This is our 6th year with kids in school. I KNOW. It blows my mind too. Zoe is our oldest, in 5th grade, and then Olivia is in 3rd, and Hudson in K5.  I’m not sure how I ever got old enough to have a 10 year old daughter, or be big enough to have four kids, but here we are! I attended the Wild + Free Conference in Nashville in September, and if you’re a home educating mama, let me… Read more »

  This is a post that dwells on the delightfulness of my children. :) Little snippets of life over the past few weeks. It’s not all catastrophic. :)Sometimes I have to remember that! [the most colorful tree is all the county is in our front yard] You know, there are some weeks where I look back at journal entries I’ve written about my children… and just smile to myself… Such as this one from a few weeks ago: “I am… Read more »