This was a truly beautiful weekend.

[mosquito-bitten feet in cozy slippers]

autumn 6

The first Saturday home as a family in two months.

[my latest read: The Scottish Chiefs]

autumn 9

The first fire in the fireplace.

[apparently not too far into my book.
and just in case these pictures speak “perfect day” let me just say this:
it was a truly beautiful day,
I had literally 5 minutes of time alone Sunday afternoon
in which everyone was napping at the same time
in which I documented it with pictures.
rare things mean picture documentation.
as much as I would like to say it was a3 hour stretch, I can’t say it was.]

autumn 4

A surprise package in the mail from a sister. ♥

Biscotti baking and pumpkin roll baking.

[my mantel-less living mantel, with teetering decor balancing on the edge]

autumn 7

Time change, which gave us an extra hour Sunday morning
[definitely a good thing. Sunday mornings can be rather harried here].

autumn 8

[this picture looks very strange to me.
yes, i’m in the south.
sweet tea,
woolly slippers,
and a fire in the fireplace, thank you.]

Happy little girls who were delighted with have several days with their daddy at home.

[headless child pausing a rare, brief instant to allow me snap a picture of her tights]

autumn 10

Ben’s parents and siblings at home that came for Sunday lunch of a Belizian meal.

Creative little minds who pretend they are making oatmeal on a Monday morning…

Autumn 2

[little bed-heads whose mother failed to comb them]

Autumn 3 Autumn 1

I just want to re-live it again.




17 thoughts on “Weekend Sweetness

  1. down_onthefarm

    my sarah, just turned ten, has already out-grown the d.a.r.l.i.n.g. tights stage. sigh.
    so i am really enjoying those little striped legs at your house! :)

    and those pictures over your mantel-less mantel…love ’em.
    what a great photo of you and {surely that must be :)} hubby.

    and as far as strange…smile. but nah. looks fabulous to me. 
    a mix of what is super comfy {on my feet or otherwise} with what i like
    { regardless of what might be deemed appropriate by my geographical location}
    are what makes something ~ a weekend ~ worth repeating!

  2. WasabiBek

    sounds lovely. so glad you got that day off. now THAT really sounds amazing! try to give me a call sometime this week if you get a chance. last week just turned out crazy for me… but this week there really isn’t much going on at all. i’d love to catch up again.

  3. grandpas_gurl

    darling!! i’m so glad you could experience a taste of autumn, even in the south! you make anything look cozy! ;) can’t wait until thanksgiving with you and the kitties!! <3

  4. Elizabethmarie_1

    Love the tights, I love little girl tights!!!
    I like your fire, it looks so cozy….ahhhhhh.
    I love the matnel-less living room, it’s so cute. I had no mantel for a while, then in an afternoon, my husband built a great big one for me! =)  But before the mantel, mine wasn’t cute like yours, it was a light, stoney 1980’s sort of brick…yuck. You don’t even need a mantel!!!

    Your weekend sounds like it was very relaxing. I wish all of them could be that way, don’t you? Yes, you do because you said “Please” at the end of you post!!! =)
    HAppy Monday.

  5. foreveranoatneygirl_n2Hisown

    ahh…i can feel every little ounce of delightful-ness in a weekend such as yours!! i know all too well about scarce weekends at home as a family; somehow, it seems i/we can never get enough of them!
    hoping your week is off to a good start!
    happy monday!

  6. singingrachel

    Oh, i’d like to say please? right  along with you.  Just love wkends like that and yours just looks super cozy.  And for some reason i think a wkend like that together just makes for a little less stress the following week.

    Happy Monday though….  this next weekend we look forward to seeing lots of Ga. folk.


    *Love* your pictures and how everything feels so “put together” and at rest. Every corner of my house feels like it has a project waiting to be finished, a wall to wipe, or a drawer to clean . . . all before this baby arrives! And what a happy weekend. Many more like that to you and yours this fall and winter!

    Oh, and I’ve been typing, typing, typing addresses into EXCEL spreadsheets for Phil’s new job/career . . . and got tired of my own music, so have been keeping your site pulled up so that I can listen to your beautiful playlist while I work. :) Thanks.

  8. baileyandme

    i loved all the pretty and COZY pictures. cozy pictures are my favorite kind…
    loved the last picture of the bed heads. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO typical hair over here at our place during the day.
    your book looks… interesting… i can`t say it looks “me”, but cool looking all the same. ha :)
    awesome mantel– love the “couple shot”
    are you in PA for Christmas? we will be. maybe we can finally meet up?

  9. lifeisadance

    @baileyandme – I love old classics, and this is one book I have not yet read. At the rate I’m going, it’ll probably take me year, but I’m plugging, a few words at a time. :

    And we will be in PA over Thanksgiving, not Christmas! Bummer!!! We were thinking of going to Ohio after Thanksgiving so my husband can hunt, but we’ve now given that up. But I was very much hoping to, in part because I really wanted to meet you!!! WHEN will it ever work?!

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