I may have lived in the South for four years, but let me say, I am still in open-mouthed awe at the trucks these people like down here. Or maybe “awe” isn’t the right word. Perhaps “amazement” is a better word.

We were driving in a small southern town within several hours of where we live, when we drove past this truck. “TURN AROUND!” I said, in  shocked tone of voice, not believing what I thought my eyes had seen. Dear, obliging husband turned around. And we both stared, open-mouthed, and then I remembered my camera and whipped it out.

“Oh nooooo!” Groaned husband. “You’re going to put this picture on xanga, and everyone is going to think that southerners are soooo redneck!”

Yes I will put this on xanga, but I will make a disclaimer and say that not *all* southerners drive a truck *quite* this big. Only half a big. :)

Need I even say that we live in Redneck Country?!



That’s all I can say.




24 thoughts on “Only in the South

  1. myall4christ81

    lol. My husband constantly makes fun of me for taking pictures of weird things and posting them online. I actually started a blog on all the weird things I have seen. If it makes you feel any better, those crazy oversized trucks are not just in the south. They are a big thing here in San Diego, CA too.

  2. dilafila

    ok. that is a huge jacked up truck! wow. is right. ilovethat you posted it though :) also loved your very sweet and precious previous post.

  3. foreveranoatneygirl_n2Hisown

    laugh out loud! this, just somehow does not look like a picture that should be on your blog!! ;O)
    love it tho’ and i know that it’s not just southerners who drive big jacked up trucks. (cringe) seen many of those in my day where i grew up in Ohio….
    happy monday!

  4. Elizabethmarie_1

    Read this post with my 8 year old boy, we’re from Chicago….not the south.  He said that he’s going to save his money and when he gets old enough, he’s going to buy one just like it!  Hahahaha!!!

  5. Hutch5

    haha! my son will think this is SO COOL!! and hey – most the rednecks i know are pretty nice ppl. even if it does require a ladder to ride in their vehicle w/ them. ;)

  6. atn4him

    Clarita, may I ask you which town this was in? I live several hours from you (I think) Sorry, you probably dont even know who I am…My name is Tilda (Byler) Nissley & I met you at Faith Builders in 05 & also at a Teachers’ Workshops in Hartwell back in 07…anyway, I dont expect you to remember me, just thot I’d explain our ‘connection’, since you probably are wondering who in the world I am! If you have questions, you can ask Lois Hershberger, lol :)  There are several of these trucks (in fact there is one sitting out in our yard, which is also the yard of the dealership my husband works for–he said he wants to take me for a ride in it after he gets it fixed! not sure how I will get in & out! lol) in the small town we live close to, am curious if it was anywhere close to us.


    I think it’s hard enough to get in and out of Phil’s truck (without a running board) right now . . . pregnant and wearing skirts ‘n stuff! But I guess he’d have to build a platform if he expected me to go anywhere with him in this type of ride! Agghh! What is the point??

  8. mel5680

    HAHA!  I would LOVE to ride in this! I would feel like I’m on am amusement park ride.  Not so sure about using it for every day living though!

  9. lifeisadance

    @Hutch5 – Yes, they generally are really nice. As long as you know them, my husband tells me. Otherwise they might come out with a gun, he says. ?? :)

    @jnicolemiller – Green Dragon! That place is so funny! I’ve been there before too, so what does that make me?!

    @atn4him – – You know, I’m not even sure which town it was. We were heading home from St. George Island, FL, and I’m pretty sure this was in Georgia, but I don’t remember the name of the town. Maybe you know better than I do! And yes, I do think I remember meeting you! :)

  10. atn4him

    I showed this pic to Alvin & believe it or not, he said it’s THE VERY SAME TRUCK! We live in the small town of Pelham, another town close by is Camilla….I dont know if either of those towns is where you saw the truck but it was probably close around here. It’s actually illegal to drive them on the road, they use them for mudding :) And they’ve already had them at b-day parties to give kids rides in the yard :) Bet those kids have a blast! :) I’ve also been down here in the south for only 4 yrs, (I come from MO) & it’s been quite the adjustment. I have come to love a lot of things about the south, but there’s a few things I could do without! :)

  11. SherriMonCheri

    Ha, Ha!  We have those big trucks down here too!  Most times I think that Sarasota is too far south (& has too many “in-breds”) to be truly “southern”, but we definately have these redneck trucks!  Our friends just moved and the first time we went to their house, the neighbor had this HUGE truck in their driveway.  Blows my mind how they ever get in those things!  Like “atn4him” said, they are not street-legal; my husband said they use them at events like Monster Truck. 

  12. lifeisadance

    @atn4him – OH MY WORD!!! Are you serious!?! That totally cracks me up! Is this in Georgia? My husband and I couldn’t remember – I thought it was, he wasn’t sure… And I wondered if it was legal to drive them on the road. Makes sense that they’re only to be used for mudding! :)

  13. mytoesareblue

    wow…how do they even get in that truck? i would totally turn around to take a picture too. hope you have a blessed journey as you continue to remain wide eyed in wonder at the beauty and intriguingness of the south.

  14. SherriMonCheri

    Edit to my comment above…apparently I do not have a correct understanding of the term “in-breds”.  I meant to say that Sarasota has too many transplants (not “in-breds”).  So sorry if I caused any confusion! :|

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