Lest you think I dropped off the face of the planet, well, I almost did.

A week with no internet in today’s cyber world feels like falling off the planet. :)

I actually kind of enjoyed it though. And was amazed at how much time I had! I read a whole book, and am partially through two others. That usually takes me a month. That was a rather sobering thought for me though, and now that I have the computer back I’m determined to gage my time better online… I want my children to remember me for fun things (reading books to them and me, baking, playing…), not for sitting in front of the computer…

But our computer got MORE viruses (yes, we did have anti-virus protection that we actually paid a lot of money for, thus all the more frustrating), and after a week I went in to receive an overhauled computer. I walked in, handed him an enormous wad of cash (he only takes cash, smart guy) and said, “Here’s our life savings.”

See, the week before when the computer got viruses, it was a simple matter. A hundred dollars, but still, simple. And I did back up alllllllmost all the pictures the very minute of opening the screen. Except a few. The few that wouldn’t fit on my memory stick. But I thought I at least had a week to get a new stick. Bad thought.

This is one of the pictures I would have lost, and it was just too much. So, you could say, this is my
$400 picture of  Olivia at the Zoo.

[unedited, since I haven’t loaded that program back on yet]

Shrimp Saining, The Zoo, Oct.2010 301

Everyone probably wonders why I didn’t just let the pictures go into the lost world of cyber space, but this day at the zoo was just too fun. I’m too sentimental, I know, but the sight in my memory of a little girl toddling around with two little piggies, a monkey backpack (please don’t call it a leash), saying, “UH! GOOK (look)!!” all day was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

And I could not bear for the actual pictures to be lost. I think I’ll learn my lesson now about backing pictures up… :(

Shrimp Saining, The Zoo, Oct.2010 350

So, that, and a week in Pennsylvania for Thanksgiving is why I seem to have vanished.

[Zoe seems to take nice photos… :)]

for audrey

Today is a lazy morning… I woke up to a fire that my husband built in the living room before he left for work at 6AM (!!), and to me, that is one of the very nicest things he could ever do for me.

If you’d come to my door now (yes, it’s lunchtime) you’d think we all just woke up, because we’re still in jammies, every one of us girls. :) But that’s the fun of Mondays, right? :)

And after we get dressed, we’ll head out the door to the country and the Christmas tree place to gather greenery to finish up the Christmas decor… And I’m happy it’s actually COLD this week. There is something about 70 degree weather, barefeet, and open doors that don’t really feel that Christmas-y! :)

Thanksgiving in Pennsylvania, 2010 041


And  a happy start to a week to you all! May Jesus walk with you through every moment…



20 thoughts on “Cyber-less and Pajama-clad

  1. erlinyoder

    Happy Monday to you too!  It’s peaceful and “Christmas-like” around here too.(:  Uh-oh, did I just say peaceful?  Well, at the very moment anyway. (: 

    Your wreath on your door is darling…so cheery!

  2. ABAHM

    Sounds like a wonderful start to the week. Your little one does look so sweet peeking through the fence. Photos do bring up great memories don’t they? Fun red door and darling wreath!

  3. foreveranoatneygirl_n2Hisown

    oh, what a total bummer about the computer problems!! but, i love the way it made you think about how your time is spent…see, our trials really can be for a purpose, eh?! i think you are so right….i have often told my husband (and while i, in the same breath like my pc time) the computer and most definitely the internet are a GREAT time waster.

    your monday sounds just wonderful!!

    do enjoy the decorating!!!



  4. sweetRthepromises

    Hi, and please excuse all the surfing on your page. I was looking for you post on feminine beauty and how God views us as women. Was that a post of yours or am I imagining?
    I love your front door wreath- lovely!

  5. JsSteph7

    So sorry about your computer! Glad it’s better now, even though you had to spend so much on it. : ( That’s no fun at any time of year, but at Christmas time?! Yeah, I would be upset. : P

    So, that was YOU in the winning photo?! I’m so glad I voted for you!!!! I really love your outfit. : )

    Also love your red door with the little ice skates. Too cute. Happy pajama Monday to you!

  6. Elizabethmarie_1

    Sorry about your computer….glad it’s all fixed.  Ours is on the fritz too. It’s no fun to have something break that doesn’t change your life….for example, if my couch were to break, or all of my clothes….I might be happy to get new ones! But the computer, I don’t really care that much about. Just the screen, and the screen isn’t the problem!
    I love your front door with the skates..so cute.
    AND…I voted for you too!!!  Love your ruffly shirt and long sweater! Such a feminine outfit.
    The photo was very creative too. But that is YOU! Mrs. Creative! =)
    I always love when you post.  Happy Monday in your jammies!

  7. lifeisadance

    @sweetRthepromises – I rarely check footprints so I’d never notice. :) I did a post on something like that, not sure if it’s the one you’re thinking of not – http://lifeisadance.xanga.com/734708297/brewing-beauty-thoughts-and-project-irreversible/ ?? If not, I hope you find it! :)

    @foreveranoatneygirl – For a purpose, yes, is what I try to tell myself through gritted teeth. Christmas will be slim-pickin’s. :) And I shall enjoy the decorating!

  8. foreveranoatneygirl_n2Hisown

    @lifeisadance- oh, i can only imagine the hard pill that would be to swallow….please know that i’m not making ‘light’ of your unfortunate situation; it’s just that it seems to me God has done a work in your heart in spite of the situation!! and, i admire that in you!!
    also…when you get a chance, could you message me your address? thx much!!

  9. grandpas_gurl

    Cute zoo pics! Cute children! Cute monkey backpack & pigtails! Cute hair flowers! Cute cute cute people. And decor. Yay for classy outfits, winning fashion contests, creative wreathes and brilliantly talented family. CUTE YOU. CUTE EVERYTHING!!!! (Sorry i’m in a weird mood, just got done running in 30* weather and am still thawing out! LOL!) =) And just FYI, i get depressed every time i listen to the song, “‘I’ll be home for Christmas”…’cuz you’re so not going to be. =(

  10. redladybug18

    Glad you’re back! I’m almost in your same predicament with my pictures. I thought I had every single inch of them back up to my other hard drive but some of them-of course the important ones of my brothers kids adoption that I want to have-are a messed up file. I’m hoping that my brother-in-law can do some magic when he come for Christmas on my messed up hard drive and retrieve them.

  11. Missionfieldof5

    Oh my I completely relate with the pictures… 2 years ago we had a power outage but the surge burned a hole in the chip that powers the harddrive and we could not turn the computer on…8 the last 20 years of my life were on that harddrive…I had a back up but not a recent one and all the pictures from my last child being born were not backed up….through the grace of the Lord we came across another harddrive with the same chip and we swapped it out and were able to get our pictures back!! Sigh…the tension in my shoulders was finally gone :)

  12. lifeisadance

    @Missionfieldof5 – Oh my word, I sat with held breath as I read your comment!! And was soo relieved to hear you got them back!! Wow, now that is a scare like hardly anything else!

    @appalolly – I just let Zoe take a picture from waaaaaaaay back, and then I cropped to make it headless. :) But yep, I was pretty proud of her. It was actually a very funny photo shoot, because she thought she was 16 and was snapping as fast as the camera would go, and I was laughing hysterically. Good thing we had to crop the heads, because I would have been all mouth and teeth. :)

  13. dreamstillcometrue

    I love Christmas decoration pictures! More Christmas decoration pictures please! And *I* extremely much want a pajama day too.
    By the way, your next $400 should go towards Ellerslie. That’s not a word from the Lord or anything. That’s just me sayin’. :)

  14. smilesbymiles

    So much fun to hear from you! Let’s hope your computer decides to be a good girl now! I realized when you posted the first time that I have not back up pictures for over a year. SHAMEFUL. Worse yet, I still haven’t done it. What is wrong with me?

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