It’s a super cozy, wonderfully lazy Monday afternoon… It’s been raining steadily all day, actually for most of the past week. Combine that with a crackling fire in the hearth and I’m ever so happy. No snow this far south, but if it’s raining and I can have a fire, I’ll be happy. :) I’m been wanting to do some more before & afters of the Cottage, but somehow it has taken me a while to get those pictures… Read more »

  Since My Faire Lady and her two festivals are now over [we did a second with a bit more success than the first – yay!], I have a million projects running through my mind for my house. Okay, so not a million. That sounds juvenile. :) But a lot. As in, I lie in bed at night,  before I sleep, there visions of interior design projects that run through my mind.  I would love to be an interior designer. At least, that’s what… Read more »