It all started here. Two people, in love with Jesus, met on the mission field in Belize, Central America. Meet Mr. & Mrs. Barkman. Marriage and 31 years later, they’ve expanded the family. They began with four daughters. They loved the girls, but decided they’d try for sons as well. They had two, and everyone was so happy. Meanwhile the children had children, and the family grew and grew. [where does that line come from? I’m having a deja’ vu!] At this point it’s… Read more »

  So my husband planned a sponteous family getaway, in the mountains of the northern part of the state. He googled ‘best state parks’ and this was the top in our state. It boasted beautiful scenery, great hiking trails, and waterfalls. AND it had cottages, which was a huge plus for me. It’s not that I don’t do tent camping – it’s just that tent camping and three kids and six hours away and making all your own food seems… Read more »