So my husband planned a sponteous family getaway, in the mountains of the northern part of the state. He googled ‘best state parks’ and this was the top in our state. It boasted beautiful scenery, great hiking trails, and waterfalls. AND it had cottages, which was a huge plus for me. It’s not that I don’t do tent camping – it’s just that tent camping and three kids and six hours away and making all your own food seems… Read more »

Hello on the first Monday in August! How to even begin to catchup from the last few weeks, I have no idea. Our summer has been a good one, and a very rapid one. Whether it’s events of this season, or the mere fact of having three young children, I don’t know ~ but this year has been the fastest of my life. I wish there was some way I could slooooow it down. Here are a few highlights of the past… Read more »