Ahhh, yes, hello Spring! We’ve been seeing hints of your arrival for the past month, but this week especially we knew you were near. This morning we woke up to beautiful warm sunshine, and it was the perfect start to springtime. All winter I was jealous of the snow in the north. But now? The north can have their snow. I’m happy to take Spring. :) This little southern town is simply wreathed in dogwoods and Bradford pear trees and azaleas.  It… Read more »

  There are few things as old-fashioned and exciting as going to a field, harvesting something (even if you’ve never planted it), and reaping the bounty. Such was a day last week. It is Strawberry Season in the south, and it is a favorite thing of mine! I called up a few friends and asked if they wanted to make a party out of it. :) Everything is more fun with friends, right? I felt like Mother Hen, clucking over… Read more »