[ sorry for those of you who received this twice: i was having technical difficulties! ] So, there are periods of time when I go about my days in my little cottage without the thought of a new addition or project. Maybe I’m busy with My Faire Lady Designs orders and don’t have time for it. Maybe it’s other things in the schedule. Or maybe it’s that I just don’t even have a project in mind. And THEN there are… Read more »

  Oh, it’s been a good week! A busy, fun-filled week! It started out last Friday with a weekend getaway with my husband and me – something we haven’t done in far. too. long! A weekend with no schedules, no deadlines, no responsibilities, no children… Those kinds of weekends are every-few-years kinds of weekends! Just so fun! [front door wreath] [front porch table] We returned home on Sunday, and some dear friends from Ohio stayed with us for a few… Read more »

This house has been a dream come true for me. After renting a rather dark and what felt like gloomy house for almost four years, I have been so delighted to actually have our own little home! Yes, it’s little. Only two bedrooms, about 1500 square feet altogether. It’s little. But it’s oh, so cozy. And so full of natural light! I LOVE that.  And there is no landlord that says what we can or can’t do. :) Poor husband, now… Read more »