Image1is the first white pumpkin and cool orange pumpkin I’ve seen within a hundred miles of where I live. *so excited*

First White Pumpkin


Image1is a little glimpse the fall mantel I’ve been working on.

This 039


Image1is the little guy who cut three eye teeth within the past week. He’s been grumpy and miserable for so long, and yesterday he started smiling again.

Happy Hudson


Image1is how my kitchen looks when company is coming and there are yummy pumpkin things to be baked.

This 084


Image1is who follows me into the kitchen every. single. time. :)

This 006


Image1is what I always wear whenever I’m in the kitchen.
Anthropologie apron, thanks to my mommy. ♥
[also, this is what a picture look like, taken by a 6-year old :)]

This 081


Image1is the little girl who has can’t stand socks, or certain shoes, or certain anything.
Sensory issues. :(

This 065


Image1is a super cool water bottle, made by June Jars, given by my friend Shelly.
I ♥ it. And her.

This 047


Image1is how my attic looked before organization. Well, actually, it’s my yard sale pile. But it’s a pretty close ‘before’.

This 073


Image1is after, and what I spent my money on, rather than getting a smartphone. (I know, I know. I had the old kind of phone! Organization is just a big deal to me.)

This 070


Image1is made my day. Skype dates with sisters in faraway places.

skype date


Image1is the woman who inspired me to do This.


Image1is a day be thankful for the gift of life!

This 037



30 thoughts on “This.

  1. Thelma

    ohmygoodness. i have that teething child this week. feels like he’s sprouting a whole mouthful at once. paired w/ some dark rainy days and you have a recipe for disaster. *better days ahead* (i hope)

    1. The Cottage at 341 South Post author

      Oh dear, you have my sympathies! Better days WILL come, but I know that when you’re in that teething stage it’s all-consuming and exhausting. I was pretty much on my last nerve by the time it was over with. :( Whew.

  2. Christy

    Okay. The fonts. I am officially jealous.

    Fun, happy post. I wish I could have had a pumpkin scone at your house this morning, too. :) I hope you have a wonderful day!

  3. Katy

    I just about cannot believe how big your kiddos are getting, especially Hudson! He looks so much like Rod’s kids, too. All very darling =)

  4. Jana Swartz

    Umm, why don’t I find out about Skype dates?? I love the Fall decor, wherever do u find colored leaves?

  5. Kellie

    Beautiful pictures, as always! Your Anthropologie apron is so cute! We have an Anthropologie store close to us that my girls and I love to go to. Their things are just so beautiful!

  6. tessfull2

    Loved this blog :-) I really wanted a Blue Moon pumpkin this year and was not able to find one. I do have a few decked around the house and the cool thing is… they came out of our garden. They aren’t very good due to the lack of rain but neat to be able to decorate from something home grown. I understand sensory issues… Zalen is a seeker and I have learned a ton in this area in the last year.

  7. Elizabeth

    LOVE all of your pictures!
    I have a Bosch too….it is the best mixer ever. So fall-ish and pretty at your home. Wish I was the company coming over for something pumpkin baked! You are such a cute and fun mom. :)

  8. shelly nissley

    I love the front porch pumpkins . . . and the little man . . . and the messy kitchen {i know the yumminess you create!} . . . and yay for June Jars!! Can’t wait to shop with them again. :) Your home and organization and creativity . . . so beautiful and inspirational to me! xo

    1. The Cottage at 341 South Post author

      You couldn’t see my pictures? Someone else said that recently too! I resize them to make it easier to load the page, I thought…. A post isn’t any fun without pictures! Did you try refreshing the page?

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