So it’s the evening of my daughter’s birthday and she is out on a date with her daddy (tradition) and got to pick where she wanted to go: The Park. So they just skipped across the street and took Zoe along, and the baby is sleeping and I had pictures ready for the blog, so here we go – still trying to catch up from a few weeks ago! The postings are all out-of-order here, and there are so many things that don’t get posted – either time or just privacy – but there are a few things that I like to document on a blog, so ~ here is a trip we took north a few weeks ago.

My sister Claudia is getting married in 3 weeks (!!!), so we went up so that Ben, who is in the carpentry business, could help her fiance’ work on their house. Naturally, it was a great excuse for us to go! After not being home for 5 months, it was special to be back.

It was a good week, with family and friendships and breathtaking springtime beauty, to be found only in the north.

family 606

There were lovely blossoms on orchard trees surrounding the home of my parents.
There were evening walks with sisters and friends in said lovely orchards.

family 728 family 664

family 659

// an orchard beehive //

family 722 family 712

There was another seester who joined us. ♥

family 710

family 724

… There was a double-date with our friends. Time is never long enough with them! Especially when we spent half the evening laughing because of all the things that went wrong with our meal. :)

Phil & Shelly
family 758

Me & Mine

family 765

I love this woman and her dear friendship! ♥
family 753
family 755

There was a visit to my sister at the darling cafe where she works…

family 748 family 745

… the view of a child. it makes me rather sympathetic! :)

family 742 m

… There was a most special morning spent with my two sisters and two lovely ladies and friends, sisters of my dear friend Ruth. Time spent with her family means the world to me, and to be with those who loved Ruth best and who Ruth loved most brings healing to my heart…

family 650

The ache of Ruth gone still leaves a hole so large it seems it can never be the same. And perhaps it won’t ever be the same, and perhaps that’s okay, because it makes the life after this seem more than a mere thought, and Heaven so REAL. I l know Ruth is fully alive, in the world that is a bigger reality than this one. It’s just that, for now, there is an aching void.

My sister Claudia and Hannah’s darling little girl. Claudia is praying she’ll have a daughter just like her. :)

family 655

Liz’s handsome handsome little son, a future musician, for sure. :)

family 639   family 610

family 630

I just liked this picture. :) Not great quality, but just a cute little sister-smotherly-picture. Typical.

family 595

Claudia’s wedding invitations! Seriously, who else but her has such darling envelopes! And yes, she and her friends sewed every single envelope, all 300+, if I’m not mistaken.

family 859

Time spent with my family, and with old and new friends is never long enough! I  don’t get nearly enough of pictures! I didn’t spend enough time with the people I did get to see! There are always people I wish to see, but didn’t! There is always more I wished to do, but couldn’t!

And when my baby had a flu bug part of the time, and when my dear grammy was in the hospital because of a stroke most the time I was there, there are priorities that shift and plans that change, and it makes me treasure the time all the more. It’s a reminder to me yet again that I just can’t take this life for granted!

Ooooh, and I went garage saling! On a freezing cold morning, with my mom and two sisters and husband. It was such great fun, and worth being bundled in a jacket from the 90’s just to stay warm. :)

Two favorite garage sale treasures: vintage plates for my wall! I’ll show more pictures later!

kitchen 5

And a set of 12 of these goblets for $8! I can’t remember the official name for them, but since I bought them I’ve seen them on etsy for $39 for a set of 4! Does my treasure hunting ever give me a high. :) In the past I would not have liked this design and style. Now? I think they’re adorable!

kitchen 8

And I met Aimee!! I have long admired her blog and amazing creativity, and when I met her in real life, I liked her all the more! I think it’s funny we met at while bargain-hunting, but we both love hunting for treasures! It’s just too bad I didn’t have a camera to document it, or a pen to get her autograph. :)

My family is back and kiddos are getting ready for bed…

Be blessed!


21 thoughts on “Lovely Pennsylvania.

  1. Freda

    Loved the post and adore your yard sale find! Quick question for you….how did you hang the plates? I want to venture this on my one wall but am nervous about a stable installment. :)

  2. shelly

    Your trip and week here were *filled* with beautiful moments and pictures!! You do such a great job with capturing the beauty and documenting it here. Those orchard photos are just gorgeous every time . . . and Claudia’s invitations are so HAPPY . . . and CafeOneEight is a great little place. I was surprised on my first visit there to be “waited” on by your sweet sister. I hadn’t realized she was working there.

    And oh, that night. With the four of us. It can still cause me to smile a rather large smile whenever I do think upon it. :) Thanks for making time for laughing and heart-sharing. We love you guys!

    1. The Cottage at 341 South Post author

      I try to understand that there is a time for the camera and a time to be in the moment without one. Whenever I don’t have it, I like it, but then I wish for pictures! Whenever I have it, I’m glad for pictures. Ha! :) I think my camera is just another appendage on my body! But the saturday before mother’s day our little family went to the ocean and I intentionally left my camera behind. It was a good thing. Sometimes the moments can be enjoyed better without a camera. But sometimes the moments can be enjoyed longer WITH a camera. :) We sure loved being with you guys too! xoxo

  3. Amanda T.

    Clarita, you are just stunningly beautiful. You really are. I love all the photos of your trip home. I haven’t been home since Christmas. I’m hoping to remedy that soon. :)

  4. Janelle

    Oh, I wish I could have been as lucky as Aimee to “bump” into you at a sale! I dream of some quality time together. No lie, literally last night I had a dream that we were together AT YOUR HOUSE with our kids running all about!! :)

    1. The Cottage at 341 South Post author

      Janelle!! EVERYtime I go up, I wish to see you! And I can’t believe you even dreamt about it! It’s a sign – it MUST get together! I am so refreshed and inspired when being with you! xo

  5. Jenny

    really beautiful!
    that picture of you and your kids in front of cafe18 should be in a magazine.
    that’s so cool you get aimee, i have always wanted to meet her.
    love the thrifty finds- thanks for sharing them! i love to see other people’s buys! those goblets are gorgeous!

  6. jennie

    I loved the pictures in the orchard. Sisters are awesome. It was so nice that you could enjoy yours!

    I like the treasures that you found garage saling. pretty!

  7. Beth

    There’s nothing like a visit home, is there?? Love the pictures of your beautiful sisters!

  8. Sarah D

    Thank you so much for sharing your travels with us! I always come away from your blog feeling inspired. Whether it’s because of the GORGEOUS photos or just the way you love your family with every fiber of your being. :) Thanks again for sharing! Have a great week!

  9. Amy

    oh want to comment on everything! such a beautiful photo of Shelly! I do wish i wouldn’t have missed you by a day!

  10. Kassie

    I’m going to bug you for two questions: where did you get your jean skirt? I need a new one! Also, where did your slipcovers come from in your living room? Your pictures are lovely…

    1. The Cottage at 341 South Post author

      Hi Kassie! You’re not bugging me at all. :) The jean skirt came from Target – it’s a more dressy kind of fabric, not actually denim, but it’s still very comfortable. And the slipcovers came from – they are brand name overstocks, and I think “Brand X” is actually Pottery Barn! I have loved them! Good luck!

  11. Kassie

    Thanks so much! I’ll have to check Target and I’ll check out those slipcovers. I was actually looking at some at Pottery Barn, but thought I might could find some a little cheaper.

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