Happy Monday, you all! It’s one of my favorite days of the week, and today included a brunch with friends then office time while the boys napped and the girls were at Monday School. It’s my at home day this week, and I love that – feeling like I can get organized for the week ahead. Especially when it’s a busy holiday week, and the next few days are extra busy! I’ve done a little bit of “fluffing the nest” for… Read more »

  Yes, I DO realize that I’m about exactly two months behind the rest of the world in the festivities of painting autumnal pumpkins. BUT, there is a reason for it! A very good reason. You see, my sister Ervina was coming to visit and we wanted to wait until she was here with us. [It’s been a childhood dream of hers, never before accomplished, and we wanted to be there for the Big Day]. So, she arrived, we were having heaps of… Read more »

Will someone please tell me, what is it about this autumn that is absolutely intoxicating nearly everyone I know?? [via pinterest] I mean, autumn has always been a lovely season. But this year? People everywhere are crushing all over again on Autumn and its beauty. Autumn is such a gloriously regal time. Sometimes showy and flashy and shockingly beautiful [at least, in the northern areas], and other times it’s the weather that is a great reprieve from the high temperatures of… Read more »

So the first time I ever had biscotti, I had no idea what it was. I remember picking it up because it looked so pretty, but I took one bite and thought, “Whoever overbaked this thing??” and threw the rest of it away! I had to learn a bit about biscotti: Biscotti is meant to be very crisp, and dunked in coffee to soften it. Let me just tell you, it’s some pretty amazing goodness! I made this Chocolate Chip Biscotti… Read more »

  is the first white pumpkin and cool orange pumpkin I’ve seen within a hundred miles of where I live. *so excited*   is a little glimpse the fall mantel I’ve been working on.   is the little guy who cut three eye teeth within the past week. He’s been grumpy and miserable for so long, and yesterday he started smiling again.   is how my kitchen looks when company is coming and there are yummy pumpkin things to be baked…. Read more »

  This is a post that dwells on the delightfulness of my children. :) Little snippets of life over the past few weeks. It’s not all catastrophic. :)Sometimes I have to remember that! [the most colorful tree is all the county is in our front yard] You know, there are some weeks where I look back at journal entries I’ve written about my children… and just smile to myself… Such as this one from a few weeks ago: “I am… Read more »