So in the general perusing of yard sales while in Florida several weeks ago, I happened to glance upward and my eyes met the giant prongs of a fork. Giant fork. About 6 feet tall. Yes, a fork.   I’ve been on the look-out for a fork ever since seeing the gorgeous fork/spoon gigantic canvas’ in Pottery Barn’s catelogue. But am I going to spend $300 on them? Um, no. Never. And in speaking with the garage-seller-woman selling this… Read more »

  Or perhaps I should name this,  “Dining Room Before. And After: Prepared for a Dinner Party”. That’s too long for a title anyway. But that’s the gist of these pictures. I was going to do before & after pictures of this room anyway, and then during preparation for my husband 30th party I snapped these pictures. And no, my dining room is not set up for a dinner party every day! :) It has been SO FUN to decorate this… Read more »