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I have seen this Daybook idea around on different blogs and loved it, but this is the first I’m trying it as an attempt to catch up on the past few weeks. So this here is my Daybook, with a few variations…

Outside My Window

are the tennis courts and a few players enjoying the overcast day. There are times I would like a better view out the front door, but then I can also sit on my front porch without someone across the street looking at me. :)

I Am Thankful For

 a day of quietness.
The last few weeks have been a constant busy and going and activity, and while it was so enjoyable, we are all so thankful for a quieter week.  We’ve had rain days, which make for a quieter feeling as well.

The end of May Zoe finished up Kindergarten on the front porch. It was a year of learning for both of us – doing Kindergarten at home, and we plan on doing 1st grade at home as well. We used the Abeka DVD’s and they were wonderful. I can’t imagine homeschooling without them.

My blue-eyed daughter is quite the scholar. She LOVED school, and was sad for it to end.

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Not to be outdone by big sister, little sister did some learning as well.
However, distraction comes easily for her… :)

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We had a jewelry-making day with the nun, er, princess,
I mean, bride!

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And don’t even think of forgetting Little Man.
He’ll let you hear about it.

He wants to be included in everything. :)

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I Am Reading

several books at the moment.
I love to read, and different years I have different “themes.”
Sometimes I feel like I get stuck in mommy-mode, and while some of that is okay, I don’t want to stagnate either!

One year I wanted to stretch my mind, so I read a lot of  C. S. Lewis and Chesterton and those great old authors. It was good, and mind-stimulating!

This year my sister gave me an armload of books, many having to do current desperate world needs, orphan advocacy, and a call to holiness.

I have been incredibly moved, and reading some of those books leaves me a different person, with a different heart.

To name a few…

Terrify No More
[a story of  sex trafficking in East Asia]

Too Small to Ignore
[the moving story of the beginnings of Compassion International]

The Hole in Our Holiness
[a call to do all for God and His glory, rather than using “grace” to cover flesh and sin]

The following picture:
“Mommy, I’m adopting this baby. She doesn’t have a mommy or daddy, so I’m adopting her and I’m gonna be her family.”

I am melted. I LOVE that she has a heart for the orphan, even if it’s in baby-doll form at four years old.

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I Am Looking Forward

 to a day with my husband, to celebrate almost-8 years of being married! :)
A very sweet babysitter is lined up, and I am so grateful to her!

One of the things I miss about not living near my family is that ability to call them up and say, “I need ONE HOUR! Can you watch the kids for ONE hour while I regroup!?” Or to have dates with my husband on a regular basis… So, I am very grateful for this babysitter. :)

I Am Thinking

of good ways to have chores organized for the kiddos.
They are super helpers, but I would like something organized rather than me verbally asking them each time.

I don’t really want a sticker system; that seems like too much to keep after for me!

I do want something efficient and easy… for both the kids and myself.
Maybe incorporate it into allowances?
But I’m stuck!

I would love to hear your ideas and see pictures!
And if I get 3 or more ideas, I’d love to put into into blog format to give other people ideas too.
If you’re up for it, send ideas and at least one picture to skiesofparchment (@)

In The Kitchen

Not today, but in the past few weeks…
… Strawberry Cream Cheese Pie, recipe passed on from my husband’s mother

my faire lady -  mse 009

A breakfast or lunch favorite learned from a friend:
a yogurt parfait
homemade Greek vanilla yogurt
homemade granola
sliced strawberries
drizzled with maple syrup
a sprinkle of cinnamon.

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One of My Favorite Things

Early mornings on my front porch, before the kiddos wake up.
A hot cup of coffee, my Bible, journal, and an hour of quietness.
There is nothing better.
If only I could do it every morning.

A Picture

 my peanut butter baby.

peanut butter baby

Happy Hump Day, Lovelies! :)


23 thoughts on “The {weekly} Daybook

  1. Shannon

    Love it all.

    I could just laugh and laugh at your little #2. She is so so much like mine. Distracted. Daydreaming. Dressing up. The princess/nun/bride thing is all too familiar. She looks like she is just oozing with mischief! :)

  2. Carmen

    I could comment on all the subjects you wrote about, but the one that I identify with today it the one about missing family close by to call up for an emergency hour or evening of babysitting. I love love love my little family, but there are days that I just need to get out and breathe someone else’s air. I often long to just load us all up at a moments notice and go to mom’s. So, yes, I too treasure those rare times where a babysitter is available, or has offered. I know you’ll enjoy your time. =) Love all your pics of your darling family.

  3. Christy

    It was fun to catch snippets of your life. Your pictures are so pretty. I always feel a little envious of your front porch, and I think doing school out there sounds especially nice. Are you enjoying the break this summer? Thanks for linking the books, I’m quickly adding them all to my wishlist on Amazon, so i remember to check them out someday. :) I would love to send you pictures of my chore charts. I’m still really liking them. Knowing me, you may need to send a reminder, though. :) Hope you have a wonderful day away with Ben.

    1. The Cottage at 341 South Post author

      What a treat to get a comment from you, Christy! Yes, I have loved my front porch so much too! Especially this time of year, when it’s not too hot mornings to sit out there with coffee and enjoy a bit of quietness… The summer break has been a bit of a challenge – Zoe really thrives under structure and schedule, and doesn’t know what to do with herself with no school! And yes, I would LOVE to see a picture and explanation of your chore charts! :)

  4. Lori

    Lovely pictures! and sweet family! I want to comment on the abeka dvd’s. Since our family is leaving for Haiti before school starts I’m looking into 1st grade stuff for my youngest. We’ve used Abeka workbooks for the older ones but just was curious why you liked the dvd’s so much, and whether you print out papers for them to go with them or do they still get work books etc. If you have time you can email me @ or fb message me. Thanks!

  5. Tamira Johnson

    Hi Clarita, in response to asking your reader’s opinions regarding ways to keep your children in the know of what chores they can do to help out, or should be responsible for at their respective ages {without telling them every day :)} a thought came to mind. :) My husband, Simon, and I really value Crown Financial Ministries ( and the wisdom they impart through biblical teaching and practical application. In June 2012, they did video teaching about the importance of teaching children (beginning at early ages) about finances, even through chores and whatnot. I LOVE the heart of the parents here (I believe they’re the current CEO’s?) and the practical wisdom they share in their personal experience of teaching their kids about financial management through chores and personal responsibility. I hope it brings some insight that may be helpful in your quest to streamline the way you impart the responsibility of chores for your kids. Be blessed!

    1. The Cottage at 341 South Post author

      Hi Tamira! That sounds like such a great thing, thank you so much for that information! Teaching kids about finances while also teaching responsibility sounds like the perfect combination… I will definitely check into that! Thank you!

    1. The Cottage at 341 South Post author

      I love that link, Monica! I checked it out and I LOVE instilling gratitude and compassion at the same time as responsibility… What a great concept! I think I want a set of those… :)

  6. Ervina

    What a precious life. I got all caught up in Zoe’s dreamy eyes and then I noticed the long fingernails she’s so proud of and laughed out loud. love. that. kid. I want to come south and eat blackberries with cinnamon sprinkled yogurt and hold peanut butter baby and color with the girls and take walks through the neighborhood and talk for hours. miss you so much.

  7. Michelle

    Your porch is so fabulously dreamy I feel like I should somehow be able to conjure up a French word that conveys just how much I adore it! :) And can I just say that I pretty much swoon whenever I see pictures of your girls!

    I have a chore chart this year for the first time and I really like it. More because it reminds me than the boys. I got the basic idea from a friend and would be delighted to send you a picture (IF I remember. Please remind me if I don’t.) It’s very simple and easy to make for people like me who don’t want to spend forever on a chore chart. And then when it was done I liked the concept so much I wished I’d have spent more time and made it adorable. :)

    1. The Cottage at 341 South Post author

      Ha ha, you’re so funny! When you come across the perfect French word, let me know! But I know what you mean, sometimes it seems like there should be an awesome-sounding word that just fits what you’re trying to describe! :)

      And yes, I would love to see a picture and hear about your chore chart! Yes please! I feel like I just am stuck with trying to figure it out myself, and google searches only leave me more confused. I want to know from other mothers who say THIS WORKS!! :)

  8. Sherri

    I too, would be interested in why you chose the Abeka DVDs versus the books…I’m trying to figure out if homeschooling is right for us, and if so, what curriculum is good, etc. And I’m thinking that “The Hole in Our Holiness” should be my next read…sounds great! Enjoy your anniversary celebration!!

  9. Elizabeth

    Gorgeous pictures. I really love the peanut butter baby, that is so, so sweet. I can’t believe how big he’s getting! and your girlies too. Clarita, they are beautiful! You guys are like a family of models!

    The book A Hole in Our Holiness…sounds very good. I think I will read that. Thanks for sharing. I love C.S. Lewis too. He is one of my favorites. I was so excited this year because Tyler was old enough to start reading and understanding his writing. It is fun having him old enough to discuss books with his mom. :)

    About chores…I just helped my sister in law write up a list yesterday for her boys! :) Jeff and I are pretty tough when it comes to working, especially with our boys..but it’s paid off! They are willing to work hard and never complain. (well, almost never ;) We never did allowances. We always told (and still tell) the kids that we all live in the house, and they have to do their part. If they want to make money we give them a job besides their regular chores where they can get paid. (ex. paint the fence, clean out the garage,…something out of the ordinary) We also had them start the envelope system at a young age. When they were little we started them tithing and saving.

    Happy, Happy, Happy Anniversary! If we lived near each other, I would babysit for you once a week so you could go on a date! :) Hope you have a wonderful time together celebrating your marriage.
    Happy Weekend to you.

  10. Amber

    We are doing Abeka online and love it! I’m interested in a chore chart too. Esp. this summer. It’s so hard to think of things for them to do sometimes and other times I wish I didn’t have to tell them every little thing. I’ll be watching for a chore chart post. :)

  11. Kim A.

    I’m with you on the chore chart! I want to hear from Mom’s: “this thing works!”
    I stumbled across this just an hour ago: (Bonni has been a speaker at several events that our church has hosted.) I like her idea of cultivating character traits—that’s not something that can be measured tangibly with stickers!
    I’ll email you some ideas that have worked for me and my family!

    1. The Cottage at 341 South Post author

      Thanks, I look forward to checking out the link! As your email as well! :) I love to hear ideas and get tips from other mothers! And I very much like the idea of “cultivating character” vs. just putting stickers on a chart… SO TRUE. xo

  12. Carrie

    Hello, I just found your sweet blog from Home Made Lovely – thanks for letting me peak into your world and be encouraged. I wanted to share our “chore” system. We have tried many different things, but the one that has worked so far is zones. We divided our home into certain zones that the kids can independently be responsible for tidying. Then they are checked before each meal because Proverbs states, those who do not work do not eat. If the zone is not clean -then you do not eat. For example, my seven year old is responsible for tidying up the school room while my four year old has to tidy up the entry and the stairs. They have to work together on their room and play area. I just call “zone check” about 15-20 minutes before meals and they are usually quick to tidy. This system has really worked for us. We do not pay allowance – this is their contribution to the home we all share. They can earn money for extra chores. Hope this is helpful.

    1. The Cottage at 341 South Post author

      Hi Carrie! So nice to meet you! :) And thank you for sharing your chore system! I hadn’t heard the zone idea before, but I really like it! And I also like your theory too – that allowance is not included, because everyone is part of the family and therefore is expected to give and contribute. That’s really good! Also to include the proverb of working to eat! That’s great! Thank you for the great tips!

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