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Back in the beginning of November, I was asked if I’d like to try Jamberry Nails and then do a review on my blog!

I had heard of Jamberry Nails, vaguely, but really didn’t know much about them or what they were or how it all worked, and was excited about the chance to try them out!

Lynda is a Jamberry consultant, and so kindly offered to let me choose a set for me and a set for my girls, so I chose the French Tips for myself, and Sprinkles & Frosting for my girls. It was hard to decide! There are so many adorable styles! Over 100 different patterns, it makes a girl happy.

Because of our autumn I didn’t have a chance to try them out right away, but just recently the girls and I spent part of an afternoon applying our Jamberry Nails!

// getting started //

jamberry nails

The girls were all smiles (Zoe) and dimples (Olivia), and I was pretty excited myself. I mean, I LOVE having my nails done, but 1), I can’t get to the nail salon on a regular basis (once or twice a year is a treat for me). And 2), even the nails that are supposed to last for 2 weeks at the salon only last 1-2 days for me. I don’t think they take into consideration the DIY person, or the mom who makes food three times a day and washes dishes afterward. After reading rave reviews about Jamberry I was looking forward to seeing if they would be different!

applying Jamberry nails

Official Jamberry Nails Application Video

One set of the Jamberry Juniors was enough to do a full set of nails for both girls on their toes AND fingers, plus with enough left over to do another full set of fingernails and toes later on! That alone is less than half the price of a salon.

Jamberry Juniors Jamberry Junior  toes fun with Jamberry Juniors jamberry toes

It took just a bit to learn how to apply the nails, and it’s important to not touch the nails with your fingers or they won’t stick as well. But even with the first time and my imperfect application, the girls’ nails lasted around a week.

My beautiful French Tips (and they really are beautiful, I loved them!!) lasted a week as well, and I know they would have lasted longer if I had not been in the middle of a house remodel that included sanding and priming and painting and heavy usage of those nails. Normal nails wouldn’t have lasted a day under those circumstances! I was able to get two full sets of nails on my fingers and toes from one sheet of Jamberry, which is far cheaper than a salon, almost as cheap as nail polish, and lasts way longer!

So, our final Jamberry Review:
Zoe says, “I thought they were fun! They were pretty too.”
Olivia says, “I liked them. Are we going to do them today?”
I say, “I love how they look, I love how they feel, I’ll definitely be doing them again!”

A few of the Jamberry Juniors that are available…

 And just a few of the adult sizes and styles that you can purchase.
There are some adorable Christmas and winter styles right now…


If you’d like to get your very own Jamberry nails, Lynda is very helpful and gives great service! Her website is www.lyndawolfe.jamberrynails.net. There is a special of BUY THREE GET ONE FREE which sounds really great to me. :)

Thank you so much for the lovely nails, Lynda!