You’d think the question would have been asked during a most wonderful day.

Maybe a day when I was dancing about the kitchen in a pretty little apron, singing a ditty while cooking food like Paula Deen.

Or maybe at a time when it was a picture-perfect moment that Norman Rockwell would have painted, like all three kiddos piled around me on the couch while reading “Little House on the Prairie.”

Or perhaps on a walk down a country lane, lined with canopy-like trees on all sides, all of us in pretty frocks and knickers, holding hands and singing, “Skip to my Lou!”

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But the question was asked at the end of a rather long day by my three-year old Olivia, after I had flown into the bathroom in great exasperation. The girls were bathing and started calling, no, screeching, for me. If there is one thing I cannot handle, it’s screeching, or screaming, or whatever you may call it. High decibals coming from small children causes high blood pressure in me.

So after calming the screeching and finishing the hair washing, Olivia asked, Is it fun bein’ a mama?”

And, quite frankly, the question threw me off guard.

In that moment a hundred images and memories and moments went through my mind…

… The week before when all three kids caught the stomach bug, and were throwing up like geysers. Several times I was in direct line with the geyser, and boy, it was not pretty.

… The many many times when it feels like the training just isn’t sinking in, and how many times does it take before a child learns the lesson?

… The coffee spills on sofas, the bathwater all over the floor, the nail polish smeared over the bathroom, the crumbs that marry and multiply under the table.

… The early mornings when I wonder, “Are you even serious. How can you be up already!?”

… The umpteen times of hearing, “Somebody wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiipe me!”

… Also hearing umpteen times, “I’m huuuuuuuuungry!”

… The exhaustion at the end of a day, and falling asleep within minutes of dropping into bed

Fun? It’s not all fun. Sometimes it’s downright exhausting and can someone please just give me a hug?

But then I also remembered…

… Those sunlight images in my mind of little girls running at the speed of light, messy hair trailing behind them, wearing princess outfits and strings of pearls. All is right in their little world, and its a lumpinmythroat moment.

… Receiving an unexpected hug and a kiss on the cheek, and looking over to see a little mischievous dimpled smile. xo

… Seeing the affection between the sisters and brother, and realizing even now they are building precious relationships.

…  Trying to bake or cook very very quietly in the kitchen, but within seconds there is a little blue chair perched beside me, right in front of the very cupboard door I need to get into, and a little girl who always tells me, “Whenever I hear someone in the kitchen, I ALWAYS want to come help them!” and I can’t help but laugh.

… Laying beside the girls at bedtime, and listening to the endless chatter, and “Oh mama, did you know….” and praying that we’ll always be such great friends.

… Being humbled at how God can work in the hearts of such small children, and hearing them talk about Jesus with each other. Melt me, just melt me.

… The countless times a day that I laugh at my kids, because they are just too funny and cute.

And in that brief moment, in the middle of the end of the day exhaustion and looking into the bright expectant eyes of my daughter, I found centre again. I needed that question to remind me of what really matters, of how much I really DO love this mommy-job, of how precious these moments really are, and I answered,

You know, Lovies, it’s actually sooooo fun being a mommy.”

And in that answer my exhaustion didn’t seem so consuming, and it was a thankyouJesus moment that I get to be a mommy to these three children…

~ Clarita

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30 thoughts on ““is it fun bein’ a mama?”

  1. Twylene

    I needed this today. In the midst of the chaos it’s so hard to find those “fun” moments isn’t it? But somehow when little hands slip into mine or little arms squeeze my neck or little voices say, “I love you so much…You’re my best mommy in the whole world,” then is when I know! Being a mommy is soooo much fun! :)

  2. Audrey R

    Oh, I love this, Clarita! It’s just the way it is in the life of a mom. Sometimes the exasperating moments far outnumber the warm, cuddly ones, but still those great moments are so awesome that it makes it all worthwhile <3

  3. Ervina

    Lucky me, I saw this post right before I headed out the door for Indiana. Now my heart will be warm and fuzzy the whole way…

  4. Amanda

    :) Being a mama is so much fun and it is good to be reminded of it during the more chaotic and stressful moments. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Amanda T.

    You are in “the valley of the shadow”. It gets much much easier. People wash their own hair, put on their own shoes, help clean up the messes, throw up in the trash can instead of the floor… :)

    1. The Cottage at 341 South Post author

      That is great encouragement, Amanda!! Sometimes I forget that it won’t always be little kids in the house that need so much care! I LOVE the little kid stage, the innocence and funny words and just preciousness, but I think God knows we wouldn’t have energy for it forever! :) But to enjoy EVERY stage – that is the challenge! xo

  6. Shannon

    Oh my, I love this post so much. The times when you just want to bury your head in the sand (or rather, sit on the beach alone!) And than the good times when your heart is just squeezed with love for them. Beautiful child, she is!!

    1. The Cottage at 341 South Post author

      Yes, those times of sitting on the beach alone seem like a lifetime ago! :) But yet, I wouldn’t go back to those days and trade these precious moments, heart-squeezed with love… Okay, well, so maybe ONE day alone wouldn’t hurt. :)

  7. Meg

    I read this and felt like you we’re describing this over coffee… And I could so relate, even though I’ve only got one, not three. Beautiful stuff you share.

    1. The Cottage at 341 South Post author

      I wish it WERE over coffee! Sometimes when I write I imagine the same thing… A cyber world could never take the place of actually talking in real life, but then again, I never would have “met” you without it. :) xo

  8. Carmen

    Oh, Clarita. This is so precious.
    Yes, I know about exhaustion and I know about the high decibels raising my blood pressure. (glad I’m not the only one who cannot handle that for very long!) AND, I also know the immeasurable JOY that melts my heart – the joy of being gifted the title “mommy”. This post reminds me of my own precious daughter who helps me stay on track. It’s not unusual when I’m having a stressful time for her to perceive that (to my shame), and she’ll insightfully ask me “mom, are you having a good day?” Thanks for asking Elyse. Because I think I need to check my attitude and chill a bit. ;-)
    Happy Thursday beautiful Clarita!

    1. The Cottage at 341 South Post author

      Yes, those little ones can sure keep us on track!! The day after I wrote this post I was impatient with the girls, and Zoe said quietly, “You’re probably going to apologize to us later.” Um, hello!! I would so love to be near you and learn from you, Carmen. You are such a wonderful mother, and show JESUS so much… xo

  9. sharon

    Dear Clarita,
    As I scrubbed floors and faucets this day, I pondered much on your “is it fun being a mommy” post. I confess being challenged deeply as I searched my own soul for that answer.
    How well I remember as a young mom that utter exhaustion at days end. The times I simply wanted the right to my own body.
    Those days are past.
    Now, the weariness I feel comes from my hearts agony over a child’s decision to say ‘no’ to his Saviour. My rights these days feel violated when I find cigarette butts and tobacco tins in my home. The days of cuddling and bedtime stories with little eyes looking up in adoration and trust have turned into teenagers who think I cannot possibly understand their world, let alone have any wisdom to impart. And my tierra wearing princess..well some days she shocks me speechless with her brazen defiance.
    No, it’s no fun getting a 2 AM phone call from a foolish son admitting the police were involved and his car needs towed. It’s frustrating watching a brilliant child waste his ingeniousness by refusing to do his homework. It hurts unbelievably knowing a son has broken a young girls heart and taken part of her innocence.
    And there is dissapointment after dissapointment.
    So, I am challenged to find the joy in being a mother to these children who though no longer needing bottles or bibs nonetheless need much direction and affirmation.
    I find joy in seeing a son’s bible on his pillow, in watching a daughter study the virtues of godly womanhood. I find joy in hearing the words “thank you” and “I love you, mom”. I find joy in watching the tough young man tenderly hold a baby bunny and claim it for his own.
    Being a mama isn’t fun like playing house and you quit when your tired of it. Maybe being a mama is striving to find joy when it’s not very fun at all.

    1. amber.

      feeling tears at your words. and this… there is still joy, even in the hard times. as a mom of teens here too, just reaching out to squeeze your hand and say, i get it. keep on, mama!

    2. The Cottage at 341 South Post author

      Sharon, I read this through tears… You are such a wonderful mother, and have such a beautiful mother heart! It seems that God keeps us so dependent on Him wherever we are in life – in the young-child stage when we’re exhausted all the time, and in the older-child stage where we cannot control their actions and responses… I loved your line at the end: “Being a mama isn’t fun like playing house and you quit when your tired of it. Maybe being a mama is striving to find joy when it’s not very fun at all.” So SO true. I am so challenged by that. Love you!

  10. Andrea


    This is precious! I just love reading your blogs!! I’m not a mother yet, but if the Lord grants me that gift, I hope to treasure all the moments, and have a lot of fun being a mamma!! :)

  11. amber.

    such a real life kind of post, clarita. oh, how true the days are long and the years.. so short! thanks for the perspective of seeing the beauty in it all.

  12. Amelia Marie

    I’ve been thinking so much on this subject. This truly is the most precious season of our lives!

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