It’s been a happy blur the past 10 days.
A happy, sleepless blur, might I add. :)

Thank you so much for all the congratulations and happy wishes!
It really is so humbling to have so many people so excited with us!

Today is the first day I’m on my own.
My dear mother came when Hudson was 4 days old and stayed until this morning.
I have no idea what I would have done without her.
She ran the household, took care of the girls, and basically did everything but feed the baby so I could sleep during the day.
She was amazing.
My father came for two days, my sister surprised me for two days,
and another sister who now lives in Georgia came for two days!

And today, I’m back to being full-time mommy.
To THREE children.
The number really sounds bigger than it feels.
It’s still just Zoe’ and Olivia, plus a baby.
A sweet,   precious, darling, kissable, handsome little boy.
We are smitten!

So while Olivia and Hudson are both down for naps, I’ll try to type as fast as I can…

Hudson smiled at me for the first time on Monday, at 8 days old.
I was the first one he smiled at.
I melted.
I told Ben right away,
“Your son smiled at me…..” and he knew I was in love. :)

This newborn baby stage… oh goodness, how I love it.
Yes, he eats every two hours day and night, and I’ve slept so much during the day to make up for it.
Yes, I’m going to be tired.
But no, I don’t mind getting up with him.
I couldn’t do this for the rest of my life, but for a season? Yes.
And oh goodness, who knew one would have to use such self-protection
while doing something as simple as changing a diaper? Wow. I’ve learned fast.
It really is a privilege to care for this precious little treasure.
He came straight from heaven, I just know it.

I forgot how much I adore my little newborn babies.
I like other people’s babies, but I’m not one that has to hold them for hours after church.
But with mine? Well, I’m head-over-heels.
By the time Hudson was 3 days old I had a kink in my neck from looking down at him in my arms so often. :)
Now that mom is gone I won’t be able to just sit around holding him, while everyone else does my work!
I think mom spoiled me. :)

I’ve been reading in the epistles the past few weeks, and read just the other morning about younger women,
how God wants them to “love their husbands, and love their children…” among other things.
And even though I know it’ll take some time for me to find a new sort of normal for us again,
I was so encouraged by the thought that this is God’s plan for me.
Simple as that – to love my husband, and to love my children.
And if that is God’s plan, then He will equip and strengthen me each day, each moment.

With all the bustling around preparing for Hudson’s arrival, I now have no choice but to sloooooooow down.
Slow way down.
And even if I get nothing done in a day for the first little while except making sure no one goes hungry, that’s okay.

I read a quote by Teresa of Avila yesterday, that will be referred back to often in these next few weeks:

God is not so much concerned
with the
greatness of one’s work
as the
love with which it is done.”

That is my challenge in these weeks of recovery, of finding a new routine, of Hudson joining us.
To do it all in love, to remain restful and strengthened by God. 

But a little BOY!
I think we are still is disbelief that we have a little BOY in our family. :)
Even though we were thinking boy, to have it be reality is so amazing!

Ben is already planning a move out to the country. No more city life, he says.
A boy needs a creek, and woods, and wide open places to play ball.
Goodness, I had hoped to stay here for a decade, at least. :)
He’s only half-joking…

Me? Apart from being madly in love with this little man,
(whoever knew you could be madly in love with two men?)
I find myself quite in a quandary about what to even call him, as someone commented in the last post!
I always called my girls such sweet names, but rather girl-ish names.
And now, calling him “Hudson” sounds far too grown-up.
Zoe’ is still “Sweetie” most of the time.
Olivia is still “Lovies” and even refers to herself as that.
So what names for the little man?
Little Man? That’s what we’ve been calling him.
Mothers with boys – any suggestions?!
My husband is quite adamant that we do not make him a pansy. :)

Okay, Little Man is starting to wake… and I hear a bedroom door open of the other napper.
Oops, off to change bedding and clothing of Lovies. She must have slept harder than usual.
This will obvious be a post written in segments. :)

A Bit of Talk about Labor. :)

// Day 11 overdue, on a walk to bring on labor!
the nurse commented, surprised, that i was rather dressed up.
i didn’t think i was, but i also don’t like a frumpy t-shirt look either.
i responded that when you’re THIS overdue, you must keep moral high :)
plus, i was expecting a hot date after my appointment. //

Benjamin Hudson 011

i was larger this pregnancy than with the other two.
by the end i had about 5 shirts that still fit okay. :)

Benjamin Hudson 013

My labor was something I was honestly dreading.
I’ve had difficult labors.
My first one was 16 hours of contractions 5 minutes apart and closer.
My second was 50 hours, 5 minutes apart and closer.
It took me what seemed like forever to dilate, and with great pain.
I didn’t know what to expect this time, but I prayed often.
“God, be bigger than my fears. BE BIGGER.”

And this labor? Honestly, it felt like a miracle labor.
I never, ever dreamt it could be as it was.

The Story, for those of you that care about labor & delivery. :)

On Day 11 Overdue I had a midwife appointment.
Because of being so late, I had to go every 2 days for a non-stress test and just make sure all was well.
They had told me to pack my bags and take them each time in case I’d have to stay,
and I almost didn’t. There were no signs of labor at all. None.

I had started answering my phone,
“Nope. No baby. No labor. No contractions.” :)
to my family’s frequent calls wondering WHEN Baby would ever come.

But I packed my bags and Ben went with me to Savannah, just in case I’d need to stay.
The testing went well, Baby was doing great, I had a few contractions – but I’ve had mild ones for weeks.
After the checkup, the midwife asked if I’d want to try some things to try to bring on labor.

Of course, I said, “No, let’s just wait a few days and see what happens.”
By Day 11, are you even joking, I was wildly rejoicing even at the thought of labor.
But because I had no signs of labor, I really didn’t expect anything to happen.
But worth trying? Sure, might as well.

So, at 3pm, already dilated to 3cm on my own
(who wouldn’t with a baby’s head parked way low at 42 weeks?)
I was started with a few natural inductions things, homeopathic tablets and walking among them.

The contractions started up with what I was given and doing,
and I was organizing pictures on our laptop,
walking a beautiful sidewalk trail with Ben,
and generally feeling quite well.
I could definitely feel the contractions, and had to breathe through them,
but they didn’t hurt.
It’s a bit hard to explain, because I could tell they were getting harder,
but the pain didn’t accompany it.

I kept telling the midwife,
I don’t think this is the real thing, it’s not painful!!”
and I fully expected the contractions to stop anytime.
Husband and I felt like we were on a date as we were walking!
It was CRAZY!
Of course, the date was interrupted by contractions every 2 minutes, but still…

At that point, even if labor had stopped, I was not permitted to leave Savannah.
The midwives didn’t want a car-birth repeat.
So we kept doing some natural things, to keep labor going if possible.

By 9pm, after walking an hour and a half, we returned to the birth center.
I was dilated to 7cm.
And I was in disbelief.
I kept protesting to the midwife, “This is going to stop! I don’t think it’s real!”
And she would just laugh at me, saying no one has ever complained about labor being good!

Soon after 9pm, my water broke, and the contractions picked up to a whole new level.
One of the delivery nurses said she had never seen so much fluid, ever.
I really think that all the fluid I had must have cushioned the contractions,
because after it broke I was in immediate pain.

[this is rather making me nervous, all this labor talk on my blog. yikes.]

I was fully dilated almost right away, and the next two hours were alternating pushing and breathing through contractions.
I finally realized that the baby was stuck.
Olivia, though a car birth, was the easiest delivery.
Hudson was by far the easiest labor, but the hardest delivery.

Hudson was born at five minutes past 11pm.
He was absolutely perfect.
His daddy and I both sobbed upon his arrival, and upon hearing, “It’s a BOY!!”

We’ve done it both ways, finding out gender, and not finding out gender.
And let me say, that moment of birth and not knowing is unlike any other.
So often I wondered why we had chosen to wait when it’s so easy to find out.
At that moment, I was so glad we waited.

Hudson had some bruising on his cheeks, nose, and eyes after birth.
He had indeed been stuck.
His head was 14.5 inches around – a full 2 inches larger than Olivia’s, and almost 2 pounds bigger.
Zoe’s head was exactly the same as Hudson’s.
Until comparing my three babies and their deliveries, I had no idea that head size is so very crucial.
They say the baby’s size comes from the father, so, thanks Husband.  :)

And that was Hudson’s birth experience.
I say the labor was unbelievably wonderful.
Those stories that labor doesn’t hurt? That I always laughed at and thought it was all a joke? They really are true.

And I say the delivery was unbelievably hard.
Those stories where the woman feels like she can’t do it? That she’s near death? They really are true.

But overall, I feel incredibly, incredibly blessed by God’s mercy.
It really was amazing – 7 hours of labor, after 16 abd 50? I feel so very blessed.

A few more pictures, and then I’ll end this post-that-became-way-too-long…

// first pictures after birth //

Ben and his first son, named after him.

BENJAMIN, named after my husband Benjamin, means “Beloved Son.”
HUDSON, named after the great missionary to China, Hudson Taylor, means “God’s Heir.”

Benjamin Hudson 030

This chubby little goodness belongs to US! How are we ever so privileged?

Benjamin Hudson 040

One of the wonderful delivery nurses.

Benjamin Hudson 049

Little details…

Benjamin Hudson 057

newborn physical supplies, and luxury lotion I took along for after the birth…

Benjamin Hudson 055 Benjamin Hudson 071

First look of the sisters!
The picture quality is poor, but the look on their faces is priceless!

Benjamin Hudson 073

Benjamin Hudson 118

Benjamin Hudson 110 Benjamin Hudson 100

First picture as a family of five!

Benjamin Hudson 096

The grandfathers… Ben’s dad, and my dad. This is the first grandson for my dad!

Benjamin Hudson 089 Hudson - day 2-7 046

My parents and the first meeting.

Hudson - day 2-7 013 

I love baby yawns…

Hudson - day 2-7 042

My parents with their grandchildren. Notice Zoe’s admiring gaze at her little brother.
Overheard recently, “Mommy, can people marry brothers?” :)

Hudson - day 2-7 028

My sister Ervina, who surprised me a month before her wedding!

Hudson - day 2-7 017

Ben’s sister Laurie, who so kindly helped us for a day.

Hudson - day 2-7 004

The baby’s bed must be perfect, Zoe thinks, and that means a doll pillow and a little animal.

Benjamin Hudson 136

Big Sister Love.
The girls have done so very well with having a new little person in the family.
I wasn’t sure what to expect, but thought we’d have some rough times.
Almost two weeks later, they are both still adoring their little brother.

Olivia was floating on air the first two days, and we could hardly even speak with her, she was so over-the-top excited.
She chattered non-stop, and touched him constantly, and kissed him incessantly.
“Him soooo cute, mom.”
“Wook at him widdle hands, mom. Him so tiny.”
“I fink him wikes me, mommy.”
Oh, she’s precious with him.

Zoe on the other hand, is equally as thrilled, but expresses it in more quiet ways.
She sits and holds him for long periods of time, unlike Olivia’s 5-second wonders.
She makes sure he has his paccy, and that his bed is perfectly arranged, and takes it all in with big eyes.
And if I ask one of them to get something for me, I better make sure I have TWO jobs.
Who knew there would be fights over who gets to help mommy with the baby?

Hudson - day 2-7 070

They both fell asleep here, it was so precious. 

Hudson & Zoe

Hudson - day 4

And so ends this long and rambly post, written at many different intervals. :)

from the tired but happy mama…

~ clarita

58 thoughts on “The Sweetness that is Baby Hudson

  1. WasabiBek

    sweetness!!! all of it. so happy that God gave you your little boy and so happy to hear that things are going so well. still looking forward to that chat sometime when we both have time!:)

  2. madisonsmom2

    Loved the post!! L&D story? Absolutely!! I almost perked a cup of coffee to sip while I read! :)

    -SO much sweetness! You have a beautiful family!!

  3. appalolly

    Awww…Those pictures of the girls with their little brother!!  So cute and so sweet.  I loved what you wrote about doing things with love.  I know that is at the heart of so much of life…now to remember to put it into practice!  Also, as far as nicknames for little boys…For a while our boys were “Crash and Bump” and I often call them “Buddy” or “Buds” and now that they are a little older “Dude.”  I’m sure you’ll figure something out.

    I hope that these first days of being alone with the 3 kids goes well! It sounds like you are pretty relaxed and laid back and just enjoying your kiddos…that is so awesome! 

  4. ma_an_pa

    Aww, I loved this, Clarita. I found myself curling up my toes at your labor story, but it was such an interesting read. I am so glad that things went so smoothly and that you can sit back and enjoy your perfectly adorable son! Your girlies are so sweet too and look so thrilled and excited about their baby brother.

    My boys were both “Buds” or “Buddy” the first couple years.

  5. foreveranoatneygirl_n2Hisown

    aww!! i have zero time to be on here, but when i saw you had posted about the baby, i had to peek! sooo happy for you he’s here! i’ll have to come back to ‘talk’ more later, but for now! he is perfect! and, i hope!!! you are doing well!

  6. ABAHM

    oh my what a beautiful son, and you all are such a dear family. Thank you for sharing all the thoughts, wonder, and photos of these early days. A baby is such a wonderful gift from the Lord, and it is a blessing to share in yours!
    We are big on boys in this family. Pet names? Pumpkin, little buddy, Bubba, muffincakes, Honey,lol and all the usual sweetie, darlin, and yes, little man.

  7. WasabiBek

    oh and as for nick names for boys. around here Jason is our Little Mr. or Buddy.
    Ethan is mostly Baby Bear – because he is so chubby, round, and when he was smaller he was always grunting.:)


    You and your story telling and your “wittle” family are just so precious!! I love you guys and am so happy to know all is going well. I love how Olivia talks, and how Zoe is so ‘big sister’. I love little man’s name, and how peaceful your days were with your mom being there {may it continue as much as possible!!}, and oh my, oh dear, my baby fever is growing the more i read. :) More thots coming to you soon via snail mail. I had started to spell them out here and then wondered why I was taking up so much of your ‘web space’ for the world to read . . . so like I said, coming your way soon. Thanks so much for sharing all these lovely pics and thots~it helps ease the ache of separation a bit! :)Love you, and like Bek, I too hope to talk soon when this crazy week settles down.

  9. beautyamoungthebeasts

    so happy that your family (sisters esp) were able to stop in and share in your joy and give you a helping hand! How neat to have a sister not so far way now too! :)
    You have an adorable family! {grins!}

  10. Jabber_wock

    :sigh: I can almost feel how tired you are. :)
    Your L&D experience sounds both exhilarating and excruciating. I’m so glad it was shorter for you this time around. It reminded me of the big difference between Bronwyn’s and Greg’s births. Hers was so long and dreadful, while his . . . well, I count it as one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life. Seriously! And I always thought women were exaggerating when they said that…

  11. fruitloops115

    ooooh. i was with Shannon perking my cup of coffee for the L&D details So glad you didn’t spare a one! You know we all love the gory details. I’m so happy your labor went so well. It’s so good to hear of good labors after bad ones, really gives me hope that this one will be so for me. Well, I’m not sure how it could beat Abbi’s in worse-ness, anyway.
    I love all the beautiful pics of your girls w/ him, esp of the two who fell asleep together. that is just precious. Enjoy that little guy. And really, I have no idea what people call boys. Buddy?

  12. writersblock02

    Clarita, I didnt say it before, but Congratulations! I thought of you a lot when you were overdue, and was AMAZED at how calm and not stressing you were! You have a beautiful baby boy, I like the name.  My mom always comes out to Pa when I have a baby too, and I love love love it that way.

  13. down_onthefarm

    i just love this whole thing. it’s not too long dear.:) i wanted to see the pictures and hear the stories. he’s just beautiful. i had my two boys and then sarah…i remember feeling so shocked! a girl! and it was so fun.

     congratulations! love. and prayers for you too, you little mama of THREE! hope that you can get some rest. as you enjoy.

  14. lislovesben

    Loved your post, pictures and beautiful birth story! The picture of Ben with his son is priceless! I have a similar one of my husband (also Ben) with our first boy. There is just something about a man and his son. =) What do we call them? Bud, Buddy, Champ, Big guy, Buckhoo. Congrats on the Little Guy!

  15. H0LDfast

    i don’t know where to start, such a beautiful post. all the details … good job writing it out, it was a good read : ) and 50 hours of labor! that is mind blowing to me.
    i completely agree on how precious new babies are – already compared to your hudson, chad looks huge. loved you’re line on ‘could i do this the rest of my life, no. but for a season, yes.’ true.
    the pictures are perfect.
    and as far as boy names go – first we have a friend named hudson, who not too long ago used to be a little boy & he was called hud & even huddy all the time, it really was darling. and for manly we call our boys ‘dude’ even little chad : ) in a sweet baby/yet you’re a man sort of way all at the same time … for what that’s worth : )
    you’re doing a great job. enjoy ~
    and sorry this got so long : )

  16. soapspecialty

    Oh Clarita! Congratulations!! So precious! And I really enjoyed your explanation of labor and delivery! Each one is very different! I, too, had varied labors and deliveries! My boys all ate every 2 hours for the first 6 months! Yep, thats about all you’ll get done with taking care of your little household. :)
    I wanted to mention a sweet nick name that we used for Philip. We called him Beau – not really sure how it started, some times it turned into bub, bubu… But something manly about beau – my boy love. :)
    Blessings to you all! :) So glad your mom and dad were able to go down! :)
    …~Sheri Nussbaum

  17. richlyblest

    so glad baby hudson is here safely, through easy labor and painful delivery… and feeling just a l.i.t.t.l.e jealous. like lisa, i get gripped with baby fever when i see a new baby, and you have a little boy, which is really what i’m hoping for next time! you have an adorable family, clarita!

  18. inanorchard

    Ahhh! He is so dreamy Clarita! I’m rushing out that door but I will be back to enjoy every little detail. Love you guys!

    for some reason you and Thelma’s posts are not showing up in my feed, thank heavens for FB otherwise I would have missed this.

  19. Elizabethmarie_1

    Oh Clarita!!! He is perfect and adorable! I am so excited for your guys look like a big group in the photo on the couch. =)

    So glad your labor went well. I can just imagine how precious it is to see your girls with the baby. Their little mommy instincts kicking in!
    I LOVE the picture of them sleeping together..that NEEDS to be printed, blown up and framed!!!

    I am so HaPpY for you guys!!!
    I have a package to send down to you…but I am the world’s WORST! mailer, so you will probably get it this fall!!! Ha!
    Enjoy these next couple of weeks, they are the BEST!!! =)

  20. lonnasjoy

    I was just thinking that I really need to post my labor and delivery story as well. I’ve also been so curious about how yours went. This was my easiest yet as well! It must have been the prayers we were offering for each other. So glad that your labor was easy as well! I know I said it before but congrats your little boy is so handsome, completely adorable. I blush to tell you what we called our little boys. For Jenson it was “Bozo”, and for Marcus it was and still is “Marky”, we also called both of them “Buddy” a lot. Joining you also with just loving this moment in my little girls life. The newborn stage passes so quickly and even though it is at times exhausting, it is also wonderful to the same degree! I’ve enjoyed this newborn stage even more than the others. Maybe I just remember how fleeting it is. Anyway,,,, this is a really looooong comment. So glad everything went well and is still going well! Blessings to you!

  21. baileyandme

    so many precious pictures, i don’t know which ones to comment on. :)
    and- “Mommy, can people marry brothers?” :) that’s awesome! :)
    really like your blouse on that after delivery pic. glad it all went so well…

  22. SherriMonCheri

    Oh, I have so many comments I want to make, but first of all, PRAISE THE LORD! for your easy labor! That is so amazing! What a beautiful story…thanks for sharing.

    I love all the pictures of the girls with little Hudson…so, so very precious! How wonderful that you’ve been able to take it easy these first few weeks…praying you’re able to establish a new “normal” quickly and things will continue to go smoothly!

    You have a beautiful, precious family!

  23. mlt10202002

    and the line…”he is straight from heaven. i just know it…” that is so exactly how i feel when i have a newborn. heaven is achingly close…like it is JUST beyond their little squeaks, and buttery, soft cheeks, and yawns and stretches.
    never am i more sharply, sweetly aware of God than when i experience the death of someone i love or the birth of one of our children.

  24. dreamstillcometrue

    I just want to CRY, this is so full of precious. Oh wait, I am crying… My favorite family just got better, even though I didn’t know that could happen. I LOVE YOU GUYS.

  25. redladybug18

    He is so sweet and you’ve got the cutest helpers ever! Such a beautiful family!
    And on names, I’m a “little man” fan. It only works though if you’ve got one boy :) My brother has 3 boys so that name by default goes to the youngest and I haven’t come up with names for the other two.

  26. erlinyoder

    I can hardly get over how cute he is!(: Everything about him says boy, and I love that! Boy nicknames? I often call Roland “sweet boy”, but I’m not sure he’ll appreciate that in a few years.(: Garrison was “Baby G” for awhile, but is now anything from shnukims to sweetums.(:

  27. lwstutz

    What a precious baby boy! Love all the pictures…but I think the last 2 were my favorite. There’s something about the princess hand holding her baby brother, with her pink nails and ring. Priceless!

    My hubs had funny names for our boys. They were ‘Buckwheat’, or ‘Houston’ or ‘Buckaroo’.;)

  28. Anonymous

    Beautiful post, Clarita!!

    CONGRATULATIONS to your precious family!! I am so thrilled for you all. Seeing those pictures of Zoe with her baby brother reminded me of when I first held my sister. I was 5 years old. She turns 18 today!!

    Love all the photos. You are truly a precious, lovely family.

    Benjamin Hudson is the name of a mighty-man in the making. I adore that name. And he is such a handsome little guy! I am excited to see the plan God has for his little life unfold!

    I am thanking the Lord for a safe delivery. Praising Him for the newest addition to your family. Can’t believe how fast time flies. It’s great to see what’s going on with your family. I too, am smitten with all your sweet ones. I pray one day I have a family of my own as beautiful as yours.

    Love, Hannah Rose

  29. Richgem

    Oh my! I adore this post! Also, I love labor stories, so this was awesome to read. Your little ones are beautiful! I’m sure your nickname for Hudson will happen naturally. I hope to see about a thousand photos of that precios baby before this month ends!

  30. thisisabother

    i LOVE Zoe’s expression on the first ‘holding him’ pic! & i well remember the first time i changed our first son’s pamper… between the raw belly button & his weenie – what a shock! :) i’m glad your delivery was so much better – i was one of those blessed ones to deliver very easy! Esther


    Very handsome Boy! I have been reading your blog for a few months and have enjoyed it. We adopted our three daughters and after ten years of marriage he had a biological son and yes, it is possible to be wildly, madly in love with two men. Boys get naughty pretty fast so I think his nicknames usually came from his behaviour. Right now we call him fruitloop. We call his 2 yr old sister fidget because that’s all she does in church! So in church I’ll always ask my husband, “Do you want fruitloop or fidget for sunday school?” My blog is in case you’re interested. -Deann

  32. clearlyhis

    Darling baby boy. So much I’d love to comment on….
    Ben doesn’t want you making him a pansy, lol!
    The indescribable joy of not know gender until the moment baby is born!! YES!
    Your handsome “little man” fits your family perfectly. Your girls are just darling. What a precious gift God has given you. I am so happy for you all! Congratulations again!

  33. aSeriesofFortunateEvents

    Once again, I’m late to the party. ;D

    I love love love your little baby boy, Clarita! He’s so beautiful. Don’t believe people who say boys aren’t beautiful, they
    ARE! These pictures are just precious.

    Nicknames, Alexander goes by Alex, Thomas sometimes goes by Tom, Sometimes ELijah goes by Eli, and Isaac and Oliver, well, there’s no comfy way to shorten those. so they have no nicknames.

    I will frequently call any and all of the boys turkeys, or monkeys, or various other food and/or animals. ;D Nope, i don’t know why.

    Enjoy your precious baby boy!!

  34. totallycherished

    Love….love….love this!
    Maybe because it takes me back 7 years to the birth of my own little man after having two little girls.

    There really is something unique about the relationship between a mother and son.

    And your family is gorgeous, but my word….there’s something about your Olivia…..the expression on the picture where she’s holding Hudson!  Priceless!

    Here’s to hoping your days are smooth and full of memories to last a lifetime!


  35. lifeisadance

    @H0LDfast – those little names for your friend Hudson are cute!! we just might try some of those. :) and no apologies for the long comment. those make my day!! :) you’re an inspiration to me!

  36. lifeisadance

    @mlt10202002 – this is amazing: “that is so exactly how i feel when i have a newborn. heaven is achingly close…like it is JUST beyond their little squeaks, and buttery, soft cheeks, and yawns and stretches. never am i more sharply, sweetly aware of God than when i experience the death of someone i love or the birth of one of our children.” your way with words amazes me, i just love this!! and i love your love for newborns and babies and children. you’re so inspiring!

  37. grace_to_be

    loved hearing every detail! oh, how it just brings all those newborn/ first moments/ smell of baby skin flooding in! :) such precious days. every single shot is so lovely. you make the prettiest babies!!!

    love you my friend~

  38. grace_to_be

    ps. so fun sitting here this morning catching up here. i feel like i’ve just had a long talk with my sweet clarita! fun that i could hear your voice as i read. :) blessings and love and hugs as you mother these sweet little three!!

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