I think this is the only room in the house I haven’t done before & after pictures of, and I wanted to document this yet before we move! :)

The master bedroom seems to be the hardest room to pull together. Often it’s the most neglected room because it’s the least visible to guests, and so the focus goes to the room that are seen more easily.

But I wanted to make this room be a restful place, a room where we could walk into and feel that it’s a sanctuary. For us women, sometimes we tend to make it look a little too feminine, and I didn’t want my husband to feel uncomfortable in his own bedroom. :)

master bedroom in whites and blue


Living in an old house gives some great bones to work with. When we first started working in this room, it was covered with old 70’s paneling on the walls, and with sticky tiles on the ceiling. We were going to remove the sticky tiles and paint the wooden ceiling underneath it, but were going to leave the paneling behind and simply paint it. But after tearing out a small section to work on an area, Ben discovered beautiful old boards behind the paneling! So of course the paneling came down too.

Master, before:

March 2010 017

February 2010 036

So, we painted the ceiling a bright white, and I love it.

We painted the walls an off-white creamy color, and then sanded the walls to expose the grain.

IMG_7523 IMG_7525

Isn’t it lovely?! Some people have asked if the walls are just primed and need to be painted, so perhaps it’s a little rustic for some people. Our furniture is a bit more traditional and formal though, so I think they work together well.

But taking down the paneling exposed this beautiful brick fireplace! It’s the backside of a fireplace in the music room, and was covered with chipping grey paint. Ben worked so hard to get the paint off of it and expose the original old brick.


The wooden floors were sanded and restored, and then stained and sealed.

Master bedroom, after:

The sheer panel above our bed was part of our wedding service, as two banners that two boys ran down the center aisle during “Chariots of Fire” processional. I love having it in our room, remembering that special day.

master bedroom

The room is simply decorated, but I added a few personal touches, like framing our wedding invitation.

framed wedding invitation

master bedroom vignette a chair to catch it all

side table

monogrammed pillow

It was last year before I finally decided what to do with this blank space about the two doorways. I wanted something very special, something to do with marriage, but couldn’t decide what. I finally chose to write the traditional marriage vows on a long piece of luan wood, and I loved how it turned out. Marriage is such a beautiful thing, and I wanted the beautiful but practical reminder to love, until death parts us.

wedding vows in the master bedroom

for better or for worse

desk with decor

wooden wall, and candlestick holder for jewelry


This has quite possibly become one of my favorite rooms in the house. I love the clean feel it has, the hardwood floors, and the wooden walls and ceiling. It has so much texture, and I love that!

But mostly, I love that it feels like a retreat, a restful place. This room I try to keep the cleanest of all; no extras or  junk that can easily pile in other places of the house.

I’d love to hear from you! What is it that makes a master bedroom special to you all?



11 thoughts on “Master Bedroom Before & After

  1. Ella Gibbs

    Hi Clarita, I think you summed it up……….no clutter. The master bedroom is the last thing you see at night and the first thing in the morning. I absolutely love the way you did your room, especially the walls. Ella

  2. Kim

    As Chrilst followers, we must remember the sanctity of marriage and what is is to remind us of…………..Ephesians 5:22-33. Our children are watching…………..the world is watching………. to see what sort of value each of us places on our marriages. I truly believe that creating the type of master bedroom “sanctuary” you have is just one way we silently elevate our marriage relationship. It is lovely. It speaks of covenant, privacy, peace, beauty, retreat. It is a room set apart.
    So, yes, interior decorating, good housekeeping……………..all these things can elevate (when kept in balance) and send a message……………even about the value of marriage.

    Pardon me now while I go get our room all spiffed up from a few days of neglect.

  3. Ann Marie

    How lovely and peaceful it looks. I really liked the board with the marriage vows. It is a wonderful way to show to your children and loved ones how much you & your husband honour marriage ……. and the script lettering is beautiful. Well done!!

  4. Erika

    Oh wow, I love the way you painted and weathered the walls! I adore that look!
    Personally, I think those wedding/marriage touches make a master bedroom feel pretty special. A photo from your big day, the vows, lyrics from the songs, etc. Something that serves a reminder of that sacred day. It’s what I am working on doing in my and my husband’s new place!

  5. Jen Y

    I just discovered your blog & have been browsing. I love this room! I also really like how you arranged the bed in the corner. I’ve done this in my master bedroom but I’m frustrated with the wasted space behind the bed & how to use it. I’d love to see a follow up with a better picture of this corner. Our master bedroom is very small but this seems to be the best arrangement for the room right now.

    Look forward to reading more of your posts!

  6. Tami

    Clarita! :)
    Been checking back in on & off for several weeks now. I’m sure you are busy with your move & all that it entails, but really just wanted to check & make sure you are ok. You are a kind woman with a soft heart & sometimes that makes transitions extra hard & emotional. Hoping and praying you & your family are well. ♡

  7. Jill

    Such a lovely space you’ve created here! I’m so thrilled you linked to that Chariots of Fire song too! I searched for it awhile back after watching the movie “Chariots of Fire” with my husband and couldn’t find it. We sang it as a hymn when I was growing up but I’d never heard the instrumental version of it. I might be adding some Richard Clayderman albums to my collection, thanks to you. :) I am also anxious to hear how your move went and hope all is well! Can’t wait for an update, although I know you must be very busy getting situated and adjusting to a new place. One more thing, I noticed your Lily Jade bag in the photo above. I’ve had my eye on that but can’t bring myself to pay for it. ;) Do you know of any good knock-off brands or was it worth the price?

  8. linhershey1234

    Oh, I love what you did! And your fabulous handwritten vows….yes. I keep our bedroom the cleanest and most minimalistic of all the rooms because when I walk in there, I instantly feel myself calming down. :)

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