It’s the  newname. The address, the place this blog moved to.The move is something I’ve contemplated for a while. Several years actually. But if I moved I wanted it to be a God-thing. Yep, I think God cares about blogging. :)

So, I waited. Until it was the right time. The right name.

I had a looooooong list of names. All the ones I first thought of were taken. Well, I guess I could have added “blogblog” on the end, but who wants to do that?
So I waited some more.

I often write of finding beauty in little places, simple beauty, not extravagant beauty, and of simply enjoying the day.

Maybe something like “Oh Lovely Day!” I wondered? But no, it just didn’t fit.

I love happy days, I try to make my days happy, but…

There are too many days that aren’t happy, as in top-of-the-world happy. There is always joy to be found, sometimes with great effort, but mere happiness?
There is too much pain in the world, in my world, in the world of my friends,  to have a glib Pollyann-happy-face. [although there is much to be learn from her, I do think].

One evening I was singing to my restless son before bed. I love to sing hymns to him, among the sweet nursery songs. I was thinking of my beloved friend, Ruth, and how she loved the song “The Love of God” and so I sang it to him.

The song has incredible word pictures, speaking of the vastness of God’s love. That even if the ocean were ink and the skies of parchment and every man a scribe God’s love could never be fully explained.

And that was it: Skies of Parchment.

More than simply recording a happy day, or taking pictures of pretty little things, I blog to record the faithfulness and love of my Lord.

Life isn’t always easy. It’s not always happy. There is pain. There is death, and loss, and heartache, in many fronts.

And yet, through it all, God is faithful. He is good. He can be trusted. He never makes mistakes.

Skies of Parchment. Declaring His faithfulness and love.

But it’s not just about blogging; it’s the way I want my life to be.
I want my soul to be a pen, and this life the sky, upon which I record His faithfulness.

I don’t have “plans” for this new blog. It will be a lot of the same – posting when I am able to without burning dinner or neglecting laundry for too many days. :) There is no big show or new blingy features or anything like that. Just a new location. That’s all. :)

16 thoughts on “Why ‘Skies of Parchment’?

  1. amber~.

    that’s one of my favorite songs too, especially that line – “and were the skies of parchment made…” what a cool visual of writing down the works of His faithfulness and even the extensive of the sky couldn’t contain all we could record. ~ excited for you here in this new place and look forward to continuing to journey with you and share our lives together through our blogs. love yoU! and did i mention i like those shoes? ;)

    1. The Cottage at 341 South Post author

      Yes, we will continue to walk this blogging road, together! Thanks so much for your encouragment! I love YOU and your blog, and you as a friend! xoxo Oh, and IF if if I ever tire of the shoes I’ll know where to send them… :)

  2. Jana Swartz

    Hooray for new blogs and happy titles! :) Love it. Love you more. :) XOXO Ps: I want those green blow fish shoes.

  3. Rebecca

    Hi Clarita! I’ve been following your blog for a while & though perhaps I ought to actually say “Hello”! I love the new site and am anticipating more encouraging, honest, Christian woman posts. : )

    1. The Cottage at 341 South Post author

      Thanks, Jessica! I’m glad you found the new site! A new space has been fun – and a lot of work. Ha! :) But I am very much liking the new little spot! Looking forward to keeping up on your blog too!

  4. Bevy

    I just nominated you for the Liebster Award… I hope you’ll accept. Here are 11 question I have for you. You’ll need to check back on my blog to see the post details..

    1. Your blog title/name? How did it come about… is there a story?
    2. Books. Who is your favorite author? What is your style?
    3. Speaking of Style. Who/what inspires you in your wardrobe selection?
    4. If you’re a mom! – Any advice you could share? If you’re not… What do you wish you could share?
    5. In blogging.. Do you share your Faith? Why or Why not?
    6. Collections… What is yours? Baskets? Cookbooks? – How did you get started?
    7. Do you have that one “best friend” – what makes her a great friend? Give me just two-three words.
    8. Pizza or Stromboli? Would that be homemade or “Take Out”?
    9. Camera advice…is needed. What would you recommend?
    10. And your favorite flower is…?
    11. Tell me that one idiosyncrasy you LOVE about yourself..

  5. Beth

    My mom sang that song when I was little. I love it! Found your blog through Amy Weaver. I think I’ll follow! :)

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