Who doesn’t love all the summertime foods, as well as the lighter eating that comes this time of year? Although we’ve had lower temperatures this season ~ due to the rain every single day for weeks ~ it’s still good to have that lighter fare. I can always use inspiration in the kitchen, and there are many times a sister or friend will tell me something they are cooking for dinner, and I will promptly make it as well. Hey,… Read more »

It’s been a past few weeks that are hard to describe. Babies born, baby going to Heaven, an older gentleman going to Heaven, hosting people, family visiting, scores of meals made… I’m still trying to recover from the busyness, from the happiness and heartache that ran side by side. I got the idea from Shelly to do a food post, and since cooking is something I’ve done a lot of the past weeks, here’s a few favorites. Online recipes are just great…. Read more »