can’t wait to see your dress!!!!!!!!!!! And pictures of the wedding which I’m sure will be gorgeous! Wish I could squish that little guy a little!

  11. Elizabethmarie_1

    I would have said how excited I was for you guys and I would have told you to have a Great time…IF I SAW THIS POST SOONER!!! =) Can’t wait to hear more about the day.

    I LOVED all the lace and flats and girly-ness of this post!!!

  12. Anonymous

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