Since the remodeling upstairs and adding the three dormers last fall, I’ve been wanting to do a before & after post of the outside of the Cottage, just to show the hard work that my husband has done! This spring, with the fresh, bright-green growth of the trees: The dormers aren’t too visible in this picture, but I like that it shows the fence that we added soon after we moved here (after our one-year old gave us a terrible… Read more »

Today is a celebration of one year in the Cottage! When we bought this bungalow in January of 2010, this is how is looked. I was depressed for three days after going through this house! It had great bones, and so much character in this hundred year old house, but it needed SO MUCH WORK. After four months of working on it full-time, we moved in on May 31, 2010. It still needed quite a bit of work. :) The landscaping… Read more »