Before I even get started, let me just say that I am very well aware of the fact that my title has nothing to do with the Imminent Issue At Hand.

But please, let me also say that I am wanting to talk about things other than an “L” word that rhymes with ‘gate.”
And two other words; an “O” word that rhymes ‘rover’ and a “D” word that rhymes with ‘blue’.
And I would like to talk about something other than numbers in the double-digits.

And before anyone offers advice on How to Make a Baby Come,
let me also say that I have tried everything under the sun and nothing even phases me.
The only other thing I will say is that I have 3 more days at the very most.
There IS an end in sight, after all. :)
I’m fully expecting the baby to come out talking, and his first words better be “sorry mom.” :)

And on to the subject of this post…

How to Make a 5-Star Bed

You know how you spend a much-looked-forward-to night in a beautiful hotel,
saving the pennies and dollars for a very long time until you can afford that certain one you really want?
And the hotel itself is beautiful.
Not a crummy little joint where you’re afraid that a roach will run out from the bathroom,
[and WAS that bathroom even cleaned anyway?]
or that there will be hair from several past renters in the bedsheets?

No, not that kind of hotel at all.
The kind where you walk into a room and you instantly feel pampered.
Just stepping inside and looking around makes you feel like you’re in a special sanctuary.
And the bed, oh the bed.
The crisp sheets, the fluffy duvet, the pillows…
Even if there is great entertainment all around, you just want to sleep for at least 8 hours in such a bed.
Or more, given the opportunity.

I want to offer the opinion that you can create such a chamber of your very own.
Why wait for those once-a-year splurges,
when you could spend the same amount of money and have something of your own all the time?

My personal take on the matter of a home is to create a sanctuary.
Not perfection, not a performance, not simply to impress someone who walks in.
But to bless your very own family.
To make them feel as though they live in a palace, even if it’s a little cottage less than 2000 square feet.
That they are valuable enough and special enough for you to create a place of beauty,
and to do those little extras that give life those Rainbow Sprinkles, as Leslie Ludy says.

{Nesting} 336

So a bed that I’m speaking of is not a $5 yard sale find.
A lot of what I do around my house is in $5 increments, and I like to do it that way.
However, a bed is one thing that is worth the splurge.
And if I, in my O_ _ _D_ _ state still find my bed to be the most comfortable place,
I’d say that gives some weight to what I’m saying. :)

There are a few articles that I would recommend for this 5-Star Bed:
[assuming there is already a bed frame and mattress]
* a feather-bed
* a high quality sheet set
* a down comforter and duvet

So, how to make a 5-Star Bed:

1. Begin with high-quality sheets.
My personal favorites are those of Egyptian Cotton, 1000-thread count.
Yes, that’s one-thousand thread count. ?
These can be rather pricey, so is a good place to find them, or on sale at department stores.

The difference of sleeping in between sheets of 200-thread count and 1000-thread count is out of this world. You won’t have the little balls that appear after several washings, and the higher thread count sheets stay crisp and fresh much longer. If you’re one of those that likes super soft sheets, these may not be for you, because although not crispy, they definitely are not a satin finish.

I don’t normally have any spare sheets for our beds – what is on them is what we’ve got, and so I wash and rewash them often. But a good quality sheets set lasts me several years, even with weekly washings.

2. Freshly launder the above said sheets in gentle action, cold water.
[If necessary, you can add oxy-clean for added cleansing, but if you’re gentle on your sheets they will last much longer.]
And there is nothing like climbing into a perfect bed with lovely smelling sheets.
Use your favorite scent of laundry detergent or fabric softener when you launder your bedding.

3. Put your pillows in the dryer on high heat for 20 minutes.
This kills any dust mites (or so I read) and it fluffs them beautifully.
On a normal day I hand-fluff them before returning them to the bed, but try to dryer-fluff them at least once a month.

{Nesting} 322

4. Shake your featherbed. If you have no featherbed, then wash the mattress pad and try to be content without a featherbed. :)
Because once you sleep on one once there is no turning back, at least for most people.
A featherbed creates a softness that is unlike any other pillowtop mattress or anything else.
If your mattress is somewhat firm that is a good thing,
because then the featherbed will just form a gentle cushion but you’ll still have good support from the mattress.
If you do have a featherbed, then shake shake shake every change of sheets until you’re short of breath.
These guys are heavy, and I only bough a medium quality [on sale].
This gives you your weekly exercise, or daily exercise, depending on how often you change your sheets.
Please don’t tell me you go longer than one week. :)

{Nesting} 303

5. Pamper your bed, and ultimately you and your family, with the freshly laundered sheets.
Make a “hospital corner” on the flat sheets and blanket down at the bottom.
This is the professional way, even though it’s never seen.
Carefully tuck in the sides and edges to make a tight fit.

{Nesting} 305 {Nesting} 307

[a hospital bed]

 {Nesting} 309 {Nesting} 312
{Nesting} 313  {Nesting} 316  

6. Fold down sheet, with blanket if needed, at the top of the bed.
Or have a blanket fluffed [can you tell I love fluffy bed objects?] and folded at the bottom.

{Nesting} 317

{Nesting} 319

7. Add an assortment of pillows – big, small, a few select, a bedful, whatever is your preference.
And arrange however suits your fancy. A very deliberate, or just a tossed-on look both look great.
But do add pillows. Pillows add a “come crawl in” feel.

{Nesting} 324

{Nesting} 330

{Nesting} 327

8. Do not touch the bed until you climb in at night! The feeling of getting into a bed that is freshly made like this is unbeatable!
[Just as a side note: do you make a 5-Star Bed if you’re expecting company for the evening with small children.
Your 5-Star Bed will be crushed and turned into a flat little roadside inn bed.]

And enjoy the luxury of a 5-Star Bed, right in your very own home!

{Nesting} 333

Until next time…….


23 thoughts on “How to Make a 5-Star Bed

  1. SherriMonCheri

    Love your bed sanctuary…it’s beautiful and it makes me want to crawl into your bed and curl up for a nap :) I guess that means you accomplished the “5-star feel”! I so often feel like I’m in too much of a hurry to do anything other than just getting the covers pulled up neatly. This is one of recent challenges to make my home comfortable, inviting…a sanctuary. Thanks for this!

  2. JsSteph7

    I love this SO MUCH! I needed some tips. I have been going through this book… husband project or something like that. And this is one of the projects and I have been stalling. I knew I needed to get some things and have been way too busy to get out and get it done. … I didn’t even think of that! Thanks! We have the feather bed thingy and it’s AMAZING. I happened to snatch it on sale somewhere and, like you said, will never go back. ;) My room is always the last place to get attention and I’m turning 30 in 2 months (AAAH!) and that’s my wishlist. Re-doing my room. I have my pinterest board all done up for it. lol.  If you have a chance check it out and tell me what you think. I will totally understand if you don’t though. Being in that state that you’re in, and I won’t even say it. I remember how it feels when you’re that close to the end. Where you’re no longer counting days and weeks instead it’s all about the minutes and the seconds and time drags slower than when you were in grade school watching the clock for school to be out! I’m pretty sure that 5 star bed is going to be your best friend for a while!

    Ok.. done rambling. Thanks for this! Praying for you and baby!!

  3. redladybug18

    at the end of your post your bed looks so inviting and comfortable with all those pillows and all the extra little touches, it makes me want to crawl right in and take a nap :)

  4. Jabber_wock

    Oh wow…I love these tips! Thanks. I’ll be storing this on my mental pinterest board for when we move.
    You made me laugh about what your baby’s first words better be. :P May there be LOTS of grace for you in the next few days! I feel for you. O—d– is no fun!

  5. oneblessedwoman

    Lovely, just lovely. I have my mom to thank for teaching and insisting to a bed MUST be made this way:). Im still trying really hard to make the little touches a must instead of “if I have time”. Love your house and you have most certainly created a home that makes me feel like a queen just being there.

  6. H0LDfast

    i admit … i came over to ‘check in on you’ and see about baby : )
    obviously you know you’ll make it, but just wanted to say i’m praying for you & can’t wait for your news : )
    ps, love the bed!!

  7. mlt10202002

    i just laughed at the baby immediately talking and saying sorry mom! but, really, i am THINKING of you and HOPING that little stinker is here S.O.O.N.

    our bedroom is a sad state of affairs. this may just be the kick in the pants i needed!

  8. Carsonsmom2

    Call me crazy, but I hate crawling into a hotel bed. Even a nice one. :)  I feel claustrophobic with everything tucked in and those crispy sheets…But, I do my corners like that, just because I think I have to. I know, strange.  I love sateen sheets and all the pillows that I can pile on.  I’m in the process of looking for a king size duvet cover in silver blue that doesn’t cost $100.  I never thought of Overstock and I’ll have to check there.

    Hope you’re ‘time’ comes soon! One tiny benefit of a C-section, I guess. Not looking forward to that, but I can console myself with the thought that it will be a week early! Hope all goes well for you!

  9. cupajava

    I LOVE to crawl into a freshly washed bed! I just wish the clean crisp feeling lasted longer!! I definitely wash it once a week. I’ve been tempted to even more often. But it takes work and time so once a week it is….I keep thinking about you and am always anxious to see if there will be news, about a baby,from you. I haven’t looked on xanga in a couple of days and thot maybe, just maybe, you didn’t tell us on fb yet…please don’t forget to tell all of us cuz we are waiting to hear. *smile* may you feel grace until that day (which is oh so soon now!).

  10. justcallmeM

    Looks very lovely!! I have a feather comforter that I love as well. I’ve found some beautiful high thread count sheets at Tuesday Morning stores.

    And I was reading your post this morning when we got THE call! :) :)


    I LOVE this post, Clarita, and am gonna refer back to it after we move, if not before! Our mattress & bedding are in desperate need of replacement, but I’ve been trying to hold off on that til we move ’cause wouldn’t it be fun to get all-new stuff after moving into the new house?? I think so. . . . not sure if we’ll make it though because we have NOT been sleeping well with our mattress for the past year, and it’s really getting worse~fast. :/ And you are SO right about a fully pregnant body being the ultimate bed comfort “tester”. At least I don’t have *that* added to my discomfort at the moment! So thanks for sharing your tips and pictures. Oh, I could absolutely sink right into that bed . . . and your room looks like such a haven. I’m sure your little Hudson will think it’s wonderful too! :)

  12. smilesbymiles

    I love that thought of making your home a sanctuary … it’s what all homes should be and even more than the comforting decor (which I agree is important) I am so glad we all love to be here b/c it’s happy here. Dreading going home is an awful thing to have hanging over your head. And now that I’ve gotten that out of my system :) I do LOVE the bed making tips. :) We have had a down comforter on our bed ever since we’re married (our second one is pretty much worn out now) and we love it! It’s so wonderfully fluffy. I need to get new sheets again though …. the last set I bought at Ross and I think the high thread count was a lie. :) Oh, and I was cracking up when I got to the line about you O….D…b/c all my medical abbreviations kept coming to my head and my first thoughts were overdosed. :) So glad your little charmer is here!

  13. zanyzeal

    Confession: I hardly ever make my bed. BUT when I do I love it. I have beautiful maltese white coverlet that coats my bed like a perfect frosting when I take the time to make it. And the fluffing of the pillows in the dryer was a new concept for me. I think you may have inspired me.. as I am looking forward to sleeping in very soon… with only a week and half left of school time routine.

    So glad Hudson has made his arrival. Enjoy every single moment of baby bliss. Inhale that new baby fresh from Jesus scent for me ok!? There is nothing else like it.

  14. Anonymous

    I loved this post. It’s the “little” things like nice linens and comfy pillow that make beds super cozy.

    Congratulations on your littlest one. Blessings.

  15. Adrienne @ Whole New Mom

    So—the 1000 counts really make the difference? And it doesn’t matter what brand?

    1. The Cottage at 341 South Post author

      Hi Adrienne! Yes, the 1000-count really does make a big difference! :) When I buy a new set of sheets, I make sure that it actually IS the 1000-thread count, because I’ve often seen a seeming-bargain, but in fine print it will say, “FEELS like 1000-thread count.” So just make sure to double-check that. Also, I like the Egyptian cotton, because it is a stiffer sheet and feels fresh until my weekly washings. The sateen finish is a bit softer, and I’ve bought that and like that too. I don’t look for a particular brand as much as the description of the sheets. Hope that helps! :)

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